My Belle

Rating: T

Notes: For Croctober challenge, this began as the base for a potential multi-chapter story, instead I reworked it into this, which is 3 chapters.

Summary: Carly and Freddie end up taking multiple classes together. Will they learn to love? Creddie. Spam hinting.

"Sí, puedes ir." Miss Gomez, one of the Ridgeway High language spoke to her class. The class, including Freddie and Carly, quietly shuffled out into the hallways. The 2 teens made their way over to their locker area, to meet up with the final part of their group, Sam, who was in a different class in another area of the school.

"Ach du lieber!" signaled the entrance of Sam into the building. The young man leaned over to Carly, and with a smirk on his face he whispered, "at least she's finally learning something, and it's only taken her 8 months."

They exchanged a quick laugh before their eyes refocused on the girl stomping down the hallway.

"I HEARD THAT!" and Freddie squeaked, his smirk quickly changing to an expression not unlike a person who is about to rip off a band-aid, expecting pain to occur, readying themselves for it and hoping it won't last very long.

Freddie quickly closed his locker and hid behind Carly, who proceeded to roll her eyes. "Very manly Freddie, hiding behind Carly."

The hiding didn't work anyway. Before the blond girl could commence causing pain, he quickly blurted out "I'll buy you lunch if you don't hurt me!"

Sam stood there for a few seconds whilst holding him, then her face softened and her hands let go. "You're lucky I spent all my money on fat cakes already." The trio then walked out of the school, and the short distance to the cafe that served lunch for the older students and workers from the offices in the immediate area.

They entered, found a table and the 2 girls sat down whilst Freddie went to order. It didn't matter what Sam had eaten already that day, as long as Freddie was paying for it he was safe.

"This is much better than the green glop they give us at school, thank you Freddie." Carly told him as he sat down having made and paid for the order.

"Don't worry about it, since I was buying Sam's lunch, I should pay for you. Especially as you don't blackmail me or threaten to hurt me on a regular basis." The order arrived, Sam having requested as much as Carly and Freddie combined.

"I hate that stupid class." said Sam as she popped a handful of French fries in her mouth. "It's so boring, the teacher stands their droning on in a language I can't understand, I don't know anyone in the class." Sam interrupted herself to take a sip from her drink.

Freddie thought about opening his mouth to speak, decided against it, although he did shove some food in his mouth just in case the urge came back. Whilst he chewed in relative safety, Carly had no such qualms, "It was kinda your own fault anyway."

"You take that back!" Sam was indignant.

"Sam, you threw your bag at the bus when you didn't get to the stop in time."

"How was I supposed to know the bag would get hooked to the side mirror and the driver wouldn't notice. I got it back you know."

"That's not the point, it had your forms in it." Carly chided her friend.

"And my food. I had candy, chocolate, sandwiches, and half a dozen fat cakes in there." Sam pouted, reminded of everything that mysteriously disappeared in the time between the bag being recovered from the bus by the driver, and it being returned to her the next morning when she managed to arrive on time for once.

"You had weeks to hand them in." Freddie added unhelpfully.

"Fredweirdo, you might be paying for my lunch but that protection doesn't last long." Sam glared back.

Carly ended with "Now, because of that, you got given a random class instead of being able to choose."

"Thanks for the lecture mother."

Sam sighed, her mother wouldn't care. The only people who did care were sitting with her, with the one other person, working on a sculpture which would most likely explode or catch on fire once it was done. It would look sad to someone from a working family, but what was left of her true family wasn't much of a family at all, and Spencer, Carly and even Freddie were the closest things she had to a real family, and she loved them for it.

Her actual sister had done the smart thing and left their mother, and Sam herself, behind as soon as she could, but Carly was like her true sister. Spencer was.. something. Sam hadn't quite come to terms with what Spencer was to her, and what Sam was to Spencer, and that would need even more time to work out than anything.

Those feelings were confusing, and would cause untold damage and problems if revealed to anyone. For now they would be locked tight inside, pushed down until the appropriate time, if it ever came. Freddie was someone who was bundled in with Carly and Spencer, their long time next door neighbor, but they both cared about each other more than they admitted.

"How'd ya end up in the same class as widdle bitty Benson here?" she asked Carly before turning her gaze to the boy sitting opposite. "You hacked the school computer right, anything to spend more time with Carly. Admit it. They say the truth shall set you free. That never worked for me, or my mother, but for a goody 2 shoes like you, I bet it'll make you feel a lot better. You could've changed my class from random German to something fun, like nothing, or arts, or music. Bah. I should've objected on religious grounds." Freddie and Carly just rolled their eyes and looked at each other.

Sam knew there was something going on between them. They spent more time together now than her and Carly did, they even had their little secret language, but she was certain they weren't dating or fooling around together, as Carly would've told her, and Freddie would've inevitably blurted it out without thinking in response to a challenge or insult. Sam didn't know quite what was happening.

One thing she wouldn't do is get involved. It was up to them together to sort it out. Sam would talk with them if either of them wanting help figuring out what to do, even if it was Freddie, but playing matchmaker didn't interest her.

'If they get together then they get together, and I'll be happy if Carly is happy, and Freddie too I guess.'

"Better to be a goody 2 shoes than someone who can't even pick their classes on time, and I didn't hack anything. I didn't even tell Carly I was taking Spanish until after she told me. Plus I would never take the risk that you might end up in my music room, for the sake of everyone in it." Freddie thought that ought to keep her quiet for a moment. The language class had become something more than just another lesson, as they could often write notes or say something to each other, without Spencer, or Sam, or Ms Benson having a clue what they were talking about it. It was never anything bad, usually, but the giggling and laughter from the 2 made it something like a special in-joke that only Carly and Freddie could share with each other.

"Like you could play anything."

"I can play a heap of songs on the guitar nearly perfectly now, what about you, all you can do is break the drums in Rock Band." The guitar was simply another extension of his existing ability to use his hands, it was like learning to type, just with different keys, and a different outcome. Once he got the hang of it, it wasn't very hard at all, for the level he wanted to be at.

"I'd like to smash a guitar on your head right about now." Sam growled back at him.

Carly broke into the growing argument, "For your information, Spencer said it would be a good idea to broaden my horizons." Carly said, coming to the defense of Freddie whilst literally changing the subject, hoping to defuse a potential situation. The 2 girls kept talking about shoes and other girl stuff. Freddie just smiled and nodded, his head lulled to the side, allowing his mind to become lost in thought

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