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AU, high school style for Spring Awakening. Almost-canon for Glee, beginning right after Episode 1. This is completely experimental, and also, for the majority, unedited. But I thought, since I was so itching to try out a Spring Awakening hig school AU, might as well cross it over, too.

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Rachel Berry is a mature girl. But she is still a teenager. And all teenagers fight with their parents.

Though most don't use diva walkouts to end the argument.

This disagreement hasn't quite reached that stage yet.

"I cannot believe you!"

"Rachel," her Dad certainly looks like he regrets something. "You know that we both-"

"You could have told me!"

Time for Daddy to give it a try. "Legally, we couldn't even see her-"

"That doesn't mean I can't know!"

She doesn't want to hear any more excuses. Before either of her dads can open their mouths, she has stormed out. A moment later, they can hear her door slam shut.

Dad slumps into an armchair. "That could have gone better."

Daddy puts an arm around him. "She's just hurt. She'll be fine soon. You know how she is."

Upstairs, Rachel stares at the picture of her and her two dads in front of a poster of Wicked, taken when they had gone to the show during their stay in New York. She was seven at the time, and the grin on her face couldn't have been bigger. That show had made her feel as if she really could just fly away. No matter what anyone else said.

"Did you look like me?" she whispers. "Did you have my nose, my voice?"

But her unknown mother isn't really the most important person on her mind. No, her mind is still turning with the information that her dads have just told her. The startling fact that her surrogate mother had passed away in a car crash, less than three weeks ago. But even more important is that her daughter is going to come live with them.

Her daughter.

Rachel's twin.

Head spinning, she closes her eyes, and lets the tears spill over. How could they keep this from her? She has a right to know about her own twin! And now, at fifteen, she is going to meet her for the first time. Would she like to sing, like Rachel? Would she refuse to eat eggs with anything but ketchup, like Rachel?

All Rachel knows is that they are identical twins- identical! And that the girl's name is Wendla Bergmann. And she is moving in next Friday. Seven days from now.

She might just be ill.

Wendla spends the weekend locked in her old room, pretending to pack while she bites back tears.

It's been three weeks since the car accident took her parents' lives, and all she has to show for it is a broken arm and a nasty scar down one side of her chest. Everyone says she's lucky, but she doesn't feel it. If she was lucky, she wouldn't be packing to move three towns away, far from her friends, the only support she has left. She would still have parents, if she was lucky.

Wendla hates this room now. She hasn't stayed in it since the night before the accident. At first, she was waiting to be discharged from the hospital, and after that, she had lived with Anna. This house is too empty now, too full of the memories of things that will never happen again.

One small thing that she can pretend to look forward to is her godfamily. She has never met them- really, she didn't even know about them until after her parents had died- but she talked to Mark on the phone, and he seemed nice, and kind, and very, very gentle. The idea of staying with a gay couple had frightened her a tiny bit at first, but after the first moment, she almost laughed. Though her father was more old fashioned, her mother had raised her daughter to be open minded about all kinds of different lifestyles. No, it isn't the idea of gay fathers that scares her.

It is the change that frightens her more than anything. She can hardly get through a few hours without being reminded of her parents and bursting into silent tears. And now, she has to go to a new school, where she won't know anyone, won't fit in...

And then there is her twin. What a terrifying notion. She has a twin. She has a twin, and nobody bothered to tell her.

She puts a hand to her chest with a frown. Maybe, just maybe, this twin of hers could help fill in the hole that is left there, threatening to eat her up.

By Monday, all she wants to take with her is packed up. All of her parents' things will be put into storage for when she wants it. It is all hers, now. Hers to lock away and try to forget.

She goes to school, though she doesn't have to. Just to say goodbye. There are four girls in particular, close as blood, forever friends. She spends one night at each of their houses, and on the Thursday night, they all gather at Anna's, to wish her good luck, and hug and cry and promise to visit as much as they can. Even Thea cries, brave little Thea who is always trying to prove that she's tougher than she looks. None of them sleep much, because this night is for talking. Memories of brighter things.

The next morning, everything is already packed in the car. Most of her stuff is being brought by movers tomorrow, but all of her important things have been carefully fit into the back of Anna's father's truck. All the girls are crying again, and Anna says she's coming for the three hour drive, and who cares about school.

The closer to her new home they get, the quieter Wendla is. Anna just holds her tight.

Everything is moving too fast, just like the car that shrieked around the corner and didn't hit the breaks. Anna's only response to Wendla's tears is to hold her tight, humming a song they used to know.

"I believe, I believe, I believe, oh I believe, there is love in heaven..."

The house is bigger than her old one. She stands at the door, awkwardly clutching her suitcase as Anna's dad rings the door bell.

A tall, smiling black man answers, and when his eyes fall on Wendla, they go wide with recognition.

"Ah," he clears his dry throat, and tries again. "Hello! You must be Wendla. I'm Tom." Turning, he calls behind him. "Mark! She's here!"

A distant Hello! Be there in a moment! has Wendla trying to dig up a smile. Anna squeezes her arm, and Anna's father introduces himself to Tom, shaking his hand as running footsteps are heard, and Mark appears from the upstairs. He surprises Wendla by pulling her into a hug. By the time he pulls away, her smile is real.

"You're just in time for lunch," Tom says with a grin.

They are easy to get along with, that's for sure. Before they are halfway through their meal, which is some sort of deliciously good mutant quiche, Tom and Anna's father are already talking law, and Anna herself is laughing at some story Mark is telling them.

Wendla is giggling along, too, but her mind isn't completely here. Because she's really repeating one sentence over and over in her head.

Where is she where is she where is she.

Anna's dad wants to get back before her mom gets home from work, and Anna wipes at her eyes and swears she's going to be crying the whole ride home. Wendla promises to visit her next weekend, after a nod from Tom.

And now Anna is driving away, though Wendla can hardly see her waving through her misty eyes.

Mark shows her where her new room is, and they've set up a bed and a desk for her, and both men are smiling, arms around each other, waiting to see if she likes it. And Wendla wants to cry harder, because the room is purple. Her favorite color. She rarely sees this much of it- sheets, wallpaper, door- but it is oddly comforting. Surrounded by something you love.

And she wonders if purple is Rachel's favorite color, too.

Rachel's room is across the hall, and her door appears to have a giant golden star plastered on it.

What if they don't get along?

Because she can think of nothing else to do, because she can't think of anything else to say to Tom and Mark, because she wants to just crawl into bed, hide under the covers, and cry... she starts to unpack.

A while later, there is the sound of heels, click-clacking down the hallway. Wendla doesn't hear them. Not even when the heels stop, take a step backwards, and move cautiously to press against the door that she, Rachel Berry, had painted. Purple is a very nice color, but not as bright as pink. Rachel is a very pink name, but Wendla, Wendla seems more violet.

A knock. Wendla jumps, and turns around.

Wendla sees herself in a horse sweater, carting some strange pink rollercase. Her smile is very wide, but there is a hint of fear in her eyes.

Rachel sees herself in a baby doll dress, one that looks like it hasn't been ironed in a while. She sees that her cheeks are red with crying, something she's used to seeing. Her smile is gentle, very small, but there is real curiosity in her eyes.

"Hello." They both say at once. Rachel giggles, and Wendla joins in.

They do have the same voice.