Unfortunatly, this is an author's note. Hopefully, it will be my last!

If some of you haven't noticed, Rina Tomonaga has been put on hold. Those who have seen my facebook page should also know this, those who haven't do not know why.

I feel like a horrible person for doing this, but some of you might not understand how upset I am that I've lost everything (kind of once again) because the stupid laptops have once again crashed on me. The next chapter I was supposed to post is gone - and it was nearly done. Because it has been so long, I have absolutly no idea what I was doing with it, it contained important info to the story, and I've forgotten it. This is why the story is on hold - something that I swore to never do, and yet I have to break my promise.

This only leads to more bad news. I have posted this on my facebook page:

Okay. I have tried to bear with it. But Vampire Knight has officially gone downhill. I'm actually starting to hate it, it's gone away from its origional plot - a school full of humans and vampires, and frankly I'm getting sick of it. I'm getting sick of Kaname, I'm getting sick of Yuuki, hell, even Zero is pissing me off.

As of now, I have decided that there will be no sequel to Rina Tomonaga. My original plans for it have been rendered useless, and though I do have my ways of turning it into my favor, the manga Vampire Knight has become a disappointment to me. I'm sick of it. Until something turns around, the originally planned sequel project - then named, Rina Kuran - has been terminated.

Now, fans, do not think I am giving up on Rina Tomonaga, even though I feel that it's past chapters have been horribly written and just screams NEWBIE, there's just going to be no sequel, and so a few changes will be happening in the end. This was actually a back-up ending, so I know what I'm doing. Durring the summer, when I finish my home schooling, I am going to start up RT and make it my #1 priority. To be honest, I really just want it over, and I feel guilty about that because it is my favored and more famed fanfiction then I'm sure any of my others will be. I'm grateful for the wonderful reviews, friends and fans I've gained because of it and I really don't want to let you down.

I would also like to note that it is because of my oath as an author to never discontinue ANY of my stories, that RT is still alive today. I have already broken one promise by putting it on hiatus, I refuse to taint my name any more and bring disappointment among my fans. At least, to any of those who are left.

Looking back on this, I feel like one of those authors, the ones I've always despised and hated throughout my fanfiction years. I don't mean to sound so dramatic, but *cries* it can't be helped.

I beg for forgiveness, even though I don't deserve this. But like I said, I am NOT discontinuing this story! Pretty much, the only thing that has changed is how it's going to end. Which, again I say, has been planned in the begining as a back-up plan after I decided how to make this story go on to another. So the regular updating will happen durring the summer!

For those who are stil with me, I thank you :)

- Luna