Chapter Name: Music Sounds Better With You

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The iCarly trio had met up as promised, after school, at the Groovy Smoothie.

"Come on, will you play something for me Freddie?" Carly inquired whilst finishing up her smoothie.

"Not here, it's too embarrassing. I doubt the shop workers would appreciate it. And I don't want to give Sam the chance to do anything to me." He had visions of the guitar in the case beside him being grabbed off him, raised over his head then slammed down on him like he was in a TV show. "I'm not very good anyway, I took this home to practice with over the weekend." Freddie looked away at Sam, who was coming back in after taking a phone call.

"I gotta go, that was my mother, apparently she fell down the stairs outside the mall and got a concussion." Sam appeared unperturbed, like that sort of thing happened on a regular basis to everyone.

Carly and Freddie both looked up in concern. "No worries guys, it's coolio, they just took her to the hospital for observation. I need to go collect her to make sure she doesn't fall over on the way home, we will go out tomorrow, promise?" Sam got up, hugged Carly, and bounded out of the shop.

"Yeah, definitely, bye Sam."

"Goodbye to you too." Freddie got up, and threw 4 empty cups, one his, one for Carly, and 2 for Sam into the trash.

"I'm going to get one for Spencer, after that we can leave, okay?"


"He won't be back for a while, he's going to some fancy art gallery for some new exhibition from Europe." But everyone likes a smoothie surprise right, Carly thought to herself as she went up to the counter. 'Time to put my game face on.'

"One Strawberry Surprise please. Large. No corn. No pickles. No bagels. No cheese. No anything but a smoothie, so help me god or there will be hell to pay I promise you." Carly looked the worker manning the register square in the eyes, narrowing them as a guarantee that if her requirements weren't followed, that there would be trouble.

"No need to get sassy.." The worker cursed under his breath as he filled the cup, put the money in the register and turned on his heel to go back to work. They were out of meatloaf, again, he thought to himself. When he turned around the girl, and his companion were gone.

The girl and the companion reached the hallway outside their respective units. They lingered there for a moment, as neither door was unlocked.

'Tell him. Now. He needs to know. He won't wait forever.'

"Would you play something for me now?" Carly said, softly speaking her question to Freddie, hoping he wouldn't be spooked out.

"Really Carly, it's fine, I don't want to make you listen to me, I'm not that good anyway, if you want me to come over later, to watch tv or practice for the tests or whatever, just knock." Freddie looked down, fiddling with the lock. "Cya later." He opened the door, walked in, thew his bag on the ground and put the guitar on the couch next to the door, which he slumped in, disheartened by his own weakness.

Carly hated that Freddie, the one who dismissed his own abilities, who was far too insecure for someone as great a friend and person as he was, but she sighed in recognition that herself and Sam probably had as much to do with that as anyone else possibly could have. Carly had a much harder time to find her keys, as she had to deal with her school bag and books, a purse, and a cardboard tray with a smoothie in it. Carly placed the items on the ground slowly, fished around for her keys, and opened the door with a kick.

'Why am I such a coward?'

Freddie heard the door across the hall slam shut. He sighed, grabbed the guitar, and started playing, one of the songs he was best at, his teacher was a particular fan of the group, and gave everyone, no matter what instrument, something of them to learn. He started singing. His singing wasn't particularly good, but it wasn't bad. He kept the tune, and kept time with the music pretty easily.

Carly stood outside the door, as a gust of wind had slammed it shut, put the bag, the purse and the smoothie down again to prepare for a second effort to get inside, when she heard the soft strums of Freddie's guitar through the wall. Carly quietly and softly, walked up to the door and put her ear to it. Carly recognized the tune, from one of the bands Spencer listened to a lot, and she liked them as well. The first part of the song was normal, in English.

The second line was different to what it normally was, and not just because it was in Spanish.

"Carly, mi hermoso, Éstas son las palabras que van juntas bien..."

Carly knocked on the door. Carly turned around, got the door open again, and threw in her bag and purse, and finally put the smoothie on the ground just inside the door. She then turned around to wait for Freddie to open the door.

Freddie freaked out. He quickly sat up as if he had been caught doing something shameful, stepped away from the guitar, then looked through the peephole, to see Carly standing there. He opened the door, to see Carly shyly smiling at him, looking as beautiful as ever.

He wanted to apologise, to say he won't do it again, but before he could open his mouth she spoke to him first, "I heard you playing, I didn't mean to, the door shut itself before I could pick everything back up, then I heard you. It was beautiful." Freddie remained speechless, only a growing redness in his face betraying his emotions.

Carly put her hands on Freddie's chest, pushed him inside. Carly sat down, moved the guitar, and patted the seat next to her, Freddie sat down, picked up his guitar. The sun was beginning to set, golden sunlight falling upon them as it shined through the window, matching the now orange sky perfectly.

"Play that song for me."

"Really?" Freddie looked back at Carly and didn't quite know what to say.

"Yes, I want to hear you sing it to me, not just about me. Keep it the same way you did it before." now Carly was blushing as well, whilst looking deeply into his eyes.

Freddie started from the beginning, and quickly reached the line where he stopped when Carly knocked on the door. Freddie stopped, he wasn't sure what it would mean. He knew what the words said, but he wasn't sure what those would mean to her. He put his hands by his sides, and waited, he didn't quite know what to do.

Carly softly whispered in his ear, "Please, sing it for me.. for us." With that, Freddie breathed in deeply, if he couldn't say it now, he might not get another chance, and with her invocation of the word 'us' he was certain Carly wanted him to as well.

"I love you, I love you, I love you. That's all I want to say."

Freddie could barely hear himself sing it, he didn't even play the guitar, but Carly heard it crystal clear, and she pushed the guitar out of his hands, swept her arms around Freddie's neck, leaned in to embrace him, their weight shifting as he slid and fell into a nearly laying position on the couch, with Carly on top of him, their legs tangled together. Finally their lips meet, softly and sweetly, until Carly pushed her tongue out ever so slightly, drawing it over his lips, pushing just so, with Carly clearly asking for permission to enter.

Freddie refused, instead he began in earnest by pushing back against Carly, somehow both rough yet shy, his repressed passions breaking through, he demanded entry into her mouth and received it, her faint taste of strawberries mixing with his hint of mango, his tongue leading her a merry dance. Carly let out a gentle moan as Freddie lightly bit down on her bottom lip, his hand on her neck, touching, feeling, stroking her smooth skin, and playing with her hair, with the other hand brushing in waves along her back.

Carly whined ever so slightly in protest when Freddie withdrew, but her breath caught in her throat as he followed up by raining upon her a hail of kisses, three for her top lip, and two more for the bottom, then her jaw, cheeks, and finally she gasped and instinctively arched her body above Freddie when he nipped and sucked strongly on her neck, at the point where he could best feel her pulse racing.

Freddie kissed Carly up and down, a dozen times on either side, before he returned back to her supple pink lips and tasted her again, until they both stopped, completely out of air, looking deep into each other's eyes with a mixture of awe, bashfulness and desire to continue.

"Wow. That was amazing." Her last boyfriend just stuck his tongue right down her throat and kept it there. Wendy once mentioned she'd had some 'fun' with Freddie, but didn't think she meant just quite this.

Freddie dragged his hand through his hair, then scratched the back of his neck, "well, uh, Wendy helped me a little, she showed me some new stuff to do." Carly made a note to compliment Wendy on her teaching skills.

After waiting a few more minutes in an attempt to regain their composure, as well as their upright positions, Carly breathily turned to Freddie and spoke, "Start the song again. But don't sing." Carly picked up the guitar, and placed it back in his trembling hands. Carly's voice was angelic to Freddie, he had her sing a few times, for the show, or just randomly around the apartment, and wondered why she wasn't part of the school choir or a band, as Carly sung it the same way as he did, until Carly also reached the part where Freddy stopped, not because she wanted to stop, but because Carly was unsure if Freddie would stop again.

"We can stop now if you want, I wouldn't mind." Freddie sighed as he put the guitar back down, he had expected her to come to her senses, to realize what she was about to do and stop herself from making some kind of mistake. Freddie was giving Carly one final chance to leave, to go back to her apartment and break his heart forever. Carly simply fell harder, here Freddie was, after waiting so long, to finally reach out and take his heart's desire, yet to still be so concerned for her that he was willing to just give up on it like that, it touched Carly in a way that no-one else ever had.

"You got to me somehow, Freddie." It was torture, sitting with her, with the love of his life, waiting for her to for to say the words that would capture him forever.

"Tell me Carly, I need to hear you say it now, I can't take it any longer, not after this." Freddie's voice was trembling, his hands shaking severely, looking straight into her eyes.

Carly held him tight, as nobody had held him before, moved her face to mere inches above his, and spoke the words he wanted to hear.

"Te amo." Freddie heard, smiled, then their lips melted together again, but this time, it wasn't a kiss borne out of frustration, patience and overwhelming need, but one of devotion, tenderness and love. Carly shivered, as she allowed the knots in her stomach, those flittering butterflies that had been suppressed, to untwist, to fly freely, and shockingly to Carly, recognized the growth of a new, tingling sensation forming in that most intimate of places, brought on by Freddie.

Her Freddie, the young man she had waited too long to take hold of, his arms and hands roaming up, down and across her body, his mouth locked onto hers, his lips sweetly tickling her own, his tongue caressing her, and she resolved never to let him go again.

Freddie peered into her shimmering eyes, "I love you Carly, and no matter what happens, I'll always be there for you. I'm yours, forever."

"I love you Freddie, I'm sorry it took me so long." Tears were running down her cheek now, both from the thought of his pain in waiting for her, and his simple statement of undying love, rushing around her head.

Freddie reached up, and wiped her tears away, "Don't be sorry for me Carly, I would've waited forever, and it would've been worth it to be with you." Freddie locked their left hands together, their fingers intertwined, as Carly placed her head on his chest with her eyes closed, she could hear the rhythm of Freddie's heart beating, as he watched her body rise and fall with every breath.

Freddie reached over and caressed her face tenderly, as he placed a kiss on the top of her head. They stayed there, silent, taking in the moment, drinking it in, safe in each other's arms, and they both knew it was the best place in the world to be, with the one person they would always want to come back to.