Halloween Intro

by Lodylodylody


London and Bailey's cabin was decorated very nicely for Halloween. In the center of the room was a smiling Jack O'Lantern. Sitting on either side of the pumpkin were London and Bailey themselves, both looking straight ahead into the camera…for they had just begun the latest episode of Yay Me! Starring London Tipton.

The beautiful young heiress was wearing a tight back 'vampire dress' very much in the mode of Elvira or Vampira. Her hair was slicked back and some pale makeup, bright red lipstick and gleaming fangs completed her look quite nicely.

Bailey was dressed as a different sort of undead creature. Her face and arms were painted a sickly green with some black and grey splotches here and there. Her sundress appeared dingy and had a few rips and tears, along with some blood stains. But despite all that, the farm girl looked just too pretty and perky to pass for an actual zombie.

"Welcome to my special Halloween edition of Yay Me!" London said to the camera. "Now there are many fun things about Halloween, but we all know what the best part is, right?" She glanced to her roommate.

"Scary Halloween stories," Bailey answered with a smile.

"No," London said. "Dressing up in fun costumes."

"Well, that is fun too," the farm girl conceded. "But I love a good ghost or monster story, and so do a lot of our fans. And I know that some of them have produced some Halloween-themed stories that you can showcase here on your show."

"Stories about me?" London looked excited and began clapping her hands. "I love people to talk about me."

"Not just you," Bailey explained. "There are stories about our friends on the ship, and ones back at your hotel too."

Suddenly, a fur-covered form jumped out from the closet and growled. London and Bailey both screamed…but then the heiress grabbed the werewolf's arm and used a very impressive (and painful looking) Tae Kwan Do move to throw it to the ground. Bailey then grabbed the nearest thing at hand (an umbrella, as it happened) and began to beat the monster unmercifully.

"Stop! Stop!" the monster yelled in a voice that sounded very much like Zack's.

A moment later, the cabin door opened and a dashing highwayman stepped in. It was Cody Martin, wearing his historically accurate Halloween costume.

"I told him this wasn't a good idea for a prank," Cody said with a smirk.

London and Bailey helped Zack to his feet and removed his werewolf mask. Then both girls smacked him once more.

"Sorry for that rude interruption," London told the camera. "Now maybe we can get back to my show."

"Yes, I hear there are going to be some Halloween stories about us," Cody said.

But before anyone could answer…a strange, rumbling noise was heard. Nobody could tell where it was coming from, but the source of the sound seemed very close.

"What was that?" Bailey asked.

When the noise sounded again, much more loudly, London panicked.

"It's a real Halloween monster!" she cried. "Cody, protect me!" She grabbed onto her longtime friend.

"Uh…excuse me," Bailey said as she glared towards her roommate. "That's my man. He needs to protect me."

But before that matter could be put to a debate, the sound returned, louder than ever. All four teens huddled together.

"What do we do?" Zack asked.

"I don't know," Cody answered. "But while we try to figure it out…our audience can enjoy the Halloween stories that were sent in about us."

"Good idea," Bailey added. "And after they've seen all the stories, we'll be back to end the show."

Again the noise sounded.

"We hope," Zack said nervously.


And now, on to the stories…


author's note: Each chapter of this story will be a stand alone tale by a different author. If you'd like to submit one (or more) Halloween themed Suite Life stories by November 10th, contact woundedhearts.

An: Hi, everyone, just wanted to say due to popular demand. I am extending the deadline to submit your stories from October 31st to November 10th by midnight! (PST) Many Smiles, and we hope to hear from you soon! :)