Okay, this is the general plotline of the musical that we're putting on. This fanfic is about us as we put on the play, so knowing the plotline before hand will not spoil anything. In fact you won't be able to understand the fanfic without knowing the plot of Hot Mikado ^^; More explanatory author notes in the next chapter.

Oh, I think I took this from the Wycombe Swan website, but then added my own bits to make it more concise. Like all musicals, it makes no sense, but is very fun!


Hot Mikado



The Hero and run-away son of the Mikado



The Heroine and ward of Ko-Ko



The gentle Lord High Executioner



Nanki-Poo's spurned and scary suitor



Lord High Everything Else in Titipu



Yum-Yum's sister



Yum-Yum's sister



Yum-Yum's sister



Yum-Yum's sister



One of the coolest gentlemen



The other cool gentleman


The Mikado:

Sadistic ruler of Japan


Musical Numbers



We Are Gentlemen of Japan:

       Pish and Tush w/ gentlemen

A Wand'ring Minstrel, I:         

       Nanki-Poo w/ gentlemen

And The Drums Will Crash:            

       Pooh-Bah w/ ladies and gentlemen

Behold the Lord High Executioner:    

       Ko-Ko w/ ladies

Little List:                        

       Ko-Ko w/ gentlemen

Five Little Maids:                

Yum-Yum, Pitti-Sing, Peep-Bo. Nip-Hi & Tuc-Loh

This Is What I'll Never Do:     

       Yum-Yum and Nanki-Poo

I Am So Proud:                  

Pooh-Bah, Ko-Ko, Pish and Tush

Let The Throng Our Joy Advance:     

       Full company

Katisha's Entrance (Give Me My Place):      


(For He's Gonna) Marry Yum-Yum:    

       Pitti-Sing w/ ladies

The Hour Of Gladness:         


Act 1 –Finale (Triumphant Over All):

Full company

Braid The Raven Hair:          

Pish and Tush w/ ladies

The Sun And I:                  


Swing A Merry Madrigal: 

       Yum-Yum, Nanki-Poo, Pitti-Sing, Pish & Tush

Here's A Howdy-Do:                    

       Yum-Yum, Nanki-Poo and Ko-Ko

The Mikado Song:               

       Mikado w/ ladies and gentlemen

See How The Fates Their Gifts Allot:

Mikado, Katisha, Pitti-Sing, Ko-Ko, Pooh-Bah

Alone And Yet Alive:                    


Tit Willow:                        


Beauty In The Bellow (Merrily Get Married): 

       Ko-Ko and Katisha

Act 2 –Finale (Joy Reigns Ev'rywhere):

       Full company


       Full company



The place: the city of Titipu, Japan, 1940ish

The band plays the OPENING score as Nanki-Poo and Yum-Yum dance behind a gauze. As they exit the stage, the music changes to WE ARE GENTLEMEN OF JAPAN, where the gentlemen introduce themselves, headed by Pish and Tush. At the end of the song, a newcomer –Nanki-Poo- appears, and when asked who he is, launches into A WAND'RING MINSRTEL, I.

       It turns out that Nanki-Poo has returned to Titipu after a short visit the year before as a member of the Big Band where he played the Second Trumpet. The reason for his return is because he has heard that Yum-Yum, a girl he fell in love with is now available, because her guardian and forced fiancé, Ko-Ko, was sentenced to be executed for flirting (as the laws on this are incredibly strict!!).

       Pish and Tush reveal that the marriage is still very much on, as Ko-Ko is very much alive. Instead of beheading him, they made him the Lord High Executioner, so now, if any of the gentlemen are caught flirting, Ko-Ko can't behead them until he has beheaded himself!

       Pooh-Bah appears on the scene, introducing himself as the Coolest Cat in All Titipu. Pish and Tush explain that when all the high ranking officers in Titipu quit their jobs after Ko-Ko was appointed, Pooh-Bah took over all their jobs (and salaries), making him pretty much Lord High Everything Else.

       After a considerable bribe from Nanki-Poo, Pooh-Bah reveals more about Yum-Yum, as the full cast appear on stage to perform AND THE DRUMS WILL CRASH. Turns out that Ko-Ko is to marry Yum-Yum that very day when she returns from school – as he is the legal guardian of her and her four sisters, he doesn't have to wait until she is of a suitable age.

       Speak of the devil, and his Highness Ko-Ko appears on the scene, and the ladies line up in ranks to sing BEHOLD THE LORD HIGH EXCUTIONER, whilst the men croon along in the background. Ko-Ko thanks the men warmly for the welcome, and tells the women in no polite terms to go away where they should be seen and not heard. Ko-Ko then sings LITTLE LIST, dictating a list of various society offenders whom he could use if a victim must be found ("The lady motorist – I'm sure she won't be missed!").

       Ko-Ko consults Pooh-Bah's many positions for advice on his wedding, which leads to very confusing answers. Yum-Yum and her four sisters appear, and sing FIVE LITTLE MAIDS. As Yum-Yum and her sisters try to persuade their guardian not to kiss Yum-Yum 'in front of all these people' (basically the sisters and Pooh-Bah). Nanki-Poo appears, and confesses his love to Yum-Yum to Ko-Ko, who doesn't pay much attention, and leads the girls off in a line.

       Yum-Yum manages to slip out of the line, and joins Nanki-Poo to tell him to beseech her, as Ko-Ko is her guardian, and would never allow her to marry him. She advises him to keep his distance, as the Mikado's flirting laws are severe. Nanki-Poo ignores her, and begins the love duet, THIS IS WHAT I'LL NEVER DO. When Yum-Yum notes that a Second Trumpet player isn't a suitable husband for the ward of a Lord High Executioner, Nanki-Poo reveals that he is the only son of his Majesty the Mikado.

       After schooling in England, and gaining a perfect accent, he made the mistake of captivating Katisha, an older, and quite plain woman in his father's court. She thought that his courtesy was affection, and under the Mikado's flirting law, Nanki-Poo had to marry her, so he ran away and joined the Big Band.

       Meanwhile, Ko-Ko receives a letter from the Mikado via Pish and Tush. The Mikado is disturbed by the fact that no execution has taken place in Titipu for a long time, and if no one is executed by a months time, the job of Lord High Executioner will be abolished, and the city reduced to a village, which will ruin them all. Ko-Ko, Pooh-Bah, Pish and Tush argue among themselves about who should sacrifice themselves, and all but Ko-Ko seem adamant that it should be Ko-Ko lopping off his own head. The men sing I AM SO PROUD, and then scatter as Ko-Ko promises he'll find someone.

       Nanki-Poo wanders upon Ko-Ko when he's busy 'soliloquising', attempting to end his intolerable existence. The two men strike a deal, in which Nanki-Poo gets to marry Yum-Yum, and after he is beheaded for the city in a month's time, and Yum-Yum is a widow, Ko-Ko could marry her then.

       The whole company appears as Yum-Yum is told the happy (!?) news, and to sing LET THE THRONG OUR JOY ADVANCE. The festivities are interrupted by a dressy, flashy woman, who appears to sing GIVE ME MY PLACE (KATISHA'S ENTRANCE), in which she introduces herself as Katisha, and demands 'her lover' return to her.

       Pitti-Sing steps forwards to sing lead vocals on FOR HE'S GONNA MARRY YUM-YUM, and tells Katisha in no polite terms exactly what's going on. At the end of this number, full company freezes whilst Katisha sings a mournful solo, THE HOUR OF GLADNESS.

       Katisha threatens to blow Nanki-Poo's cover, but Yum-Yum manages to prevent anyone from hearing her by beginning TRIUMPHANT OVER ALL (ACT 1: FINALE) and encouraging the full company to sing along with her. Katisha and Pitti-Sing have a musical slanging match, and Katisha leaves the stage in a huff, as Pitti-Sing begins to repeat the sugary sweet lyrics from her previous song ("We do not heed your dismal sound, for joy reigns ev'rywhere around!") and Nanki-Poo and Yum-Yum join in with "the echoes of our festival, shall rise triumphant over all".

       Katisha appears on a higher level to interrupt the ending of the song, making menacing comments towards Pitti-Sing and Yum-Yum; Pitti-Sing tells her to shut up, and she disappears with an evil laugh. After a few seconds, people begin to laugh, and the song is finished with a flourish. Full company dance offstage to a short reprise of the previous song, and the curtain falls on a freeze of Nanki-Poo and Yum-Yum embracing centre stage and Katisha broodingly watching from a distance.


Act 2 begins with Pish and Tush singing BRAID THE RAVEN HAIR, as the four maids prepare their sister's wedding. After this, Yum-Yum appears on stage, and soliloquises about being beautiful – then sings THE SUN AND I.

       Her sisters startle her out of her revered silence, and comment tactlessly about how it's so sad that their sister's happiness is to be 'cut short' in a month, and how that does kinda 'take the top' off of things. Nanki-Poo appears with Pish and Tush to cheer up his bride, and Pish, Tush, Pitti-Sing, Yum-Yum and Nanki-Poo sing SWING A MERRY MADRIGAL to cheer themselves up.

       Yum-Yum and Nanki-Poo are left to themselves, but interrupted by Ko-Ko, who brings the smirking news that whenever a married man is beheaded, his wife is buried alive with him. Apparently, this has never been carried out because the only crime punishable with beheading is flirting – and married men NEVER flirt. So Yum-Yum is left with a decision… marry her love and be buried alive, or marry Ko-Ko who is twice her age and basically makes her skin crawl. The trio sing HERE'S A HOWDY-DO, before Yum-Yum rushes off in tears.

       Nanki-Poo is now resigned to die, and tells Ko-Ko that if he doesn't behead him, he'll kill himself. Pooh-Bah rushes up in a state of panic to inform them that the Mikado is approaching Titipu and will arrive in ten minutes. Ko-Ko worries that he's come to see whether his decree has been obeyed, and Pooh-Bah yells at him to behead Nanki-Poo before the Mikado arrives ("Chop it off! Chop it off!!"). However, it turns out that Ko-Ko has never even killed a bluebottle, and was planning to take lessons in the coming month before having to kill Nanki-Poo.

       To save himself from having to kill Nanki-Poo, Ko-Ko decides to forge a document stating that Nanki-Poo has been beheaded, and have Pooh-Bah sign and witness it, as Pooh-Bah is basically all the important people after all. Ko-Ko tells Nanki-Poo to find Yum-Yum, and go off with Pooh-Bah (who's the Arch-Bishop of Titipu don'tcha know) who'll marry them at once.

       Full company rushes on in a panic to welcome the terrifying Mikado. Unfortunately he arrives from the other direction and is welcomed with lines of backsides as the ladies and gentlemen bow in the other direction.

       The Mikado, all decked out in purple velvet, sings the jazzy MIKADO SONG, complete with a troupe of tap-dancers, and even getting the ladies and gentlemen to sing along.

       Ko-Ko and Pooh-Bah present him with the certificate of Nanki-Poo's death, but it turns out that the Mikado is here for a different reason, which Katisha explains as she stalks down the stage to sit in a throne next to the Mikado. He's come looking for his son, and Katisha reveals to all of them that it's Nanki-Poo.

       The ladies and gentlemen are terrified as they think that Nanki-Poo has been killed, but Ko-Ko says that Nanki-Poo has gone abroad. When asked what country, Ko-Ko has to guess what Yum-Yum's sisters want him to say from an interesting game of charades which involves them pointing at their breasts ("Tit? Tit-tit? Titty? Titipu!! No, that's not right we're in Titipu… um, it's either Little Rock… or Saugatuck, Bristol? I'm not sure which… cleavage? Cle- He's in Cleveland!").

       His victory is cut short however as Katisha notices the name Nanki-Poo on the death certificate, and Ko-Ko, Pooh-Bah and Pitti-Sing are sentenced to a severe punishment – but first, the Mikado must have his seven course lunch (which includes the rare delicacy of southern-fried sushi). Katisha, the Mikado and the three condemned sing SEE HOW THE FATES THEIR GIFTS ALLOT, before Katisha and the Mikado leave.

       Ko-Ko tries to persuade the now married Nanki-Poo to come back to life, but Nanki-Poo refuses too, as if Katisha knows he's alive, she will insist on his execution, and Yum-Yum would die as well. Nanki-Poo says he will only come back to life if Ko-Ko marries Katisha, because if she is married, she has no further claim on him.

       Pitti-Sing and Pooh-Bah run away as they hear the haughty music announcing Katisha's arrival. Ko-Ko hides and witnesses the music change as Katisha sings a broken hearted solo, ALONE AND YET ALIVE, wondering why the women are left to live after their hearts are cruelly broken.

       Ko-Ko reveals himself, and asks for her forgiveness, but it's clear that she hates him, as his hands 'still reek of the blood of her betrothed'. It takes years to train a man to love her – she's an acquired taste it seems, and only the educated palate can appreciate her; and she was educating Nanki-Poo's palate just fine.

       Ko-Ko asks her if she could ever love him, and when she denies him, he says that he'll die of a broken heart. Katisha's having none of it, as she knows better than anyone that people don't die from broken hearts. Ko-Ko is beginning to soften to her, as he sings TIT WILLOW, a song about a little Tom Tit bird who killed itself from blighted affection. This seems to capture Katisha's female mercy, as she suddenly decides that as long as he understands that even though she is plain and scary, there is beauty even in her bloodthirstiness, he wouldn't be that bad a husband. The two sing BEAUTY IN THE BELLOW, before running off to find the registrar (Pooh-Bah) to be married at once.

       Katisha rushes to where the Mikado is with full company, and begs mercy for Ko-Ko, Pooh-Bah and Pitti-Sing. Nanki-Poo and Yum-Yum reveal themselves, and the Mikado is actually happy to see his son alive. Katisha is furious with her husband, and demands the Mikado kill him. The Mikado demands an explanation from Ko-Ko, who blurts out a load of rubbish about whatever the Mikado says is as good as done – practically it is done, and if the man is dead then why not say so?

       There is a confused silence as the Mikado ponders this with a thoughtful "I see…" Eventually he decides that it's satisfactory, and the whole company sing JOY REIGNS EV'RYWHERE (FINALE ACT 2), which is a mixture of Let The Throng Our Joy Advance and For He's Gonna Marry Yum-Yum (but with new lyrics) before taking their bows, and going into the REPRISE. Full company dances offstage to the same reprise used in Act 1


And now, the beginning of the show ^^;