"'As we have said from the beginning,'" Eriko read to the family the next afternoon, "'the Malfoy hair breeds true. The end of the lies spawned by none other than your own Daily Prophet came last night at two forty three and two fifty seven in the morning, with the birth of twin boys Alvar Gabriel and Elric Bran Malfoy. When the Quibbler arrived in Malfoy Manor half an hour before, it was to a worried and pacing grandfather, and the news that Mrs. Malfoy had been in labor for several hours already. Though this is not unusual for first pregnancies, this news did not soothe the man. As shown above, both boys are healthy, contented babies, with their full heads of blonde, and – though they were sleeping through the pictures, we were told – grey eyes. All of us here at the Quibbler wish the new parents well, and hope they enjoy the years ahead.' ...well, Luna spared no time, did she? And they even made sure to print the picture in color."

"Anything in the Prophet?" Hermione questioned from the rocking chair, where Alvar was slowly drifting to sleep on her lap.

"The announcement is in the births section, but other than that, silence." Akiko told them, smiling down at her nephew as she held him in her arms. Elric, the older twin, was already fast asleep. "From what Fred was saying when he came home for lunch, the public is of the opinion that the entire drama was Skeeter seeking vengance on you for being Harry Potter's best friend."

"Would someone care to explain to me why I was not called last night?" The tone was stern and disappointed, and as the group gave a bit of a jump, Mamoru walked into the room with a frown. "I portkeyed in yesterday for a reason, you know."

"Oh..." Eriko blinked a moment, blushing slightly. "...in the panic, we forgot you were in the country, Grandfather. I'm sorry."

"...yes, well." He huffed a moment, before making his way to Hermione, looking down at Alvar, who had snapped out of his drowsy state the moment the unknown voice spoke. "...which is this?"

"Alvar. The youngest." Hermione told him, a small smile on her lips. "Would you like to hold him, Grandfather?"

"...hmph." He took the child, his face softening only slightly. To the surprise of everyone in the room, who had already suffered the child's loud and certain refusal, the child was silent, staring up at him. "He's definitely a youkai...got the marks to prove it."

"We noticed." Hermione managed, staring in shock. "...you're the only person other than Draco and I who he's let hold him..."

"Hmph. Of course he let me hold him." Mamoru told her, moving to sit down in the armchair across from Akiko and Eriko's couch, still not looking away from the infant in his arms.

Eriko and Hermione shared a smile and amused glance, before looking to Mamoru. As Draco entered the room, he had never felt more thankful for bringing his camera in his life, quickly snapping a picture of the old man and infant, before tucking the camera into his pocket. He paused long enough to kiss his wife on the cheek, before moving to take Elric from Akiko.

"Your husbands are looking for you two." He told the twins, watching as they said their goodbyes, only to watch Mamoru rise – a fast asleep Alvar in his arms – to pass the child back to Hermione. "Going with, Mr. Satoshi?"

"Indeed. Those two are not pulling what she did." He huffed, moving to follow his granddaughters out of the room, leaving the two parents alone.

"Let's get these two to their beds." Hermione murmured, rising to her feet and heading to their bedroom, Draco close behind. When both boys were settled into their bassinets, which were placed side by side just a short distance from the bed, Draco wrapped his arms around his wife from behind, both parents looking down at the now peaceful duo.

"I still can't believe they're here." Draco whispered, unable to look away.

"Believe it, because in a few hours they'll be awake and demanding attention." Hermione chuckled, but did not move or shift her gaze from her children.

"We'll be wishing they were still this way in a few years."

"Every parent does...but with what they are, we might be wishing that more than most." The two parents headed for the bed, ready to join the twins in their nap, snuggling together with contented sighs.

"This is better, right?" Hermione frowned a moment, realizing he wasn't just talking about the pain she'd felt in birthing the twins, and blinked as she realized what he was talking about.

"It is, Draco." She whispered, moving to kiss him. When she pulled away, she smiled. "...If I had known this was the future, I never would have doubted it."

Author's Note:

And so – you're going to hate me – this is the end. That's right. Done. Over. Finished. However, I am working on the prequel to Moonlight Sonata, which is titled Requiem of a dream, and you will all get to see just how Hermione became a Satoshi, among other things. This also gives me an outlet for culture shock by writing about it, as I am now in Japan (and working on said fic, taking a moment to post this fic on this site so that it's accessible for any who would like to read it). This should make the writing easier, as I am experiencing some of the things that Hermione will experience. Woo. However, her trip will be -much- more interesting. Kami, youkai, and training, oh my!