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I woke up to the sun shining on my face. I got out of bed to get ready for school. As I walk down the stairs I saw him. Kyo, the one I love. I don't even know when I started falling for him. I just did. When we're in the same room my heart won't stop pounding. The contact that we make when we fight leaves my skin burning and craving more. I know it sounds cliche but it's the way I feel. I take one long breath before continuing downstairs. No matter how much I want to tell him how I feel, I just can't. When I was finally down I saw Tohru preparing breakfast.

"Good morning Miss Honda"I said smiling.

"Ah Yuki! You're up earlier than usual."

"Oh really I hadn't notice." I looked at Kyo and saw him glaring at me so I glared back.

"It looks like the cat is awake"

"Ya damn right I'm awake! Ya got a problem with that?"

"You really shouldn't yell so early in the morning. You're giving me a headache."

"Why the hell should I listen to you? Ya damn rat!"

"I'm tired of hearing your voice you stupid cat." I lied. I love hearing his voice .

"Oh yeah! Ya wanna go pretty boy!"

"Why do you even bother? You know you're never going to beat me."I smirked at him. Even though I hate being the cause of his anger, you have to admit he is so adorable when he's angry.

"You make me sick ya know that?"Those words felt worse than a million daggers stabbing me in the heart.

"Stupid cat. How do you think you make me feel?" I tried to hide the heartbreak in my words with hatred in my voice.

Then Kyo snapped. He threw the first punch and of course I dodged it. He gave a few kicks and punches, missing me each time. Deciding to end it, I gave him a quick kick to the gut. Oops. I think I may have kicked him to hard. My eyes widen as Kyo crashed threw the paper sliding doors. Tohru ran outside to Kyo's aid.

"Will there ever be a day when you two will stop fighting and my house will be at peace?" I turned to Shigure.

"When did you get here?"

"Oh I got here just in time for the fight. But of course the great Yuki has won once again." Great Yuki huh? I don't see what's so great about me. I hurt the one I love almost daily and I'm to much of a coward to tell him how I feel.

"Those two seem to be getting cozy with each other." I looked at Tohru and Kyo smiling at each other. I clenched my fist so tight my knuckles were turning white. I was jealous. Jealous that all she had to do was smile and she could get Kyo to smile with her. She doesn't even have to try to get his attention let alone love her.

"You two lovebirds better hurry up or you might miss school." Shigure said as we walk up to the two. I watch as the two got up blushing.

"Shut up!" Kyo yelled to Shigure.

As we walk to school I made sure I was in between the two. I'm being selfish I know but I can't help it. Once we arrived, we saw Hana and Uo waiting for us. The school day seemed to pass by quickly but that didn't matter. Tohru had work today so she didn't walk home with me and Kyo. I treasure the raremoments when we are alone and not fighting. When we were at home Kyo instantly went upstairs. I frowned when he left. The loneliness that he left me with. I hate how easily he can control my emotion without even knowing it. I left the house to go to my garden the only place where I can find comfort in.

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