The Perils of Fangorn
by SkyFire

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The Perils of Fangorn
by SkyFire

Part 12: Epilogue

**Two Weeks after Aragorn's Wedding**

Arwen stretched in bed, yawning, blinking still-sleepy eyes as she stared out over the large
bedchamber she shared with Aragorn. The soft grey pre-dawn light filled the room, spilling in
from the balcony windows.

With a sleepy smile, she turned over onto her side and looked over at her husband. The Kingship
suited him, she had thought more than once over the past two weeks. That didn't surprise her;
he'd always been a leader of Men. Be it Rangers or an entire country, it was merely a matter of

Her smile turned into a frown as her sleep-fogged mind registered that something just wasn't
right about how Aragorn was lying there on his side, facing away from her. But what was it?

Arwen's dark eyes swept slowly over him, searching for the source of her unease.

//There is no obvious blood or wounding. He does not appear to be injured. What is wrong,
then?// she thought. //Sleep-ruffled hair; softly curving shoulder; smooth, soft skin; small
waist; curving hips- What the-?//

Arwen lifted the sheet, peered at him again. Yes. His skin was different, softer and smoother
than before, with less muscle definition. He was smaller in stature than he had been when they
went to bed, and his proportions were not right. They were those of a-

Arwen flung back the sheets, grabbed hold of her bedmate by the shoulder and yanked them over to
face her. "Who are you and where is my-- Aragorn?!"

**Mirkwood, nearly a year after Legolas' return, shortly before his move to Ithilien**

"Legolas?" the somewhat frustrated voice called yet again, knocking once more on the prince's
door. "Legolas, come out! It is nearly time for us to hold court!"

From inside the room came a slightly off-sounding voice. "Just" -a small grunt- "give me a
moment to finish getting dressed, Father."

"Give you a moment? Legolas, I have been out here in the hallway for the last half-hour's worth
of moments! Come out! No, don't bother. This is my palace and I'm coming in."

Thranduil turned the handle, opened the door and went in, closing it behind him. He turned to
face his son, an exasperated smile on his lips. The smile froze, melted away.

Legolas stood before him, staring at his father in alarm. He was dressed in nothing but his
green leggings and low shoes, and his hands were occupied with the bandages he was wrapping about
his chest. Without his shirt and tunic on to offer concealment, the... additions... to his chest
were rather noticeable. "Father!"

"Legolas?!" Thranduil stared, then looked up to meet his son's -daughter's??- eyes. "By the
Valar, what happened to you?! How long have you been... been..." he waved at the other's form,
"like this?"

"Father, it is not always like this. It is only for three days each month... I-I... can
explain?" Legolas quickly finished wrapping her chest, put on shirt and tunic before going over
and pulling her father gently to a seat by the fireplace, taking the other seat for herself.

With her clothes on, if he hadn't known what to look for, Thranduil wouldn't have known that
anything was different with his... Legolas. "Speak."

"It started like this, Father...."

**The Lonely Mountain, shortly before Gimli's move to the Glittering Caves**

"Not again," Gimli moaned in frustration. Nearly a year had passed since he had returned to the
Mountain, and he *still* hadn't gotten used to the monthly 'change'. It seemed to him that every
time he turned around, *poof!* he was male, then *poof!* he wasn't.

But that wasn't the worst part.

With a heavy sigh, she pulled on her rich, heavy clothes, carefully combed and braided hair and
beard, then went out of her room and walked down the crowded hallway to breakfast.

She was greeted as she walked, most of the other dwarves giving her a simple 'Gimli' and a nod.

//Argh!!// she thought to herself as she walked. //It was one thing when I was away with the
remains of the Fellowship and none of the humans we encountered noticed that I was female. But
*dwarves* don't seem to know the difference either?! ARGH!!//


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