Like usual, Russia sat at the counter, smiling as he admired China's slender form as he cooked them breakfast.

Watching the smaller nation finish laying down the congee and Chinese donuts, Russia grabbed him by the waist, dragging him onto his lap.

"Aiyaaah, what are you doing aru?" China exclaimed, trying to struggle out of the Russians grasp.

China stiffened when he heard Russia whisper into his ear, "Can I have you for breakfast instead?"

The Chinese nation stared at him shocked for a moment before glancing away, a blush on his cheeks, "I-Ivan…I have something I want to tell you."

Russia began unknotting the apron from the other, "Hmm, tell me after I've 'eaten'."

"I'm pregnant aru."



"…You're a man…."

"People always did say I resembled a woman."

"…We're nations…we can't-"

"There are benefits to being an immortal," China shrugged.

He wrapped his arms around Russia's shoulders, looking at him with doe eyes, "Are you not happy, aru?"

Russia carefully set China back on the ground, "I need some vodka. Very, very strong vodka."

China sat back on the stool, smiling at Russia's back as he rummaged through the cabinet, "Don't drink too much. I want you to come with me to the doctor's later for a check up."

The shot glass crashed to the floor; China was too satisfied with himself to care, however. He was too busy enjoying the panicked look of the winter nation.

When Russia finds out the truth, there would be hell to pay, but it'll all be worth it. Not only would it teach him a lesson and tone down their sex life, China got to see his flustered face. Revenge was very sweet indeed.

Who knew pretending to be pregnant could be so fun?

EDIT: If I ever do write this out, Yao actually paid the doctor to say he was pregos when he mentioned to get a check up. How conniving Yao XD

A/N: I would usually post this in my blog because 1)it's not a finished story and 2) isn't up to my standard of writing but LOL this idea was so funny, I couldn't help but share it. I will flesh this out later (maybe) when I finish my other stories.

I got this idea when I read my waifu's RC comic about Yao being tired of Ivan's er…appetite for smex and right after I read that, I read a doujin about the seme dreaming about his uke popping out kids. Putting those two together, this idea came about XD

If no one got it, Yao basically wants to teach Ivan a lesson for wanting smut all the time by pretending to be pregnant. The scary thing is, LOL, people would actually believe him hahaha.