Thanks for all of the feedback for 'Lucy Goosey.' I enjoyed writing it, so I've decided to make it a series. Going by the US airdate of "Greater Good," Lucy's birthday is 6 May 2009. Therefore, this takes place in May 2015.

For Julia. Happy birthday, my dear!



"Daddy," Lucy Messer whispered, poking her father's bicep.

Danny mumbled unintelligibly but didn't open his eyes.

"Daddy," Lucy whispered again, poking him harder.


"Daddy!" Lucy repeated a third time, this time using a normal tone and tugging on the sleeve of his t-shirt.

Finally, Danny half-opened his eyes and peeked at her. "Luce? What are you doing up at--" he glanced at the clock on the nightstand, "--6:18?"

"It's my birthday, Daddy! I'm six!" she exclaimed.

Danny chuckled. "Not quite, Baby Girl. Today's the day of your party. Your birthday's not 'til Wednesday."

The excitement drained from Lucy's face, and she pouted as she crossed her arm over her stomach. "I gotta wait 'til then for pancakes?"

Danny chuckled again as he sat up on the edge of the bed, knowing Lucy wasn't going to let him go back to sleep. "You want your birthday pancakes today instead?" he asked, gently poking her nose.

"Daddy!" Lucy grinned, squirming away from him.

Danny put his index finger to his lips. "We gotta be quiet and let Mommy sleep, 'kay?"

"'Kay," Lucy nodded then scrunched up her face. "Does that mean I get pancakes?"

"Let's get outta here, kid," he replied with a grin as he grabbed his glasses from the nightstand and followed his exuberant almost-six-year-old daughter from the room.


Lucy sat on the counter, mixing bowl in her lap. "Can I put the chocolate chips in?"

Danny--always close enough to keep Lucy from falling off the counter--handed her the bag of chocolate chips. "I'll hold the bowl. Don't pour in too many though."

Apparently not understanding the phrase 'too many,' Lucy dumped the entire bag of chocolate chips into the mixing bowl. "Oopsie," Lucy said, slow to meet Danny's gaze. "Sorry, Daddy."

Head tilted to the side, Danny looked at her but couldn't even pretend to be upset. He cracked a smile and took the empty bag from her. "Daddy's gonna be in so much trouble with Mommy," he said lightly.

"What did you let her do that she wasn't supposed to do?" Lindsay asked coming up beside him.

"Geez, Montana! Nice of you to announce your presence!"

"Presents?" Lucy asked excitedly.

Danny laughed and kissed Lucy on the forehead. "Different kind, Baby Girl."

"I'm not a baby. I'm six!"

"You're almost six," Danny reminded her, gently tugging on a strand of her hair.

Lindsay joined in on the laughter and quickly kissed Danny, then peered into the mixing bowl. "Oh, we're having chocolate chips with a little bit of pancake batter?"

"No, Mommy!" Lucy giggled. "It's gonna be chocolate chip pancakes!"

"You mean Daddy's special birthday pancakes?"

"Uh-huh," Lucy nodded.

"There sure are a lot of chocolate chips in there," Lindsay said, glancing back into the bowl.

"That's 'cause I putted too many in," Lucy informed her mother.

"Put," Lindsay corrected her. Lucy was going to learn correct grammar, even if it killed Lindsay--and at this rate, it would. Then she glanced up at Danny. "That's why you're gonna be in trouble, because of the chocolate chips?"

"Eh, do I get a pass if these are the best pancakes ever?" he asked, Messer-grin firmly in place.

Lindsay pondered the question--albeit playfully--and finally grinned back at him. "I think the headache you'll have later will be punishment enough."

"Headache?" he asked, grin sliding from his face.

"Yeah, anyone who eats this much sugar is gonna have a heck of a headache later," she smirked. "Not to mention the twelve screaming kids we're gonna have here in five hours…"

"You're right," he agreed sheepishly. "That's definitely enough punishment." He turned his attention back to Lucy. "Are you sure you want pancakes today, Luce?"

"We already maked the batter, Daddy!" Lucy said with a grin as she nodded vigorously. "And I really want pancakes! Please?!" she finished with a pout.

"Good luck with that, Daddy," Lindsay said, patting Danny on the back. "Mommy's gotta go get ready for this party."


Thanks for reading! I totally hadn't planned on this being multi-chaptered, but apparently my muse feels like being wordy. :D