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Chapter One

'Felix! Get your butt over here!' I shouted angrily from my room. I knew something was wrong when I smelt the disgusting smell of coffee from down the hall. It was raining extremely hard right now. I tried calming myself a bit. I didn't want the tourist visiting the Volterra to get soaked or have to suffer from a flood. The rain turned into a slight drizzle now and I heard Felix as well as Jane running up to my room in vampire speed.

'What did he do this time?' Jane asked Felix as she ran up with him to my room. Since I joined the Volturi 178 years ago Jane has constantly been by my side. She was my best friend and I loved her dearly. Alec had a slight crush on me so I didn't really socialize with him much.. Anyways Felix laughed extremely loudly which I'm sure even the humans outside would be able to hear. 'Awww. Izzy's mad.' Felix boomed still laughing. I loved Felix dearly, he was like a big bear of a brother to me, he reminded me so much of Emmet Cullen, it hurt even to think of them anymore, but I'm thankful they left me, otherwise I would never have made this fabulous coven I now call my family.

I decided I didn't want to attack him now, he would be expecting it. Also we had guests right now and Aro wouldn't want us making much noise.

'Jane dear, tell daddy I will be down in a minute to greet the guests.'

'Sure Iz. I'll meet you down there!' She said after welcoming me back from my month long trip to London with a hug. Felix following her out.

Before I went down I decided I would take apart Felix's pride and joy. His motor bike. It took me less than half a minute, I put a shield up so that no one other than myself would be able to hear the racket I was making as I tore it apart. I felt sinister and evil as I did this I couldn't help but let out a witch like cackle.

I removed the shield and took my time as I walked up to the hall to greet my father ,uncles and the guests, but before that I decided I would wait a bit infront of the door to hear Felix's reaction as I knew he would be going out to go 'fishing' with Heidi and would use his precious bike as transport. 'Three…two…one' I counted down under my breath and I heard it a scream and followed by 'IZZY!!!' I laughed and ran inside the hall knowing he wouldn't dare attack me in front of Aro, my adoptive father.

I didn't even look at the guests I just ran in and hugged my dear father. 'Daddy! I missed you!' I said while I hugged him tightly. Then with my back still to the guests I hugged Uncle Caius and Uncle Marcus. Both of whom who loosened up quite a bit a few years after I arrived. Especially Marcus who was not the lifeless undead form he once was.

'Izzy dear, may I ask what you did to poor Felix this time?' Uncle Marcus asked with a sly smile on his face.

'Oh its nothing really Uncle Marcus, I just crashed his bike.' I said which caused Jane to laugh, hop over to me and give me a high five.

'Pray tell me, what caused you to do this?' Dad asked me.

'He put coffee, disgusting human coffee in ALL of my shoes.' I said

Now everyone in my family including Demetri and Alec who were standing on either side of the four thrones acting as guards to laugh. I hugged them both, hesitating before I hugged Alec and then I turned around. I heard gasps coming from my guests once they saw my face. I started back expressionlessly as I heard the voice I recognized only too well 'Bella'.

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