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I smiled as I watched Jake sleep. He looked so peaceful, like the carefree 16 year old I remember. It was almost eight now. Jake would probably wake up in a while, so I decided to get ready for the day.

I moved from the floor beside the couch where Jacob had fallen asleep, I had not wanted to wake him up so I just let him sleep there. It was quite a big couch and he seemed quite comfortable.

I quickly had a shower and changed into a dress. The top was white until right under the chest where it flared out into a pink, blue and white design. I paired it with light blue pumps and a necklace with the Volturi family crest as the pendant.

I moved into the kitchen, finally I had an excuse to use it. I made some eggs, scrunching up my nose at the horrid smell. By now Jake had woken up and rounded up Emily, Sam, Quil, Leah and Seth along with Felix, Jane and Alec.

Sam, Quil, Leah, Jake and Seth immediately started gobbling up the food while Emily and I watched with smiles on our faces. Emily still hadn't lost her motherly touch. Jane and Felix were fake vomiting behind us. Its was actually quite a funny site to see.

'So how's everything been back at the rez?' I asked Emily while the others were helping themselves to a second serving of eggs. Jane and Felix were now watching TV, flipping through the channels.

'It's been really slow. There were a few vampires here and there but nothing other than that. Paul, Jared and Embry really miss you. Collin is heartbroken.' She laughed. i laughed along remembering the numerous times he had asked me out on dates while I kept politely rejecting him. He truly was a sweet boy.

'Hows Brady?' I asked, he was my little brother in everyway. 'He misses you the most I guess, other than Jake of course. He found Jake's old rabbit. The one he made while you were still a human and so he's putting that back together' Emily said as the wolves finished eating their third serving.

'You guys done?' I asked and then picked up their plates and put them in the dishwasher I never used.

'Felix? Jane? Get your butts in here!' I shouted, even though they would be able to hear me even if I whispered it.

'So whats on the rocks today?' Felix asked as he ran in the room.

'Can we go to the beach? Bella please?' Jake asked pouting a bit, followed by the adorable Seth.

'You know I can never say no to those pouts' I said with a smile. The others just laughed.

'Im going to go ask Alice and Jasper if they want to come okay?' I told them until I was being yelled at by Felix.

'What the hell? They are not coming with us!' He shouted.

'CALM DOWN' I said my temper flaring, I heard the thunder and rain pelting awaya outside at my anger and tried calming myself first.

'I made peace with the two of them. They apologised' I said as I placed my hands on either side of Jane and Felix's face showing them what happened.

'Oh fine then. But I am not letting them out of my sight understand me?' Jane said.

'Arent I supposed to be the one bossing you around? I mean I am the princess and all' I said with a smirk trying to lighten up the mood.

'Whatever' She mumbled and then stalked out of the room to get the cars, as well as our clothes for the beach ready.

'So you were on Jacobs lap?' Felix said while wagging his eyebrows sugestively.

The quiliettes burst out laughing all but Jake who's dark skin had a slight tinge of pink to it. If I was human right now I probably would have been blushing too.

'Alice?? Jasper??' I all but shouted as I walked into their room only to find the entire Cullen clan in that room. Esme and Carlisle sitting on the loveseat to the side, while Rosalie and Emmett sat on the floor with Edward. Jasper and Alice were currently sitting at the edge of the bed. Alice as well as Jasper both got up and hugged me, Alice kissed me on the cheek, it seemed like such and Alice thing to do.

'You guys busy now?' I said looking around the full room.

'No. Why?' Alice asked.

'We were wondering if you and Jasper wanted to come to the beach with us. Its just going to be Felix,Jane and I as well as the La Push pack. Whadduya say?' I asked directing the question at the two of them so as not to include the other Cullen's.

'Sure, we'd love to but uhm can Rose, Em and Edward come along too?' Alice asked hopefully. I was about to argue but then I heard Aro sending me a message through Gianna, now a vampire to my head, Gianna had the ability to hear and send mental messages to others. 'Be Nice Bella! I can hear whats going on' .

I sent a message back 'Ok ok fine. Sheesh dad. Heard of Personal Privacy before?'

'Fine you can bring them.' I said irritably. Meet us down in the garage in about ten minutes.' I said and ran out of the room.


I heard a few cuss' but ignored them.

Jane had already packed all the things we would need we loaded it up into the cars we would be taking.

Alice, Jasper and the other Cullen kids, including Edward were now in the garage. I tossed a pair of keys to Jasper.

'Crash my baby and you will regret it' I said he stared open mouthed at my Aston Martin. All five of them slid into the car after putting their things in the boot.

Felix, Jane, Leah and Seth took the Hummer while Quil, Jake, Sam and Emily took the Benz. Jake smiled when he saw what I would be riding on. My precious motor cycle, the fastest ever made.

'Glad to see your still the dare devil'

'Always Jake' I said with a smile.

I hopped on and shouted 'Follow Me' to the Cullens. And soon both vehicles were trailing behind me, trying to keep up with me.

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