Chapter 2 Vincent is Mean

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Bold is thoughts


Elizabeth's POV

I open my eyes. It is Freezing! I looked around.. the sky?! Then I realize that I'm falling, fast.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" I scream on instinct. Then I land feeling something solid holding me. Without checking to see who, or what, caught me I look around and see people- people that aren't supposed to be real- and Jasmine! I start hyperventilating. I've finally gone over the deep end, I'm insane. Oh gawd, oh gawd. Momma!

"Elizabeth! Look it's Vincent!" Jazz, as I so happily refer to Jasmine as, yells. I look around and not seeing anyone close to recognizable as Vincent I slowly look up.

"SHIT!" I try to roll out of his arms but he tightens his grip still keeping a straight face.

I pout, "I want down...NOW!" He drops me. I glare at him. Asshole.


He smirks slowly, "You said to put you down. I merely complied."

I look at Jazz with an eye twitch, "I blame Bella."

Jazz laughs before talking, "You just gotta make an entrance, dont'cha?"

Cloud looks puzzled before tentatively asking, "Who's Bella?"

I roll my eyes, "Well she's obviously a person."

Jazz laughs before explaining, "It's an inside joke."

Cloud rolls his eyes. A brown haired guy with a blue sword starts yelling, "Hey! Where'd you come from? You still haven't told us where you came from!" Gawd it's a kid… wait Jazz said that's Tim? No, Teddy? No, Oh yeah, Tidus!

I roll my eyes. "We're from a town, in a place, in the world. Well our world." I look around only unable to place a name on one guy. I sidle over to Jazz and whisper in her ear,

"Okay, so I know who Tidus, Cloud, and Vincent are… But who is the other one?" She snickers.

"That's Firion, he the like philosophical one and all." I nod.

This is gonna be interesting…

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