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Bella Swan – Ass Kicker


We were all hanging out in the dining room waiting for Emmett and Jacob's friends to arrive when the doorbell finally rang, "I'll let em in," I called out, "I wanna see what all he fuss is about."

When Emmett and Jacob told us that they wanted to have Emmett's brother Bella's birthday party at the house we said yes immediately because honestly speaking, we're a fraternity and any excuse to have a party right? But Jake made it clear that this girl was special and making her birthday special was a priority so we pulled out all the stops and even got a cake, something we had never done before.

When I pulled the door open I was rendered speechless for a few moments at the sight before me. Three ladies stood on the porch waiting to be let in. There was a tall blonde with blue eyes who looked immaculate from head to toe. It was obvious to me that this was Rosalie, Emmett's girlfriend. Next to her stood a tiny girl with spiky black hair and the greenest eyes I had ever seen, she was stunning. That had to be Edward's sister Alice, and then there was the third woman.

Something about her screamed special, this was not the caliber woman we usually had in this house. I immediately felt the need to protect her, provide for her, she deserved only the best that life had to offer and I felt a compulsion from deep within me to be her everything.

The little one spoke up, "Hi, were here to pick up Jacob and Emmett." Her voice sounded like windchimes blowing in a gentle breeze. This were no ordinary girls.

"Well hello beautiful ladies, my name is Demetri, come on in the guys are in the dining room waiting for you." I smiled wide and tried to be as welcoming as possible. I turned and began leading them down the hall while discreetly eavesdropping on their conversation which had me at the brink of full on guffaws at several points.

"Bella, better turn that frown upside down before your face freezes that way," Alice hissed.

"Whatever Alice, it's my birthday and I'll pout if I want to." Bella retorted causing me to press my lips together to keep from laughing at her immature but adorable response.

As we got closer to the dining room I stood to the side and gestured with my arm, "It's that second door on the left, have a good evening ladies nice to meet you." I smiled at them again and walked a little ways before stopping and waiting for them to go in while I continued to eavesdrop.

"You know Bella I am trying to figure out how even my Emo brother puts up with your ass, when you get into a snitty mood you suck the life out of the party," Alice snapped.

"You know what Alice, your brother doesn't have a problem with my ass, as a matter of fact, he doesn't have a problem with any of my body parts. He likes all my parts just fine and is quite partial to my ass in particular. He likes it from a distance, he likes it up close, in fact I think later I am going to ask him to have a private conversation with my ass as well as some of my other girly parts. Of course I can't tell you what he's going to say because he wont actually be talking during the conversation so mind your own damn business and keep your opinions to yourself ok!"

I smacked my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing and walked forward as the ladies walked through the door of the dining room. I made it to the doorway just in time for the grand reveal.


"Bella, show us your girly parts," someone shouted from the back making me want to laugh but I also felt compelled to punch the douche who dared to say something so disrespectful to Bella.

Edward came forward and wrapped his arms around her waist kissing her cheek and patting her ass. "Nice entrance Kitten." He murmured laughing softly. Bella buried her face in his chest shaking her head, "Oh no, this is so embarrassing." She moaned. I was disgustingly jealous of their intimate moment.

He bent over until he was eyelevel with her ass, "We'll talk later!" The room roared with laughter and people started to descend on Edward and Bella wishing her happy birthday.

A few hours later I found myself sitting at a round table in the rec room with Bella sitting on Edwards lap, Emmett, Jake and several other brothers playing quarters. Bella had mad fucking quarters skills, we were all getting drunk with the exception of Bella because she was beating our asses and Edward who was the designated driver.

The game had been in play for almost two hours when Bella made her shot again, "Jacob you're my bitch! Drink up sucka," She cried out clutching her stomach and laughing as Jacob eyed the full shot glass warily. "Jacob, if you puke you are a big giant pussy you know that right?" Jacob narrowed his eyes at Bella and pounded the shot slamming the glass on the table when it was empty.

"I would never give you the satisfaction Smella," Jacob slurred, I snickered at his nickname for her as she shot us both a dirty look while I lined up my shot and missed again even though I concentrated as hard as I could.

"You know Demetri, your kind of a disappointment as a frat boy. I mean, this should be your game shouldn't it?" Bella scoffed at me.

I looked at Emmett in disbelief, "Dude, she is fucking brutal," I said although secretly amused and turned on by her feistiness.

Emmett laughed, "I know, and you can't even say anything about it cause she can kick ass too".

I felt my eyes widen as I stared at Bella, she looked at me with a strange expression, "I gotta see that, Bella, kick my ass," I demanded.

"News flash Demetri, I have been kicking your ass for about 2 hours now," Bella snorted, touche.

"Ok, I'll take one more turn. If I make it you kick my ass yeah?" I bartered hopefully.

Bella rolled her eyes at me, "Ok but if you don't make it you chug the rest of that bottle."

I eyed the bottle feeling my face turn a little green for a second, "Deal," I said picking up the quarter. The room went silent as everyone looked on. I concentrated hard on the glass in front of me and after about a minute I flicked it bouncing it off the table and sending it straight into the glass. I shot out of my chair fists up in the air as the crowd that had gathered cheered for me.

Edward visibly tensed and I hoped there would be no altercations. Bella kissed his cheek and patted his leg, "Relax baby, we're just playing around." He studied her for moment and than grinned causing me to relax as well.

"Go kick his ass Kitten," Edward encouraged, I had to smirk, what the hell was this guy thinking?

I lead the way into the dining room where the guys had moved the table against the wall earlier to make room for the house full of guests we expected for the party.

"Now Bella, if you don't want to do this you don't have to. I'm 260 pounds and only 4% body fat," I said flexing a bicep and smiling at her.

Bella rolled her eyes and snorted at me, "I think that body fat is all located it your brain Demetri. Come and get me, take your best shot, I'll even leave my heels on to give you a better chance at survival." This girl is fucking priceless.

As much fun as I was having I didn't want to get in trouble later so I turned to Jacob eyebrows arched asking silently for permission. "Hey, enter at your own risk dude." Jacob said shaking his head at me.

She stood with her feet together, arms at her side in a strapless black and pink dress that made her look like a cross between sin and cotton candy. She looked the picture of innocence and frailty and I was suddenly afraid to hurt her and decided to play the clown. I walked over standing about a foot in front of Bella in kung fu slash ninja stance, she didn't laugh.

After a moment I shot my hand out with the intention of grabbing her and dipping her like we were ballroom dancing but somewhere my plan went awry. I had taken many hits playing sports and had been in my share of street fights but the pain that shot from my arm through my and shooting throughout my body temporarily paralyzing me and causing extreme panic.

The next thing I knew I was opening my eyes to find her standing over me smiling with her hot ass stiletto sandal in the middle of my chest. I'm not gonna lie, it took the opportunity to look up her dress and find that the little lady had a nice firm shapely little ass encased in lacy dark boy cut panties. It was worth getting my ass kicked to get the free look!

Next thing I knew she was running right for me with a huge smile on her face. I laughed and wrapped my arms around her when her body slammed into mine. She looked up at me and I could feel the pride radiating from every pore in my body.

She turned and ran slamming into Edward, the look on his face conveyed pride love, Bella looked sublimely happy.

"Come on Bella, one more time," I called once after picking myself up off the ground.

Bella and Edward had a very quiet conversation and then he nodded and smiled pushing her towards me. Bella came to stand in front of me again, this time I took her a little more seriously. I needed to disarm her but I would never dream of hurting her. I studied her for several moments working out a plan, after a moment I took a running start at her, a fraction of a second before I reached her Bella turned her back to me unexpectedly.

I wrapped my arms around her picking her up off of the ground. She used the momentum of my picking her up to bring her knee's up to her chest and then used the weight of her body to bring them back down to the ground. She shift in her weight through me off balance and she used that moment to pick up her foot and slam it into mine and that shit hurt like a mother fucker.

As I stood slightly hunched over and trying to get my bearings I noticed Emmett scoop her up from where she was kneeling in front of me, not in a sxy way. Emmett was laughing, "Whoa there Bella, we don't want his kids to be deformed ok," he said shooting me a look that said, 'You owe me'.

A beautiful smile spread across Bella's face and when Emmett set her down she went running at Edward again jumping into his arms and wrapping her legs around his waist kissing him hard on the lips. When they finally broke from their kiss Edward laughed heartily, "Bella, that was so fucking hot!" I couldn't agree more.

I watched in surprise as our chapter president Felix approached them "Bella, my name is Felix, I just wanted to introduce myself to you. I am the president of this chapter of Alpha Delta Phi". He held his hand out to shake, Bella kept her legs wrapped around Edward's waist as she took his hand and shook it shyly, "Bella Swan, nice to meet you".

Felix chuckled quietly; I stood there watching the exchange in disbelief, are you seriously telling me that this girl just kicked my ass in front of a room full of people but shied away from a face to face with Felix?

"Bella, we are an all male fraternity but I want you know, if I could, I would insist that you join today. You are fucking awesome," Felix declared.

Bella laughed, letting her eyes drop, "Thank you Felix". She said softly.

He shook his head still unable to comprehend her shyness and than turned to look around the room. "I am sure you all found that to be as extremely arousing as I did?" He called out to the room. The guys answered with catcalls and whistles, Bella buried her face into Edward's neck in embarrassment. "Well, I can't regulate your thoughts but I can tell you this. If I hear anyone speak in a disrespectful way about Miss Bella Swan there will be hell to pay first from me and I am sure Jake and Em will want a turn as well." He turned to look at Jacob and Emmett who stood side by side nodding.

"Bella, you are welcome in our house anytime". With that he nodded and reached for the hand of a stacked blond who's name I couldn't recall but remembered waking up next to sometime last month, they made their way to the keg together.

Bella and Edward had a quiet conversation kissing softly before Edward made eye contact with Emmett and then made his way to the door, Edward was still holding Bella as her legs were wrapped around his waist. As I watched them leave Jacob came and stood beside me, "Do I need to worry about you Demetri," he asked quietly.

I shook my head still staring at the now empty doorframe, "I can see that they are very happy together, I wont interfere with that. I will be waiting though, if he screws up even the tiniest bit I will be there waiting to fill in where he couldn't cut it," I said quietly.

"I'm glad to hear that D, cause I wont tolerate you making any trouble in her life what so ever. She is very important to me, I would hate for you to find out how important the hard way."

Jake and I stared into each other's eyes for several long minutes and I could see the seriousness of his message conveyed in the depths of his eyes. He would go to any lengths to protect her, what was it about this girl that brought out this caveman like reaction in all of the men around her? I nodded at Jake letting him know that I understood and then went looking for a temp, someone warm and soft, a brunette.


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