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Tenants of Haruno Hill

Ad Answering

Five pairs of guardians sat around a conference table. Their conversation? Their sons. Their demon sons. The ones who were in so much trouble, that death would not near them. One of the occupants around the table flailed her arms.

" Arrested for defiling public property?! Theft?! What's next murder?!" Inuzuka Tsume yelled in outrage, reading off from her son and his friend's felonies. " Are they mad?! They were instated as Anbu for a reason! And they still do this!"

Uchiha Fugaku shook his head. " I believe our sons have had a little too much freedom if they believe they can get away with this."

" I would not normally expect this from him or your son either Uchiha," Hyuuga Hiashi murmured his thoughts aloud, " I believe this is the result of us putting our sons together in a team. There is no one to balance them out. Putting five alpha demons together was not such a wise decision. A strong group, but easily influenced."

Subaku no Temari's brow twitched. Why was she called into this meeting? She had other important things to do, with Gaara off playing with that stupid blond idiot, she was left in charge with their entire company. Beside her Kankuro was intently listening to the conversation. Something to keep them balanced? His eyes widened. Of course, what else could even these mons- boys out other than what he had in mind? " A woman."

All conversation stopped. All eyes turned to the Subaku representatives. Silence.

Tsume was the first to break it. " Has all that make up finally reached what was left of your brain Subaku?"

Kankuro rolled his eyes. " Think about it, Inuzuka. What do you use to subdue an irate alpha male?"

Tsume blinked. Grinning she answered. " An alpha female." Giggling she leaned back in her seat enjoying where this was going.

The others around them all saw the solution. The solution.

A bark of laughter came from the head of the table. All eyes turned to the man who has yet to speak. The blond was absolutely loving this. Of course! A woman! " Exactly. A woman is what they need. After all a wise man once said, ' ask a woman'." Uzumaki Minato shook his head. It seems Kakashi was very intuitive this morning when he showed him this flier. Taking it out, he slid it across the table, the folder stopping directly in the middle of the table for all to see.

Haruno Hill

Seven rooms available.

Fee monthly, all resources available.

Call xxx-xxx-xxx if interested.

" This, my worried friends is our solution." Minato smirked, looking at the gleaming eyes around him.

" Placing them with Kakashi, Minato?" Hiashi asked. " Is that wise? And along with that vixen he looks after?"

Minato grinned. " No worries Hiashi, from what Tsunade has told me, she is very capable handling our sons."

Fugaku smirked. Temari grinned. Tsume laughed.

" Good luck boys." They all chorused.


Uchiha Residence. Main Building.

Sasuke blinked. Haruno Hill? What the fuck was that? He looked at the paper his father had placed in front of him. Looking at the name with distaste, it was a miracle the packet didn't burst into flames under the Uchiha Glare.

"Now Sasuke, haven't I told you before not to glare at in animate objects?." His mother, Mikoto, scolded him from across the kitchen table. Shaking her head, " I swear, you get that from your father. You and Itachi both."

Beside him, Itachi smirked. " Hn." Sasuke grumbled. " Father, what is this?"

Fugaku looked at Sasuke intently. " It's where you will be living from now on."

Sputtering, Sasuke stood in defiance. " What?! I'm getting kicked out?!"

" Not kicked out, sweetie. Just placing you their for your own good." Mikoto said soothingly, " Think of it as a dorm, if you will. And all your friends will be living there with you as well."

Sasuke stared at his mother and father. Soaking up the information, he smirked. " So my friends and I get a whole building to ourselves?"

Fugaku's brow twitched at the idea of them having a building without supervision. " Of course not. Since your behavior has been getting out of control, the others in the corporation, as well as myself, have placed you in the care of a responsible acquaintance."

Sasuke's smirk dropped. " Who?"

" Kakashi Hatake. Naruto and your old teacher."


Uzumaki Residence. Training Field.

" What!"




Uzumaki Naruto yelled in response to what his father had told him after they had just finished training. They're shipping him off to live with his old teacher?! Only because he got into minor trouble with the law? Ok, slightly major. But who knew fighting your rival gang at your school was illegal?

" What the hell is Haruno Hill?!" Naruto shouted at his father who was smirking at his son's anger.

" It's where you and your team will be staying from now on." Minato explained, "Your guy's behavior has been ridiculous, your Anbu now, for goodness sake! You need to be responsible, not going crime crazy just because you and your friends decided to get drunk – underage might I add – and run amok around the town gangs!"

Naruto grinned sheepishly. " Oops. We didn't know those drinks were spiked! I swear!"

" Right. And I'm guessing that you thought a strip joint had given you guys all milk and was serving cookies later." Minato rolled his eyes. This kid was becoming way too much like him.

Naruto sighed. " So, Haruno Hill then?"

Minato nodded.


" Arf!"

" See Akamaru agrees with me!" Kiba growled at his mother, a boarding house?! How stupid is that?!

" Hmph. I don't care if Akamaru agrees with you." Tsume said to her son. " Your going and that's final. I didn't care when you were little and played pranks, but felonies?! Are you kidding me?"

" But how the hell am I suppose to pay for all the crap I need there?!" Kiba yelled defiantly. " I don't have a job!"

" Bull! We pay for your guys rent and what your get from Anbu missions you use to buy your so called crap."

Kiba looked around for things to keep him in his own house. No way was he going to move out, he was only sixteen for Inu's sake! " My car! What do I do with that?!"

Tsume rolled her eyes. " Stop making excuses! You bring it with you, idiot. Now hurry up and pack, you leave tomorrow!" With that she slammed the door and walked out to make dinner. Hearing a crash behind her, she merely sighed at her son's antics. Seeing her daughter she quirked a brow.

" Hana?" the said woman looked up. " Why are you coloring Akamaru pink?"

Hana grinned. Holding up three fingers, she slowly put down one at a time.



On- " HANA!!"

Tsume shook her head as her son chased Hana around while holding a pink dripping Akamaru.


Sipping his tea, Neji took what his uncle said to him in. Moving. Hmm. The cup broke. He glared. " What?"

Hiashi looked at his nephew. " I do not care to repeat myself. You are moving into the building Haruno Hill. End of conversation."

Hinata looked worriedly at both her cousin and father. Haruno Hill? Isn't that where Sa- " Haruno Hill?" Neji interrupted her thoughts.

" Yes, that name should sound familiar." Hiashi looked at her daughter, knowing she knew the Haruno girl. " The owner of the building used to belong to the parents of one of your classmates."

Neji's brows crumpled. " Who?"

" The hunter who wields fire, Haruno Sakura."

Neji spit out his tea.








" Yes."

Temari grinned. " You said yes Gaara. I win. Your going."

Gaara glared at his sister and brother. Flipping them of, he turned and went to go pack.

Kankuro chuckled. " He is so easy."

A barrage of sand hit Kankuro straight in the gut.

Temari laughed. " Shouldn't say that. You know he has excellent hearing."


Sakura blinked. Five guys from her school are staying at her house?! Is Kakashi crazy? Deciding he was, she voiced this thought out when he told her the plan.

" Tsk, tsk, Sakura. I know you aren't particularly fond of these group of young men, but that doesn't mean you have to go and start calling me crazy." Kakashi scolded the fuming girl in front of him.

" I'm not fond of them? Of course I'm not fond of them! Every day they do their absolute best of making my life miserable and you invite them to live with us?!" Sakura growled at the mention of the group that constantly mocked her at school. They were demon's for freak's sake! It wasn't her fault her profession included the hunting of their kind! This all started on the first day of school, that stupid incident at PE. She even apologized but noo they couldn't forgive her. Pssh, stupid male pride.




"Okay people! Today is dodgeball day!" Anko – sensei yelled at her class. " Demons against humans!"

And with a resounding " ready" she blew the whistle and dodgeball hell rained down upon Konoha High. A knife here and there. A couple of senbons. And, of course, the ever potentially face wrecking stone-like dodge ball of doom.

Sakura sat by the bleachers, having been out in the beginning of the game since she appreciated having all of her face intact. So she doesn't like PE, sue her. Lying down by the grass she was having a conversation with Anko – sensei about how their next PE test was to take place in the Forest of Death, when a dodge ball promptly came flying towards her. Ducking she kicked the ball off in the direction it came from, adding a little fire to it, and continuing her conversation with a slightly bewildered Anko.

But, what stopped her were the cries of outrage on the court. Looking towards there, Sakura cringed at the burning whole on the wall, as well as the five people knocked down. Running she went up to them, apologies in mind. Crouching she asked them if they were all alright and apologized explaining that she didn't mean for the ball to hit anyone, and in return she had five growling demons in front of her; yelling at her like no tomorrow.

" What the fuck are you? Stupid?" the raven haired one said.

" Bitch!" the crimson one growled at her.

Sakura froze. Oh no he did not. Eyes flashing she looked at the crimson haired. Whispering, she growled out, " What did you call me?"

Kiba sneered beside Gaara, " Didn't you hear him, bitch? He called you a bitch!"

" That's IT!" Taking her hand back, she let it fly forward at Kiba, effectively sending him a few feet away. Grabbing Gaara by the front of his shirt, she brought his face to the same level as hers, " I fucking apologized already. Don't ever call me a bitch again. Got it?"

Throwing him to the ground, she stormed out of the PE building leaving a trail of fire following fretfully behind her.

Kiba growled, his eyes following the fire leading to the door. The bitch! Who the hell did she think she was punching him! Him! Inuzuka Kiba, son of one of the most powerful demons of the land!

" You guys are idiots." Said a yawning male from the bleachers.

Naruto's eyes flashed at the insult. " What was that Shikamaru?"

Nara Shikamaru sighed. Sitting, he looked at the five guys in front of him. Some charred, others with red punch marks. " You never call Sakura a bitch unless you wanna be put through a wall."

" Sakura?" Neji asked, miffed at the girl who caused him the burns on his arm. " You know her Nara?"

Shikamaru nodded, looking at the fleeting PE class. They were trying to get away from the irate demons. Great, that meant he was stuck with them. " Ahh. She's a hunter. A helluva good one at that. You saw the flames. Her name Haruno Sakura."

Gaara growled. Haruno Sakura. Yes a new target. Yum.

Sasuke smirked, a hunter? Better.

" It seems it's time for the hunter to get hunted."

Shikamaru sighed. " How troublesome."




Sakura shivered. Ugh. Men.


Anbu Headquarters.

" You guys know right?" Sasuke asked the others around them.

Naruto growled. " We know. We have to move."

Kiba grimaced, " We have to live with a perverted sensei."

" There is one thing good about this though." Neji said sitting across Naruto. Everyone looked at him. He grinned savagely. " Two beautiful words: Haruno. Sakura."

Gaara smirked. Licking his lips he bared his teeth. " Let the hunt begin, gentlemen."


In the comfort of her own home, well the last time of her comfort, Sakura sneezed.

Haruno Aiko looked at his sister.

" Nee –chan! Someone must be talking about you!"

Sakura groaned.

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