Chapter 14: Morning

Someone should warn you that waking up with your bare ass against metal might not be the most pleasant experience. In all honesty it stung like hell and I fretted that it might be frost bitten, which I'm sure wouldn't be very attractive. I rose up on my elbows spitting hair out of my mouth, quickly realizing that I was still wearing my fangs. I groaned. It was hard to enjoy the excesses of your night out on the town when you woke with sunlight beaming down in your eyes. That was one fact that vampires got right.

I felt all too certain that my mood was in a downward deterioration until I looked further down my naked body that lay across the merry-go-round. At first glance it looked as if I had four legs and an extra set of arms coming out of my waist, but upon further focused inspection it became all too clear that the extra appendages belonged to an extremely hung over, yet unbearably adorable nerd. Edward's face was snuggled on my stomach, his glasses a rye of his face, leading down to his glorious little ass that bounced sunlight off of it like a crystal.

I chuckled to myself. It would be a good morning after all it seems. I took the opportunity and ran my fingers through his tousled locks, which caused him to smile in his sleep. I smiled brilliantly in return. My stomach decided it was too impatient to wait for me and rumbled loudly into Edward's ear causing him to stir. He grunted, shifting his face around on my stomach, as his eyes fluttered open. He quickly winced as soon as the light invaded and his grunt turned into an outright moan of agony.

I laughed letting my hand run down to the back of his neck. " Good morning to you too sunshine."

He looked up at me from under his messy hair and grinned sheepishly. " Who let that damn thing out of its cage?" He asked throwing the sun a scowling look.

" Beats me." I shrugged. " But it's probably a warning. You know like BEWARE innocent children may start arriving soon."

Edward slowly rose up on his hands until he looked into my eyes. " Are you trying to say that having sex on a play ground isn't appropriate in the day time?" A small smirk developed on his lips.

" Not me." I assured him. " But other people, less adventurous people, would disagree with me."

" Oh." He laughed.

" Unfortunately for us some of those people carry badges that allow them to put handcuffs on us and charge us with silly crimes like public indecency."

His mouth dropped open in mock horror. " The bastards!"

I nodded my head in agreement. " The way of the daylight world."

He scoffed loudly rolling over. " Then I much prefer the night. May I roam the dark abyss of the midnight realm with you?"

My lips smoothed into a line as I pretended to think it over. " I'll think about it." I said tapping my finger on my chin. "However, I'd be much more inclined to agree if I wasn't so hungry."

His eyes rose as his hand traced down his neck over the dark bruises I'd left. " You mean I wasn't enough to satisfy you?"

" You were just a snack." I licked my lips enticingly. " But if you want I'll make a meal out of you later."

He chuckled darkly as he sat up and for the first time revealed his prominent hard on. He caught my eyes dragging over it as a different kind of hunger hit my system. " I'll remember that." He told me.

So would I.

He stood up reaching out his hand to me. I took it allowing him to help me up. I stood there watching in a daze as he fumbled around gathering up our clothes. He threw me an odd look as he handed me my panties. " What?" He smiled.

" I like you." It came out like a confession rather than a fact.

His smile grew as he slipped his boxers up over his hips. " I hope." He laughed. " Or I just pulled out all my best moves for nothing."

I rolled my eyes at him while I put on my own clothes. " I'm being serious."

One moment he was buttoning his jeans and the next I found him lifting me up in the air wrapping my bare legs around his waist. " I know." He smiled pulling my face down to kiss my lips. " I like you too."

I smiled against his lips. He gave me an affection squeeze across my backside. " I don't sing Star Wars to just anybody you know?"

" That's probably a good idea." I chuckled against his lips eliciting a playful smack on my ass.

Before our playtime could lead further, because that's were my lips were persuading us to go, my stomach roared again. He kissed my cheek setting me back down on the ground. " Come on let's find you a more fulfilling snack."

We dressed and exited the empty playground without notice. We headed back to Edward's apartment because it was closer than mine. Luckily only only a few people witnessed our walk of shame. A little old lady walking her tiny, yet extremely furry dog gave us a disgusted "humph" as we walked past, but quickly changed her tune when I flashed her a fang filled smile. A few blocks later a random Frat boy gave Edward an awkward high five as he passed. The most humorous and memorable of encounters came when we rounded a corner only to run head first into Alice and Jasper. We each stumbled backwards apologizing profusely before we realized whom we'd ran into.

" Bella?" Alice asked with eyes opened wide.

" Alice?" I retorted.

Alice wore nothing but a long sleeved flannel shirt and a large gallon hat. Jasper was, of course, shirt less left only with his jeans and an extra large belt buckle. We studied each other for a moment taking it all in. " Where are your clothes?" I finally managed to ask.

" Where's your dignity?" She laughed poking a finger into my crazed hair.

I shot her a look pointing my finger at her pant-less figure daring her to start comparing dignity with me. She scratched her head underneath the over sized hat. " I don't know." She admitted. " Where my clothes are, I mean. We were actually in the act of back tracking ourselves in hopes of figuring that one out."

" I think I remember taking your bra off while we were still at the bar." Jasper said sleepily. " Or maybe it was your panty hose."

I shook my head grinning at her. " Nice one Alice. I mean loosing your clothes? I thought that only happened to Rose on Margarita Mondays."

She gave me a short little scowl. " You look wonderful by the way Bells. Is that dirt on your face?"

She had me there, although the merry-go-round was cleaner than you would think or at least it used to be. " Do you need help finding your clothes?" I asked giving in.

She sighed loudly for her own benefit because it prompted Jasper to pull her into his side. " No. I think it's a lost cause. Anything I lost at that bar I don't really want back anyway."

" True." I agreed. " Some lonely geek probably stole your panties anyway."

" Ugh." She groaned. " Thank you for that image."

Right after Edward added a very offended. " Hey!"

I turned to him kissing his shoulder. " You're a nerd sweetie, not a geek. There is a difference."

"There is?" Alice asked but quickly changed it to a statement. " I mean, there is!"

I threw her a dirty look as Edward frowned. Luckily Jasper intervened. " Dude." He laughed. " I'm pretty sure geeks don't leave the bar with their fingers halfway up a vampires skirt. You're safe."

Edward gave himself a very self-reassuring nod and I tried not to smile. The boys gave each other sleepy goodbyes promising to hang out again in the near future as Alice gave me a quick hug goodbye. " I expect a full report by noon tomorrow." She whispered.

I gave her a silent salute as we continued our walk home. Edward's apartment complex made me drool. He lived in Steeple Chase, which was the extreme high-end version of student living. It was a few thousand dollars short of owning an actual house. Edward, in fact, lived in the largest of the buildings. The two story brick building stood alone in the back corner with its own little make shift yard in the front. The inside was even more impressive. The place was fully furnished, especially when compared to my place where I considered a couple John Depp posters as extravagant artwork. Edward led me straight to the kitchen pulling me out a chair at the table. " I don't have that many options." He explained sadly opening random cabinets only to find them empty. " I don't suppose you're a fan of Captain Crunch?"

" The Captain?" I smiled. " We go way back. Care to fix me a bowl while I remove my fangs?"

He smiled relieved as he retrieved milk from the fridge. " Sure. There is a bathroom right around the corner."

I scurried off into the bathroom because I'd been unwilling to tell him how badly I needed to pee. After accomplishing all the necessities including the removal of my fangs I took the time to actually look at myself in the mirror. Alice had been right, my hair was horrendous! It literally stuck out in every direction and the back was wadded up in knots. I looked like medusa except my snakes were on crack. I tried to comb my fingers through it, but it was impossible to tame. I eventually gave up and returned to the kitchen. I tried to remind myself that he hadn't ran away screaming yet, so maybe that was a good sign or maybe his glasses weren't as strong as I thought.

We were both relatively quiet as we devoured our breakfast. We did manage to throw in a few mouth full laughs at each other, especially after he caught me trying comb my hair again. " Don't hurt yourself." He laughed. " You can use my shower if you want. That looks like it could use some conditioner."

It's always reassuring when a boy refers to your hair as "that" because he's too afraid to call it by its proper name. I stuck my tongue out at him. " Not everyone can be blessed with such perfectly manageable hair as you. Even now, messy and knotted, your hair looks sexy. It's not fair."

He snorted into his spoon. " That's your opinion. Personally I think yours looks rather distinguishing."

" Distinguishing?" I sipped the last of my milk out of the bowl. " Thanks a lot. That's just a nice way of saying you're uniquely ugly in a way I've never seen before."

He rolled his eyes as he took our bowls to the sink. " Yep." He agreed. " That's exactly why all I want to do is pull you into my bed and snuggle all day."

" You're an odd one Cullen."

" Back at ya, Swan."

He pulled me into his side kissing the top of my tangled head. We both took showers in separate bathrooms despite my willingness to a share a shower with him. I think he knew that we were both too tired at the moment to handle anymore strenuous activities. He sweetly offered me a pair of his pajama pants and an over sized t-shirt. When I walked into his bedroom I found him lying in his bed already snuggled up next to a pillow wearing only his boxers and glasses. I reflexively bit my lip.

Rest, I told myself, I needed rest first. I slowly crawled onto the bed and replaced the pillow with myself. He instantly snuggled in closer to me. " I've been waiting on you." He whispered.

His hair was still wet and it felt cool against my flush skin. " Sorry." I apologized, already beginning to feel the urge to close my heavy eyes. " The hot water felt so nice."

" I know." He yawned. " It makes you sleepy."

I hummed my agreement. Our breaths slowed and I could feel myself sinking deeper into him.


I awoke a little after three o'clock. Edward was still asleep having rolled over onto his stomach. I laid there staring out at his room thinking as I noticed the large flat screen T.V for the first time. I sat up cocking my head to the side as I examined it. " Bella?" His groggy voiced echoed to my side as I felt his finger tip the edge of my side.

I looked innocently over at him. " What are you thinking so hard about?" He inquired rolling over onto his side.

I looked back at the T.V and then back to him. " I realized I don't really know that much about you." I admitted.

The happiness in his face faded as he sat up on his elbow. " I've been moving too fast haven't I?" He sighed before adding, " shit."

" No." I quickly amended. " I didn't meant it like that and if I did it wouldn't be your fault. I mean I attacked you on top of a library desk for heavens sake. It's just… well…I guess I'm saying that I need both."

" Okay." He sat up next to me continuing to rub his hand over my leg. " Ask me anything."

I shot a quick glance back at the T.V and figured what the hell? " Are you rich?" I asked.

He stared at me moment before busting out into laughter. " I guess it looks that way doesn't it?" He ran his fingers through his hair. " No, Bella. I am definitely not rich."

My eyes narrowed in thought. " But.."

He held his hand up. " This isn't my condo." He smiled. " It belongs to my aunt Esme, she owns the entire complex. She agreed to let me live here free of charge as long as I was continuing my education. As soon as I graduate I'm back out on the streets."

It was silent for a moment as I took in his words. " So, you're just a poor college kid too?"

His smile grew. " With a very generous aunt." He added.

I don't know why, but I felt mildly relieved. It made us even again. He continued to look over at me expectantly. " Anything else?" He encouraged.

I smiled as I wiped the sleep out of my eyes. " Yes." I told him. " I want to know everything."

He sighed pushing his glasses back up his nose. " You sure?" He asked skeptically.

I ran my finger down the rim of glasses biting my lip. " I'm positive." I assured him.

He gave me a resigned grunt as he scooted back against his pillow adjusting himself into a comfortable position. " Okay." He finally agreed. " But remember, you already had sex with me. You can't take it back."

I rolled my eyes dramatically crawling over to straddle his waist. " Just give it to me straight Nerdward. I want to know."

" Well," he began pulling me up closer. " I may or may not own a pair of Power Ranger pajamas."

I opened my mouth to speak, but he beat me to the punch. " Not the pink one." He added predicting my question. " It's the green one. He's much more manly."

" Of course." I assured him stifling a giggle. " Please continue."

He grinned up at me. " Did I mention I can't cook? I almost burned my house down trying to make a pop tart once."

" But you baked me cookies." I reminded him.

" I brought you cookies." He corrected. " You assumed that I baked them."

My mouth gaped open. " You got me fake cookies?"

" Fake? They weren't fake! They were eatable." He tried to look offended and apologetic all at the same time.

" What else?" I demanded seriously but I kept giggling as I tried to scold him.

He immediately started shaking his head. " Not yet." He grinned triumphantly. " Now its your turn."

I frowned having expected it wouldn't be that easy. " Remember." I smiled at him. " You already bribed me with fake cookies. You can't take them back."

He snorted tickling my sides and I fell over in a fit of laughter. I knew from the very moment I laid eyes on Edward Cullen that the sex would be amazing, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that everything else about him was just as good. He hovered over me with his dazzling eyes glistening down at me and I felt an overwhelming happiness build inside of me. " Spill it missy." He warned.

I settled back against his pillow deciding which embarrassing life fact I wanted to start with first and decided upon the most prudent to this conversation. I looked him dead in the eye keeping my face utterly serious. " I've watched Return of the Jedi thirty-six times."

He stared at me a second with his eyes narrowing and then without notice he busted out in a round of laughter tickling my sides. " You're a nerd!" He accused. " I knew it!"

I couldn't deny it and I wouldn't anyway. We both continued to laugh as he rolled over on top of me showering me kisses.