Hey James! (and everybody else!) Mounkey here! I guess I'll get the ball rolling with a Brigadoon fanfiction. :p Here you go!


Marin was sitting on the wooden beam of the balcony outside the room that she and her grandmother had shared, just letting her legs swing back and forth as she looked up at the now Brigadoon less sky.

She was waiting for Melan to come back, because she had suddenly really wanted to go flying. Well, technically she didn't need to wait for Melan to come back to fly, since she could transform herself into something that could, but she wanted to fly with him. So she was waiting.

She had just zoned out when suddenly the tenet house underneath gave violent jerk beneath her and sent her flying off her perch.

When she got her orientation back she found herself in a familiar position on the ground. With her butt pointing straight up in the air. But this time her head had landed at such an angle that she could see inside the tenant house. Amazingly, her position didn't seem to effect her vocal cords.


What she saw both shocked her and explained the shaking.

After Brigadoon had disappeared from the sky and the imminent danger was behind the earth, Grandpa Shuta had gone back to his normal inventing. But; as of lately he'd taken a particular interest in the monomakia, aka: living machine, technology.

And it looked like he'd just made a breakthrough...


OK, that was short. I know q: Anyway, my friend James and I will be alternating writing this fanfiction, along with all others on this account. So keep an eye on our story ;D Neither of us know what the other will write!

P.S. James I know I said to avoid original characters and now it looks like we got one on our hands. o_O Sorry 'bout that. But you've got control now... so... uh... Good Luck! Do whatever you want!

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