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Before Danielle had any chance to explain, Abby had already fled. Danielle didn't know what to do so she started to cry.

"Oh my love, don't cry. It will be okay. Shhh please don't cry. I promise we'll fix this." Henry said as he stoked her back trying to comfort her kissing her lightly on the forehead. This was a field unfortunately he had little experience in. He felt terrible though. It was all his fault. Why did he have to be such a complete Jack Ass before he met her. How did he miss the value of people like Danielle… and Abby.

"I could have prevented this. I should have just told her the truth." Danielle said still bawling her heart out. "I just didn't want to ruin it. I don't think she could ever forgive me. I'm sorry I know this isn't your fault I'm being insensitive about all this."

"Please I beg of you don't apologize" Henry cringed at the concept. "This is all my fault. I made big mistakes. I promise you though I will speak to her. This was my mistake not yours. I'm sorry that I hurt you." Henry saw it now. Everything about their situation was throwing her down and hurting her somehow or another. She thought that she was fortunate that a prince would ever notice her but she was wrong. He knew she was wrong. He was the luckiest man alive that he found one of the most caring sensitive hard working people when society tried its hardest to hide her from him. Yet here he was screwing it up. He would not let that happen.

"Henry I betrayed her trust. She told me to stay away. She told me you hurt her deeply and that she hated you. I should have told her the truth then. It needs to come from me now. You can speak to her afterwords but unfortunately this problem can not be just fixed by you. It needs to be fixed by both of us. Together. I love you Henry and I love her as well. I just hope that she will realize this." Danielle gained control over herself. She realized how much her reaction over this was hurting him and sometimes when you love something that's what has to come first.

That night after pulling herself together Danielle came back to her quarters. She found Abby eyes shut and her hands balled in fists. If she wasn't so upset she'd admit it was pretty funny to watch Abby's pathetic attempt at pretending to be asleep.

"Abby… Abby…. Please talk to me. I know you're awake. Abby I need to explain. I promise you it's not what you think…" Danielle said while standing right in front of Abby's head when all of a sudden Abby shot up.

"YOU PROMISE IT'S NOT WHAT I THINK! What so you haven't been lying to me for the past three weeks and you haven't ignored every warning I gave you about that arrogant son of a - -"

"Alright that's enough! I do not know what he did to you (which might I add is because you never TOLD me) but I did nothing that warrants this kind of reaction. I'm sorry I didn't tell you about us. But it's not just some fling. I didn't ignore your opinions or anything like that. You're my best friend your opinion means the world to me but you have to understand… I love him…."As Danielle finished she noticed that Abby didn't look that angry anymore she looked… pitying?

"Ughhhh Danielle seriously. He is tricking you. I'm sorry sweetheart. He's a heartless jerk. When a prince wants a quick one well a servant is easier to keep a secret than a mistress…" At this point Danielle was crying again. She was not one to cry often but Abby, a person who was generally a sweet and kind person, was just repeating all of her most secret fears. But she knew could not start doubting Henry.

"Abby he brought me here to the castle. We meet whenever we can. Trust me he loves me. He is my fiancée!" Danielle pulled herself together and said this with such an air of confidence she even surprised herself. At least this seemed to wipe the pitying glance off of Abby's face.

"I assure you this is no trick. We've gone to hell and back to make this work. I know you don't like him but I promise you it's because you don't know him." Danielle explained. But then Abby did something that Danielle really did not expect. She started to laugh.

This was not an over joyous laugh or a nervous laugh. This was a laugh that showed true misery and resentment.

"I don't know him? Danielle he RUINED my life!"

and then Abby began her story.

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