CH. 1 Entrances...of the odd sort

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Jasmine's POV

I slowly opened my eyes. "What? Where am I?...Elizabeth?" I pushed myself up off the floor.

"This looks like it's from Dissidi- ahhhhh!" A Manikin pins me down. "No!" I shout and shut my eyes as its about to attack. I waited for the pain but it never came.

"Open your eyes, you're safe...for now at least." I open one eye.

"What?!" I snap up. "How the hell can Firion be here?!" He looks at me curiously, Oops.

"How do you know me?" He asks.

"I uhm. I. I." All I can do is stutter shyly.

"Firion, don't scare her. Heh, can't ya tell? She's one of us!" I turn hearing a voice behind me, shocked by what, or who, I see.


"You were sent from Cosmos?" Firion asks calmly.

"She's got to be! I bet she is!" Tidus excitedly claims.

"Wha-Wait! I'm not from Cosmos! I'm not...Your...Gah! I'm just looking for my friend!" I exclaim.

"'She's got wing designs, she can't be from Cosmos" I hear, surprised I spin on my heel.

"Cloud!" I almost tip over as he pushes off the pillar he was leaning on and pulls out the buster sword.

He points it toward me. "She could be from Chaos. She knows all our names."

Tidus scratches the back of his head, "I don't think so...look at her." He walks over and gets in front of Cloud's sword "Put that away! Jeesh!" Cloud lowers his sword. I feel all three of them studying me.

"Ya! She is from Cosmos! Look!" Tidus points at my neck.

"Wha-?" I finally looked at myself. I had on black boots, pants, and a large shoulder pad that has a set of silver wings on it and one sleeve. There was a silver wing design on my back and around my neck was a silver wing necklace with a blue crystal embedded in it. *

"It's a crystal. She is from Cosmos." Firion states this then continues, "Now, Child, why don't you tell us your name since you already know ours."

I look at each of them in turn then reply, "My name is Jasmine."

Tidus grins, "Nice to meet ya!" Cloud nods in my direction.

Firion smiles slightly, "A pleasure... You know there is a flower that is called a jasmine. They're lovely, although I prefer roses myself." I blush then snicker while listening to him.

"How'd I get here though?" I ask curiously while looking around.

"I brought you here Young One." We all look at the sky.

"Cosmos." Firion says.

"I saw light in your heart. You and your friend have been chosen to help save the worlds."

"What?" I reply confused before continuing, "We're not even from these worlds. And where is Elizabeth?"

"All worlds are connected by the light, and you will find your friend in due time. Good luck, all of you, on your quest for the crystals." The god like glow from the sky fades.

I sigh, "We gotta find my friend." Cloud opens his mouth to say something before closing it and turning to a new presence.

"Vincent? What are you doing here?" Cloud is rather surprised as he asks this.

"I was drawn here for a reason yet to be revealed," Vincent says solemnly. All of a sudden we hear someone screaming from above.


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*For a better idea of Jasmine's outfit Google search Cloud Strife Advent Children

Italics are Cosmos speaking