I like to post my author's notes at the end; seems to me like they don't hinder the reading as much that way. Anyway, those interested in my thoughts on each "chapter" (if they're really long enough to be called such) will be able to read them after each chapter concludes. Those who don't care won't have to see my babblings before digging in. :P

But since is the first chapter that will be seen, I will say here that although this may be my first time posting fan fiction on this site, it's a far, far cry from my first time writing anything at all (I've been attempting to write seriously since I was ten! :P ), so I'm not going to pretend like I have any sensitivity to criticism. On the contrary—since I am truly interested in not only being a great writer, but an able analyst of other people's work, I would greatly appreciate constructive criticism of any sort, if anyone can think of any, as well as any differing opinions about the natures of the fascinating characters I am trying to pin down. That said, various circumstances in my life lately have prevented me from writing much over the past year, so I think I'm pretty rusty, and I know this particular piece didn't turn out as well as I intended. So I'm definitely hoping for some good reviews I can work with.

Flamers, however, will be ignored similarly to how I ignore my niece and nephew's temper tantrums until they realize that the only way they will get my attention is if they speak to me politely.

I'm not sure why everybody insists on putting disclaimers on their writing because obviously the characters don't belong to them. Nevertheless, just to be safe.... –disclaims-



"You what?!" Alphonse exclaimed, his voice reverberating slightly from within his metal armor.

Edward sighed and buried his head in his forearms. "I just walked away."

"Brother...." Al sat next to him against the wall of their hotel bedroom and let out a sigh as well. "Brother, you're an idiot."

"I know," Ed groaned.

They sat in silence for a while, each of them contemplating the extent of and possible solutions to Ed's most recent act of imbecility. Sometimes, one of them would make a sound as though they were about to speak, but they always let the words fall away.

At last, Ed asked him—or perhaps he was asking the opposite wall, or the space beyond it, or anyone who might know the answer....

"How did we get to this point anyway?"


.... Not really much in the way of an author's note, actually.... It's just the prologue. On to the good stuff.