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Between my Brother and Me

By Green Phantom Queen

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Chapter 28-The Grave Battle of Uncertainty

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The long ride to Paradius was longer than it appeared to be. May wanted to escape from Raphael's grip around her waist, but the older male wouldn't let her. Instead, May could only shed tears of sorrow, fear and regret. She promised that she would save Raphael and all the other souls from their fate…but how could she when she couldn't even get Raphael to snap out of his trance?

Goddess of Joy…Atem said in his Goddess's mind. I have very bad news…

What is it Atem? May asked, hand on her Duel Disk as she closed her eyes. What's going on?

Your brother…his soul had been sealed by the Orichalcos!

No! May's eyes widened in horror. How could this have happened?

The Prince of Wisdom was dueling Mai so he could wake her out of the trance she was in. However, he drew a bad hand on his last turn. Rather than surrendering, he let Mai deliver the final blow on his lifepoints. He then wished to Jirachi to let Mai be forgiven...before his soul was trapped.

This can't be true! Max...Max, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have brought you into this mess! I shouldn't have run away! I should've...been there for you!

Atem stayed silent as May began to sob. Her hands covered her face so she could hide all of the tears that fell down. This was horrible; first she saw how dangerous the Orichalcos has become, she now has a dark version to contend with, and her brother's soul had been captured. Things couldn't get any worse…

As May continued to sob, she felt an arm wrapped around her waist. May just cringed and began to sob even more, not wanting to see who was trying to comfort her. Even if it was comfort, it was a cold comfort. She did not want to be with this person and she just wanted to escape…

Someone…help me…. May screamed in her mind before letting herself be taken away from sorrow.

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There were three of the Orichalcos soldiers surrounding them. Téa, Tristan, Mokuba and Kaiba stood back to back, trying to figure out what to do.

"These things are getting on my nerves." Kaiba growled.

"What can we do, Seto?" asked Mokuba. "I lost most of my powers from Raphael…"

"There has to be something you can do!" said Tristan. "Maybe fire an orb of energy or shoot lasers from your eyes; just do something!"

One of the soldiers had a sword in hand, ready to bring it down on the Defender of the King. Mokuba turned around and raised his hands up in the air, as if to shield himself.

"Are you nuts?" Tristan exclaimed. "When I said that there was something you can do, I didn't mean that!"

Please….Mokuba thought to himself. If I still have any power in me…just let it be enough to protect those that need to be protected…If I am the Defender of the King…if you can hear me…please lend me your power!

The mark on Mokuba's hand began to glow as a white dome of energy appeared above his head. Soon, it began to expand, shielding everyone from the sword. The weapon hit the barrier with all its might, but the barrier was still standing.

"What's going on?" asked Téa. "What is this thing?"

Kaiba looked down, noticing his brother's eyes squeezed shut as his hands were still in the air. A small golden cartouche appeared above the Defender of the King's head, the golden tag having small symbols written on them.

Someone…please hear me out! Mokuba's voice echoed in his older brother's mind. Please…I can't do this on my own…

"Mokuba…" said Kaiba, seeing his brother struggling to shield them from their fate. He looked at the sword in hand and back at one of the soldiers. He rushed out of the barrier and jumped into the air…he soon brought the sword down…

And with a clean cut, the monster was split half and destroyed. The blade was glowing white energy, ready to slice through any of the soldiers as if it was butter.

"I'm not going to let you creeps hurt my brother!" Kaiba snarled, eyes glowing with fury. "As long as I'm around, you all are going to hell!"

One of the soldiers soon diverted its attention to the CEO. He brought down an arm as if to punch him, but Kaiba was quicker. He soon ran up the arm and sliced the monster's head off.

"Kaiba's like a ninja!" Tristan exclaimed. "Look at him go!"

"I hope it's enough." said Téa. "Or we can be done for…"

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Yami took the elevator to the top of Paradius. When the doors opened, he was shocked to see May running toward him, her arms grasping onto his neck tightly. She was trembling in fear and tears fell down her face.

"You came," May whispered into Yami's ear, hiccuping a bit. "You came…"

"What happened May?" asked Yami. "What's going on?"

"Raphael's gone completely crazy." May answered. "I tried telling him that I was the Guardian of the Sea, but I made it worse! He...He..."

May stopped talking as she felt a dark presence towering over her. She turned her head, seeing Raphael above her. His eyes were normal, no longer containing the green light of the Orichalcos. Still, May looked in fear.

"Guardian of the Sea," said Raphael, a hand on May's shoulder. "What is wrong? Are you scared?"

May moved away from Raphael, tears falling down her face. She turned her gaze away from the stronger man, in the hopes that she would not have to face more of the torture that she was going through.

"Please don't hurt me..." May whimpered. "Don't hurt me..."

"Now why would I do that?" asked the taller man, taking May into his arms. "You're my Guardian of the mean everything to me..."

"Let me go, Raphael..." May cried weakly, no longer able to fight back. "Please...let go..."

"I can't let you belong to me."

"I'm not a trophy...I'm a human being..."

Raphael laughed. May cringed at the sound. It was supposed to sound happy and joyful; instead it was cruel and wicked.

"That's so funny..." He murmured. "Guardian of the Sea..."

Yami stared in shock; in the span of one day, the girl in front of him transformed from a passionate warrior, to a broken soul. Seeing the Coordinator in the brink of tears and in the hands of a angered him.

"Raphael, let her go." said the spirit. "Can't you see that she doesn't want this?"

"Who are you to tell me this, Pharaoh?" Raphael snapped. "You're the one who tried to separate me and her 5,000 years ago!"

"What are you saying, Raphael?"

"Don't pretend that you don't know!" Raphael replied, one arm wrapped around May's stomach. "5,000 years ago, I was someone named Rael, who fell in love with the Guardian of the Sea. But one day, the Guardian of the Sea told Rael that she had feelings for the Pharaoh. She spent more time being with him than with Rael...then she disappeared.

"She came back though; she saved me from losing my mind on the island. She danced and sang for me, she made me smile again. Then...she died. She fell off of a cliff and into the water. But she's returned...and you took her away from me again!"

"I have not, Raphael." said Yami. "Dartz has manipulated you into believing his lies; can't you see that you're hurting May?"

"She's the Guardian of the Sea, and I'm protecting her!" Raphael snarled. "Isn't that right, Guardian of the Sea?"

May struggled and strained to pull away from Raphael's grip. Then, she lifted her head up, and opened her mouth. She bit down on Raphael's thumb with all of her might, her teeth pushing deeper and deeper into the skin. The Swordsman momentarily released his grip before May rushed to Yami's side. The Coordinator was trembling in fear as she grasped onto her left wrist, the same wrist that was constantly being grabbed by the older male.

"Raphael," said May. "I don't know how long you've been fed these lies about the Guardian of the Sea...but you have to know that it isn't true. The Guardian of the Sea is a just a story made up by a little girl...she doesn't exist!"

"May's right." Yami added. "Dartz has brainwashed you and made you accept it as the truth. You have to listen!"

"No, you listen, Pharaoh!" Raphael snapped back. "For you see, the great Leviathan is about to awaken once more. All it need is one more powerful soul—yours. That, and the Winged Dragon of Ra."

Raphael took a glance at May, his green glowing eyes piercing into her soul. May just shook her head in reply, her body trembling in absolute fear. Staring into Raphael's eyes was like staring into the eyes of a demon or monster.

"I don't care what you do to me…" said the Coordinator. "You're not getting Ra!"

"I will." Raphael replied. "Or do you not want to see the face of your boyfriend again?"

"What did you say?"

"Take a look at this."

Raphael pulled out a card from beneath his coat and showed it to May and the Pharaoh. Both of them looked on in shock and horror; it was an Orichalcos card that had Khonsu's soul depicted on it.

"N-no…" May replied. "You couldn't have…"

"He put a good fight, but it was useless in the end." Raphael explained. "He summoned monster after monster in an attempt to weaken me, but all he did was bring more souls to feed to Leviathan. It's nearing completion as we speak."

May and Yami looked up, seeing the silhouette of the mighty serpent becoming clearer than ever. In just a few hours…the whole world would be destroyed….

"Now do you see?" Raphael continued. "This world has become a desolate place, thanks to people like the Pharaoh! But don't worry Guardian of the Sea; you'll be protected."

"I already am protected." May replied, trying to muster the courage to lie to the Swordsman. "I have my friends…."

"Oh, do you? Tell me, where are they? I don't see them anywhere, do you?"

"They're not here physically, but they're here spiritually. They're…always with me."

"May," said Yami, turning to the Coordinator. "About that…your brother…"

"His soul got sealed away by Mai, I know." said May. "What about Mokuba?"

"He's alright, but from the looks of it, he has no more power."

May slowly nodded her head as she looked at the mark on her hand. It was the music note that gave her the rank of the Goddess of Joy…she saw her, Max and Mokuba promising to save the world…now, there was only her.

"Guardian of the Sea, don't be sad." said Raphael. "Once I offer up my soul to the Great Leviathan, you'll have no need for those people who betrayed you. All you will need is me."

"She won't be going anywhere with you, Raphael." said Yami, grasping onto May's hand with his own. "You're going to have to go through me."

"Fine." said Raphael, approaching the spirit. "This will be your final duel; once I get rid of you, no one will be there to stop me from getting what I want."

"Yami," May whispered to the Pharaoh, pulling out a card from her deck. "Take this…"

Yami took the card in question and stared at it in surprise; it was the Claw of Hermos.

"You deserve it more than I do," said the Coordinator. "Please, use it to save the world. Use it to stop Raphael…use it to forgive me."

"Forgive you?" asked Yami. "For what?"

"Forgive me for causing all of this trouble." May explained. "If I didn't go out and take the Winged Dragon of Ra, we wouldn't be in this mess. I'm sorry…"

May said nothing more as Raphael and Yami soon stood head to head. They then shuffled their decks in silence. May stepped back and clasped her hands in prayer.

If anyone can hear me…. She said in her mind. Please…let there be someone who can save my friends…

Unbeknownst to her…someone did hear her prayer. The shadowy figure nodded his head and vanished from site.

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"There's too many of them!" said Tristan, as he, Téa and Mokuba were running from more soldiers. Kaiba told them to run as he attacked the others, slicing them away with his sword. The three were running through the alleys, trying their hardest to escape their situation.

I can do something… Mokuba thought to himself. No…I can't…most of my power was lost when Raphael sealed it away, and all I did was make Leviathan more powerful than before. I only wish I can….

The younger Kaiba was interrupted when he tripped on his shoelace and fell onto the ground. Tristan and Téa stopped and turned around.

"Mokuba, are you alright?" asked Téa. She went to help get Mokuba on his knees, but Tristan stopped her.

"We don't have time for this!" He said. "The longer we dawdle, the sooner those guys catch up to us!"

"Tristan, what is wrong with you?" asked Téa. "Mokuba's hurt and he needs our help!"

"He does, but we don't need his help! Who was the one who got us into his mess? Him and those two kids; I mean, half of this would've been gone if they never stuck their noses!"

"It's not like they had a choice; they're doing the best they can and friends of them were in danger!"

"They're causing the death of us! We should just leave him behind and…"

There was a growl not close by. Looking up, Tristan and Téa found an Orichalcos Soldier coming toward them. Mokuba, who was busy tying his shoe, did not notice the shadow over him.

"Mokuba!" Téa cried. "Behind you!"

"Just go on without me!" said Mokuba. "GO!"

"But Mokuba..."

Tristan grabbed onto the dancer's wrists.

"We have to get to Yugi." said Tristan. "We'll be fine..."

Téa wanted to retort, but Tristan began to run.

"Be careful, Mokuba!" Téa cried, before she was unable to be heard.

Mokuba turned around, seeing the giant monster about to strike. The young boy raised his hands, hoping that something would come and save him...

When a sword sliced through its body. With a powerful roar, it shattered into dust.

"What was that?" asked the Defender of the King.

Mokuba looked up, seeing Atem approach the three. Appearing behind him were Seth, Jouno and Kura.

"Atem!" Mokuba cried, rushing toward the Pharaoh. "Thank you..."

The Pharaoh was silent, raising a hand into the air. The Defender of the King flinched, waiting to endure the pain that would've been afflicted onto him...but the hand was then lowered.

"What are you waiting for?" asked Seth, his voice calm but kept in a dark growl. "You heard our Goddess of Joy."

"He heard, Priest." Kura snarled back. "But we must make sure the Defender wants this."

Jouno didn't say anything, but he just bit his lips and bowed his head. Mokuba just stared in confusion.

"What's going on?" He asked.

Atem sighed and closed his eyes.

"Defender of the King," The Pharaoh began. "The Goddess of Joy wishes to help you...but we want your approval on the matter."

"I just want to be able to help." Mokuba explained. "Please, grant me the power to help May and me save Khonsu and all of our friends who've been trapped by the Seal...and me so I can redeem...Alister..."

The last part was said in a whisper. The spirits turned to each other with looks of concern on their faces.

"I say we do it," said Kura. "We need an edge against those monsters."

"We aren't doing it," said Seth. "You felt how the darkness tainted us; how will it affect him?"

"Kura has a point, Seth." said Atem. "We need to do this."

"Jouno will be our tiebreaker." said the Priest. "What do you say?"

Jouno looked up, his amber eyes full of sorrow as he shook his head.

"Then we're at a stalemate." said Kura. "At this rate, the world will be destroyed."

"Then I'll break the tie!" said Mokuba. "Please, give me the power!"

The spirits turned to the Defender of the King. He was soon on his knees, offering his Duel Disk to the spirits.

"Let me have power..." He whispered. "Please..."

There was some hesitance from the spirits. Then, Atem nodded his head.

"All right," said the Pharaoh. "But listen very close, I shall not repeat this again. The magic we are about to give you is Chaos Magic. It is very unpredictable, and people who have wielded this magic succumb to the darkness in their own hearts. Right now, your heart is slowly becoming dark from the asking of this power.

"I don't know how this will affect you, but this boost of power shall only last until Khonsu and the rest of the Celestial Spirits return. Do you understand?"

"I do." said Mokuba. "Thank you, Pharaoh."

Atem nodded his head as the four spirits raised their arms into the air. A black orb of darkness was formed.

"Serpent of Chaos, Apep," Atem chanted. "We have found you a vessel; grant this torn vessel your blessing. Give him that power and let him accept it with grace and honor."

The black orb shot toward Mokuba's heart. The young boy grit his teeth in pain as the energy coursed through his body. It felt so welcoming though, as if the darkness was just a veil that protected his eyes from the sun's rays.

This's amazing... thought the Defender. I...I need it...please, let me use it to save May...let me save Max...let me use it to save the world!

With a powerful cry, Mokuba opened his eyes. They were shining gold with black slits.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

"May the best man win." said Raphael, his back turned to the Pharaoh. "And when I win, you'll be sealed away forever."

There was a smirk on his lips as storm clouds began to draw near the rooftop. May could feel the tension in the air as she swallowed a lump in her throat.

"I'm going to enjoy this." Raphael added, laughing in some sort of sadistic glee. The Duel Disks activated and the duel commenced.

There has to be…something I can do to stop this. May thought to herself. What am I missing? There has to be something more in Raphael's past that could help me. What is it though? He said that he was separated from his family when he was younger, and that the only family he had were the monsters in his deck. He said he met up with the Guardian of the Sea when he was younger…maybe the key to solving this mystery revolves around her.

May drew a card from her deck and stared at it. It was Atem, the Ancient Pharaoh. Closing her eyes, she placed the card close to her heart.

Atem… said the Coordinator. What do you know about the Guardian of the Sea? Did she exist? Or was she only a figment of my ancestor's imagination?

Goddess of Joy… Atem replied. I do not know how to answer that question; the Guardian of the Sea was something that Hara wanted to be. However…


I do know that Rael was obsessed with the legend of the Guardian of the Sea. Hara never revealed her real name in his presence, perhaps so she can keep up the illusion that she was the Guardian of the Sea. Then, once she realized how much pain it was causing...that was when she started to have second thoughts.

How is this going to help me?

You are not the Guardian of the Sea. You are who you are. You and Hara are two separate people, and you must make Raphael notice this.

May nodded her head as she saw the situation. Raphael drew a card from his deck and placed it into his Duel Disk. It revealed a woman with blue hair grasping onto a glowing orb of power. It read, "Guardian Treasure."

"This card allows me to draw two new cards as long as I discard the five cards I have right now." Raphael explained to his opponent. "It also allows me to draw two more cards during my Draw Phase from now on, as long as it's on the field."

He must be planning on using it to summon the Seal of Orichalcos. May thought to herself, seeing Raphael discard his hand. Drawing another card like that means it gives him higher chances of drawing the Orichalcos at exactly the right time...Yami, please be careful.

"Next, I'll summon my trusty Backup Gardna in Defense Mode." Raphael continued.

Appearing on the field was a blue skinned monster with along red mane of hair. It had kneepads with a sharp spike going through them, and bandages were wrapped around its arms. (500/2200)

"Then I'll place one card facedown, and give you a shot."

"Very well, then," said Yami, noticing that Raphael was now down to three cards in his hand. He drew a card, placing it onto the tray. "I call upon my Queen's Knight in Defense Mode."

Appearing on the spirit's side of the field was the blonde, red armored warrior, decorated with the symbols of card suites. (1500/1600)

"That ends my turn." said Yami. He mentally noted that Raphael did not immediately play the Orichalcos on his first time...was Raphael toying with him? Perhaps he was...

"Is that all you got?" asked Raphael, drawing two card. "How sad."

He smirked.

"This should be fun; it's time to remind you why I already crushed you once. Remember my Gravity Axe?"

A huge two bladed axe fell from the heavens. Appearing after it was a giant dinosaur warrior in a yellow vest, its red eyes scanning the field. (2500/1000)

"And don't forget, thanks to my Guardian's weapon, he gains an extra 500 Attack points!"

Raphael laughed as Guardian Grarl picked up his weapon, his Attack Score now equal to one on a Blue Eyes White Dragon. (2500/1000) -) (3000/1000)

"Guardian Grarl, attack and destroy his Queen's Knight!"

Guardian Grarl leapt into the air and sliced Queen's Knight in half. Luckily for Yami, she was in Defense Mode.

"Your monster is gone as a pitiful reminder of a guardian you lost." Raphael smirked. "You pulled the Guardian of the Sea away from me, and I'll pull your soul away from your body!

"Until then, that's enough punishment for now."

"Good." Yami stated, drawing a card. "Because I;m activating my Monster Reborn Card, which I'll use to summon my Queen's Knight back onto the field!"

Yami played the Magic Card onto the field. The Magic Card was replaced with Queen's Knight, shield and sword in hand. (1500/1600)

"Then I'll summon my King's Knight and activate his special ability! Since both King and Queen's Knight are on the field, I am able to complete my Royal Trio by summoning Jack's Knight in Attack Mode!"

Summoned onto the field was a man with blonde hair and a beard, dressed in yellow and orange armor. He too was wielding a sword and shield in hand. (1600/1500)

Jack's Knight appeared between both King's Knight and Queen's Knight. He was younger than both the King and Queen and wore bright blue and black armor. His shield had a yellow cross and a green gem in hand while he stared at Raphael with anger. (1900/1000)

"That's amazing!" May gasped. "Yami was able to summon three monsters onto the field in one turn!"

"I'm not done yet." Yami added, revealing a card to his opponent. "I'm playing Brave Attack!"

Raphael stepped back when he saw the card. Depicting a Gazelle, King of Mythical Beasts, Obnoxious Celtic Guardian and Buster Blader in some sort of addition equation, it was seen to power up a blue version of either Swamp Battleguard or Lava Battleguard. It was used to destroy Obelisk when it combined the Magnet Warriors when Yami fought Grerimo.

"By sacrificing my monsters, I can combine their attack scores to destroy your Guardian." Yami explained.

"I see you haven't learned from our last battle." Raphael replied with a smirk. "Especially since this was the exact move that did you in."

"Raphael, it's time for me to teach you a lesson about teamwork!"

"You tell him, Yami!" said May. "Stop him!"

"Silence!" Raphael barked. "Don't you dare cheer for the enemy, Guardian of the Sea."

May clenched her fists, but she didn't reply to Raphael's statement.

"Just watch as my three monsters work together in a unifying attack!" said Yami. "Now my Knights, destroy his monster with Triple Majestic Slash!"

The three knights rushed toward the kneeling Guardian Grarl, ready to slice it to pieces.

"Not so fast, Pharaoh!" said Raphael. "I activate Guardian Force!"

The Trap Card lifted, revealing a blast of wind being deflected by a large barrier surrounding a shadowy figure.

"This card deactivates any Magic Card I long as there aren't any Guardian monsters in my graveyard!"

With Brave Attack gone, the Knights soon backed off from Grarl and returned to Yami's side of the field.

Darn it... May thought to herself. Raphael knew that was coming; if he didn't play that card, He would've lost 2000 lifepoints from the whole ordeal!

Raphael drew two cards from his deck. He then placed one into his Duel Disk.

"I play Butterfly Dagger!" Raphael announced. "And with it, I equip it to Backup Gardna to give it 300 extra Attack Points!"

Descending onto the field, was a green dagger with a red and yellow butterfly on the hilt. Backup Gardna grasped onto it and his Attack Score went up to 800.

"It also allows me to summon my Guardian Elma onto the field!"

A new Guardian was summoned. It was female with shorted red hair and a green and blue top similar to a butterfly. It also had red shorts, boots and a large strip of white cloth behind her. (1300/1200)

Wait... May said to herself. That monster...looks familiar...

Her eyes widened when she recalled Raphael back on the plane. Aside from Guardian Kay'est, there was also Guardian Elma...

Of course! thought May. Shadow summoned her to weaken Raphael! But something tells me, that there's more to this Guardian than what I see right now.

"With Guardian Elma on the field, I'll be able to bring back my Guardian Shield back on the field." said Raphael. "And you know what? I'll let my Guardian Elma equip it."

The dagger soon appeared in Guardian Elma's hands, increasing her Attack Score to 1600.

"Plus my Backup Gardna's special ability activates," Raphael continued. "With it I'll transfer Butterfly Dagger back into Elma's hands."

The dagger vanished from Backup Gardna's hands into Elma's. The female Guardian's attack score went up to 1900.

"Now Elma, attack that Queen's Knight! Grarl, destroy King's Knight with Gravity Axe."

With that cry, Elma leaped into the air, before curling into a front flip. With a single slash, the dagger destroyed Queen's Knight. Then, it was followed with a horizontal slash from the axe, slicing King's Knight into two pieces. With them destroyed, Yami was down to 2,500 lifepoints.

1500 lifepoints taken away in one turn? May thought. This isn't good...

"One puny knight separates me and the rest of your lifepoints." said Raphael. "What are you gonna do now, Pharaoh?"

Yami drew a card in return.

"I'll activate my Magic Card, Five Star Twilight!" He announced. "By sacrificing my Jack's Knight, I'll be able to summon the Five Kuriboh Brothers!"

Jack's Knight vanished, and was replaced with five stars of light. When the light dispersed, it revealed the five colored Kuribohs. (300/200 x5)

"Kuri! Kuri!" The fiends chirped.

"I'm so scared," Raphael replied sarcastically.

"By sending one Trap Card to my graveyard, I can activate their special ability." Yami continued. "So attack, Kuriball!"

The five Kuribohs rolled into balls as the White Kuriboh swallowed them up. With each gulp, it became bigger and bigger, until it eventually slammed head first into Guardian Grarl. The five then dispersed, taking away 1500 of Guardian Grarl's attack points.

"What did you just do to my Guardian?" Raphael exclaimed.

"He was weakened by my Kuriboh brothers," Yami answered. "And with it weakeaned, I'll attack with my formed Kuribabylon!"

The Kuriboh Brothers collided in a puff of smoke, revealing the larger dark blue, horned Kuriboh. (1500/200)

"That's not going to work, Pharaoh!" said May. "They're both tied in Attack Score!"

"The Guardian of the Sea is right," Raphael smirked. "Looks like your move was a waste."

"Who said that I was finished?" asked Yami. "I activate my Mystical Space Typhoon so I can destroy your Gravity Axe!"

"Oh no!" Raphael gasped.

"All right!" cried May.

A vortex of blue light destroyed Gravity Axe, dropping Grarl's attack score to a measly 1000.

"Now attack, Kuribabylon!" cried Yami. "Destroy his Guardian Grarl!"

Kuribabylon leaned forward and charged, its horn ready to pierce Grarl's heart.

"Elba, defend!" said Raphael.

Just as it was getting close, Guardian Elba jumped up and into the path of Kuribabylon's attack. The horn attacked her shield instead before it was destroyed.

"What?" asked May. "What just happened?"

"It's the effect of my Guardian Shield, Guardian of the Sea." Raphael explained. "It allows me to protect a monster from being destroyed if I send it to the graveyard. However, it costs me 500 lifepoints to use it."

To demonstrate, Raphael's lifepoints dropped all the way to 3500.

"I'll place one card facedown, and end my turn." said Yami.

With two cards left in his hand, Yami awaited the next move. There was some silence before Raphael began to speak.

"Guardian of the Sea, don't be so upset." He said to May. "I hold to much respect for you to be taken by the Pharaoh."

"Repsect for me?" asked May. "I can understand the respect for your monsters, but you have no sense of respect or personal space! You don't belong to the Orichalcos, you're your own person! Why are you even doing this? Dartz is just brainwashing you!"

"I'm following on my own accord. I am myself, and you are yourself. You are my answer to everything that I have been searching for, and I'm not going to let go of it so easily."

"I'm not some idol for you to gawk at! I'm just a girl!"

"SILENCE!" Raphael barked.

Lightning crashed as Raphael's eyes continued to glow that sickening Orichalcos green. He drew two cards from his deck, before smiling.

"What do you know?" He asked. "I've just drawn the tool that will cleanse the world of the Pharaoh once and for all."

"No..." Yami gasped. "You don't mean."

Raphael raised his arm into the air. The card he held in his hand was the Seal of Orichalcos.

"You can't play that card!" May cried. "Don't!"

Raphael ignored the cries as the field slot in his Duel Disk opened. He slipped the card in as another bolt of lightning cracked.

"RAPHAEL! HOW COULD YOU?" May exclaimed, seeing the Seal expand past Raphael's feet. "How...could you?"

0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Mokuba panted for breath as he fell to his knees. His hair covered his eyes as his whole body oozed with the newfound energy he gained. Atem looked up.

"I sense something is wrong." He noted. "We need to get going."

"Then let's." said the Defender of the King. "I need to help May."

"That monster is going to pay for the trouble he's caused." Seth growled. "He's going to be taken into Anubis for judgment."

"The Goddess of Joy is counting on us," said Kura. "We can't fail her now."

"..." Jouno just stayed silent.

Mokuba stood up, staring at his arms. Hieroglyphics tatted them, and two golden snakes were armlets around his arms. He closed his eyes as his weapons appeared in front of him. These weapon were two scimitars each with a yellow eye on the hilt, the blades dancing with energy. His tunic was the same, but he also had a golden collar with a snake in the center, and his eyes were outlined with black eyeliner. A golden snake crown topped his head.

"May," Mokuba whispered. "I'm coming for you..."

A low hiss caught his attention. The Defender knelt on one knee, a sign of obedience to the spirit harbored in his body. The shadow of the Chaos Serpent loomed overhead, flicking its forked tongue into the air.

I have a ssstrict policy over possessing the innocent... He hissed. I rather not take them; it would not ssseem right.

"I know you don't Apep, but this is an exception." Mokuba replied. "Now please, let's go save May."

I like that ssspirit...Khonsssu would've loved to hear that.

Mokuba nodded as he stood up. Apep vanished as a parade of Orichalcos soldiers marched toward the five. Each of them were covered with auras of darkness, signs to show that the Orichalcos was becoming stronger.

Mokuba glared at these monsters; they all held the darkness that took Max, Khonsu and Alister away from him. This was the power that caused May's heart to succumb into darkness. This was the same power that he intended to destroy.

"ATTACK!" He cried.

An Orichalcos Soldier charged toward Khonsu. Kura threw his dagger straight into the monster's heart, reverting it into a shard of Orichalcos stone.

Atem rushed toward with his scimitar. With a few swipes, he sliced two soldiers into dust. Seth and Jouno followed up with blasts of magic, incinerating the monsters.

Mokuba growled as one growled at him. Raising the swords into the air, the tips sparked with light and chaos magic. He jumped into the air, slashing diagonally with his new weapons. The monster fell with a weak roar.

"Monstersl ike you should be destroyed," The Defender hissed.

"We have to get moving." said Atem. "Our Goddess might be in danger."

Just as the pharaoh announced that, a cry was heard not far from them. The Defender of the King charged toward the sound, the direction in the opposite to where May was at.

Hang in there, May... Mokuba thought. We'll see you soon.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Kaiba panted for breath, a hand to his heart. The monsters kept coming toward him like flies to a carcass. With every slash of the sword, particles of green light escaped into the night. But with each monster destroyed, more of them flew toward him.

Damn it... He cursed. How many do I have to kill to get out of here?

A roar was heard from behind. The CEO turned around, seeing the sword of one such behemoth about to strike at the crown of his head.


A blast of black magic hit the back of the monster. With a roar, the monster disintegrated. Then, more blasts affected the other monsters, transforming them into a ring of dust surrounding Kaiba's feet.

Kaiba turned his eyes to see the eprson who saved him. It was a young boy wearing a top hat, a suit, and cape. A silver mask covered his eyes, but his hands was topped with a staff.

"Who are you supposd to be?" asked the Regent of Wisdom.


"A mute, huh? Whatever."

As the CEO walked off, Jirachi appeared in front of him. There was a look of worry and fear

Seto Kaiba...this careful of him! Jirachi's voice echoed.

"You're just imagining things, you fairy." Kaiba muttered. "We have to get going."

You don't understand...He's...Max...

Kaiba froze at the name before turning around. The small kid behind him was the Prince of Wisdom?

"All right," said Kaiba. "What do you want?"

"Revenge." Max hissed, lifting his head. "You took my power; I want it back!"

The eyes beneath the mask were glowing a deep blood red color. Even if Kaiba wasn't a real Chosen, he could somehow feel the power and anger radiating from the small boy.

"It's not like I wanted these powers in the first place." Kaiba stated. "I'm only using them to save the world."

"You're not worthy of my powers! Only I AM!"

Max raised his hands into the air. With a strike of lightning, a giant orb of darkness appeared in his hand.


Max hurled the orb toward his target as Kaiba dodged out of the way. A sword in his hand, the CEO began to charge toward his opponent.

Please be careful... said Jirachi. You might hurt him..

"Funny," Kaiba noted. "I don't think he cares."

Max snarled and brought out his staff, blocking a swinging arc that Kaiba brought the sword in. There was a clash as the two continued to fight. Sparks flew into the air, with each side proving equal to the other.

"How can you have my abilities so easily?" Max snarled. "I'm the Prince of Wisdom! NOT YOU!"

"Seems we agree on something," said Kaiba. "NOW GO AWAY!"

Kaiba's eyes seemed to glow with a power unheard from anyone else. When he raised his sword, it began to glow, slicing the cane in half. Max was defenseless...he smirked.

"I got you." He whispered.

Kaiba looked down as black tendrils of shadows seemed to wrap around his entire body. The sword from the CEO's hands was taken away and tossed onto the ground.

"What are you?" asked the CEO.

"I'm the one who's gonna take what's mine!" Max growled. "NOW DIE!"

"No, you die."

Max snarled and looked up, seeing a figure approaching him.

"Mokuba," Max snarled. "Nice look."

"I know," Mokuba noted, running a hand through his hair. "I kinda like it."

Kaiba craned his neck toward his younger brother, looking in shock. The innocent eyes of his brother were dull and empty, and a smile was replaced with a small frown. Instead of his white tunic, Mokuba was dressed in black.

"Always overshadowing me, I knew it." Max spat out. "Well two can play that game; I'll show you who's the most powerful!"

"Since when did you have those thoughts?" asked Mokuba.

"I've always fallen behind you two." Max hissed. "May has the spirits of Atem and his friends, you have the Moon God by your side, and what do I have? I only have magicians but no legacy!"

"Some people don't even want that on them, you know."

"I DO!" Max roared. "I'm not going to let myself be forgotten! I am the Prince of Wisdom; remember that!"

"I can't forget it when you scream it at such a short distance." Mokuba noted.

"Enough talk!" said Max. "DUEL ME!"

"That I can do."

The black tendrils that wrapped the CEO disappeared. He fell onto the ground with a grunt and stood up.

"What's going on here?" He asked.

"A rematch," Mokuba replied. "I let you win Max; do you remember?"

"I know." Max replied. "And this time I INTEND to make sure you lose."

"Bring it on."

At that, their Duel Disks turned on; the stage was set for another battle.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0

May: We're falling apart, aren't we? How did it come to this?

Mokuba: I can only think of one person: Dartz.

Max: Dartz gave me a chance to redeem myself; I'm taking it!

Mokuba: You're being blinded! Do you not see it?'

Max: Well why don't you see the defeat I hand you when I take your soul!

May: Next time, "Between my Brother and me" chapter 29-In the Midst of a Shattered Hope

Mokuba: I'm dueling to save you Max.

Max: Please; you need to look out for yourself before you consider helping me out.