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Just finished watching the movie so wrote this short pointless story I thought I would put out there …takes place right after the restaurant scene with Steve. Not very well thought out nor is it long. I apologize for any grammar spelling and what ever else you may find wrong with it as it is 2 in the morning.


"And why do you get to punch him and I don't?" Stella asked a small chuckle escaping her lips. "Because those hands are way too valuable."

She smiles as she nods. Charlie reaches a hand and places it on her back. "Hey" he rubs her back as he pulls her to him placing a kiss on her head. Stella pulls back wiping the tears from her face with the back of her hand.

"You okay?" He asks in a soft voice. She nods as he brushes the hair from her face.

"Why don't you get some sleep, you'll feel better." He knew it wouldn't help but it would calm her enough for her to gain control of her emotions. Stopping himself from killing Steve in the restaurant was one of the hardest things he'd had to do. He understood to an extent what she was feeling. John was like a father to him too.

"I don't think I can right now." She answered as a new set of tears began to flow down her cheeks.

"Stella you need to, I need you clear headed for whatever we decide tomorrow. You still want to get him don't you?" He knew she hadn't changed her mind but wanted to hear her say the words.

"I want him. I want him now more then ever Charlie. I" she paused, subconsciously rubbing on her wrist.

Charlie scooted back until his back hit the backboard of the bed. "Come here Stella." He patted the stop next to him. She turned her head to look behind her a small smile on her face. She took several seconds before obliging to his request.

She sat beside him. "Charlie" she began not sure what to do.

"Come here, I won't bite" he smiled opening his arm wide for her. She took a second considering her options before she leaned into his embrace. She laid her head on his chest and wrapped one arm around him placing it on his stomach her other arm between them. "Try and get some sleep."

She nodded but said nothing. Twenty minutes had passed in silence. Figuring she had drifted off Charlie shifted to get comfortable, her hold on him tightened as she grabbed a fist full of his shirt.

"I can still feel it." She whispered. Tracing patterns on his chest.

"What's that?"

"His hand…I can still feel his hand gripping my wrist." He felt her shiver.

"He'll get what's coming to him Stella we'll get him." She nods. "We will" she repeats with a yawn. Charlie reached over and turned off the lamp, looked down one last time, seeing her eyes closed he too closed his and fell asleep.


Like I said short and pointless… hope you enjoyed regardless.