Author's Notes: Hey everyone, this is just a brief storyline slash information update. I'll be updating with Part III hopefully by this coming weekend, if not sooner. I've already written a lot so it shouldn't take me too long to post.

I wanted to give some back story on the Swans that I may or may not have the opportunity of elaborating once Part III is posted.

For anyone interested, Nicholas is a character of his own. In my head, he has an immense amount of history that would never be quite easily written on a story based on Bella and Edward's reunion. I doubt I could do it justice in Eternal. Also, I never described what he looked like in detail but I've been envisioning Henry Cavill in my head. Don't blame a girl for fantasizing. :)

Like I've mentioned in Part I, Nicholas was born during the age of the Caesars. A Centurion soldier in his human life before becoming a vampire. He's as old as the Volturi but not as tyrannical nor does he have any grand illusions. Though he may come off as a simply man, he really is anything but that.

Don't get me wrong, he is a vampire and he's lived through quite a lot of centuries, so he's very much capable of immense violence but he is one that does not take advantage of it. Since Vampires and Werewolves exist in Meyer's story, it would only be natural that magic itself existed too. This is a another subject entirely if anybody is wondering about the necklace he gave Renesmee.

Speaking of Renesmee, in my story she aged slower and roughly stopped aging in her early twenties. If I were to give a number, I'd say she was between 21-23 years of age. She skipped high school but did graduate college.

Jacob looks in his mid-twenties, and due to his constant presence around vampires and his imprint with Renesmee, his shape-shifting gene remains active, preventing him the choice to stop phasing to live a normal mortal existence. Point of fact, it doesn't bother him in the least.

Seth and Leah is a part of his pack. They left La Push to join Jacob and return to Forks every once in a while. For the most part, they're a part of the Swan family and generally live with them most of the time. It took a few years, but Seth and especially Leah are as devoted to the Swans just as much as Jacob is. It's a union that will no doubt shock the Cullens.

As for Edward, he's lived a very isolated life and has only just returned in an attempt to relieve his family's worries. Obviously, he's very much ignored humanity and keeps to himself. He has had no communication with Bella since she left so he has no idea what happened to her or how she went on with her life.

The rest of the Cullen's continued on the same way they've done so before they met Bella. They're not as happy but they continue.

I hope this small insight into the story helps. I'm actually kind of compelled to write a completely separate story focusing on Nicholas when he first stumbles upon Bella and Charlie but that's a bit ambitious. I imagine a lot of research happening if I pursue that storyline. lol

Here's a little snippet of the next part. I won't be divulging Bella and Edward's reunion though. My bad. :D

After returning from a hunt, Bella headed towards Nicholas's office, hoping that her daughter went to him for the reassurance she craved after the week she had since coming home from meeting the Cullens.

She didn't bother announcing her presence. "How was your talk with Renesmee?"

Nicholas looked up from his desk, his eyes lighting. The obvious weight that had been on his shoulders gone. "I think it went well." He returned his attention back to a police file that Charlie had probably handed to him recently.

"What's going on?"

"Nothing in regards to us." He raised the file and showed it to her. "Cold case. A dozen years old. Charlie thinks it'll be reopened due to a homicide he's investigating."

Bella nodded mutely. Nicholas has become Charlie's go-to person ever since he returned to the force when they moved to New York. It was understandable considering that Nicholas has had experience in that kind of harsh life over his two thousand plus years of existence.

He had also been a Centurion in his human life, which was always endlessly fascinating to her.

"Have you thought about what you were going to do about Edward" He asked all of the sudden.

"I haven't quite thought that far yet."

"I'm sure you'll figure it out. It'll be nice to see you happier for a change."

"What makes you think confronting him would make things right?"

"I know you," he replied simply. "You prefer to make everyone else around you happy and content, putting your own happiness in the back burner. It's a habit I've tried to break with very little success."

She growled. "Not funny."

"I think it's a little funny."