Yael's Tent

At one year, constant bloodlust waned.

At ten years, carnal lust faded.

At fifty, vampire baseball grated.

At one century, school irritated.

At two, having "parents" got old.

At four, so did marriage.

Five hundred years, and Bella is bored.

Five hundred years, and the world is a radically different place. Large game animals are nearly extinct, along with almost everything else. (Mountain lions were never much fun after the first few dozen hunts, anyway.) Nine billion humans scrounge for food.

Vampires, meanwhile, feast.

Bella approaches the street corner, beckoning the Bangkok breadline prostitutes with rare strawberries, shrimp skewers, things she used to prepare for her long-dead sperm donor. Good to know some human talents still come in handy.

"This way, ladies. I have milk and honey."

Enraptured, grateful, and most of all starving, the females follow her into a rundown building just as Sisera fled to Yael's tent, unaware of the nail and hammer lying in wait, a lesson learned from an ancient bible. Thanking her with hot, salivating kisses, the women worship Bella, more than willing to pleasure her first, to strip and grope each other for her, to lavish their soft heat on her cool skin. She smiles and enjoys their game, tasting their sweat and sex like an appetizer. Finally she offers rewards, leading them into a tiny, enclosed space with no windows and only one door. The eager women turn to the glasses perched on a lantern-lit table in the otherwise dark, decrepit room. It's been so many years since anyone has seen a cow or goat in this part of the world; they honestly believe the chalk-whitened water is milk.

"Oh, boys," Bella murmurs, quietly locking the door behind her.

Jasper and Emmett emerge from the shadowed corners, smiling seductively at their sister's catch, inhaling the scent of surprise and visceral fear. "Lovely," Jasper purrs in appreciation, lips wet with venom. Emmett says nothing, his attention riveted on the largest of the three humans. He always did have quite the appetite.

Bella blows both men a kiss before targeting the sweetest-tasting female, the one who kissed her feet. Later she may or may not decide to fuck one or both of her brothers, if she gets bored again. But for now:

"Let's play."

The story of Yael (or Jael) and Sisera is found in the Book of Judges, chapter 4, of the Old Testament/NEVI'IM.

The Twilight 25
Prompt: Play
Pen name: nosleep3
Characters: Bella, Jasper, Emmett
Rating: M

Disclaimer: Twilight and its characters are the property of S. Meyer. Any references to real people are accidental, and references to real places are used fictitiously.