Hi, I'm back in the writing zone again. I'm still on the verge of resurrecting my life as a writer so sue me for the very long absence and lack of updates. Anyway, here's another oneshot written on an impulse. I don't really know where this is going.

This is an AU.

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He was comfortably sitting in the middle of the room, huddled in the center of a semi-circle surrounded by air-headed idiots. He looked like he was having a hell of nasty conversation with them. She could tell by that disgusting plaster of glint in their eyes. He bent down and whispered something slyly to them, cupping both of his hands to the side of his mouth with his eyes glistening with perverseness. His meat-head pals leaned in hard to hear it, their faces almost touching. Then they all let out the most annoying guffaw.

She clenched her teeth in anger and annoyance. Why do people chose to gossip about the malignant things around them instead of simply ignoring it? Pathetic. She never understood why the heck guys loved to waste their time discussing anatomical parts of the opposite sex.

But she liked him anyway.

But he was one of them and she couldn't get him out of her own thick skull. He was a guy's guy. An asshole in every perspective you try to look at. But, why? Why couldn't she stop herself from gazing intently at him? Why couldn't she prevent herself from stealing simple glances every now and then?

She sighed as she shut her purple eyes, as if attempting to shove away all those unwanted thoughts and insane habits. This was getting more and more sick every damned second she spared him a glance. She reopened her eyes and focused on him again. Great. So now, eyes opened or not she'd be seeing him. And imagining-

Damn. Life really was in the mood to freeze her mind at the most possible chilling temperature then dip it in some hundred degree boiling water. Life was ironic. She remembered the infamous quote. Very ironic indeed.

His addicting, cold blue eyes were there. Staring intently at hers. This couldn't be happening again. The bizarre staring session couldn't be occurring again. -Although it was.

It was sort of a game they both played. Though none of them actually planned it. It was just kind of the usual caught of the eye moment that turned into a habit, worse a contest.

She would gaze at him then he would catch her doing it so he would also stare at her. Then they would just stood there locking eyes on each other without any emotion on their faces. They had done it more than five times these past few months. And they were still continuing to do it. And it just happened to take place again. Right now.

Cold blue connecting straight to amethyst. She tried to penetrate through his dense icy exterior. Yet she failed. She always did. She just wondered if he could-to her. But she knew he could. She could feel it, his laser-like eyes seeing through her carefully woven shield, completely and effortlessly.

Damn. She hated it. How could he do that to her? To simply stare at her and suddenly jumble her insides. It was making one hell of a total chaos. Chaos of feelings.

Okay, so the gazing game had somehow created a new and longer record. This was getting really awkward and irritating. Why wouldn't he just stop looking at her? But then again, why couldn't she just stop and avert her gaze? After all, she was the one who started it. Wasn't she the one supposed to end it?

She fidgeted. His gaze was invisibly enveloping her. Consuming every fiber in her body. A chill ran down her spine. Got to end this.

She quickly looked away, pretending to be amused by the floor all of a sudden.

In a blink of an eye, the heat surrounding her vanished into thin air. Gone. And she found herself able to breathe again. She was relieved and disappointed at the same time. Hollowed air seemed to fill her stomach and her heart sank all the way down to the Marianas Trench.

She gulped, exercising a little mantra. It was nothing. It didn't matter. He didn't matter. She closed her eyes again, longer this time. He didn't matter. None of the things that concern him matter. He didn't care about her so why would she,right? Right. And with that she wished she could believe her own words.

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