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"Ivan…," China slowly got up from the ground, his voice shaking, "Th-this is a joke right?"

He stared at the closed door, willing it to open. His vision was blurring, tears welling up in his eyes. "I said I was sorry….If this is a joke…stop it …." China wrapped his arms around himself to stop the trembling. "….it's not funny…."

This was a nightmare. He must be dreaming. This can't be happening. It wasn't happening. Russia wouldn't leave him. No, no, no, no!

But it was real.

The icy numbness seeping into his very bones made it all too apparent Russia was gone. Gone, gone, gone. He wanted to escape from the horrid reality, pretend none of this occurred, but the nauseating feeling in his stomach, the jabbing pain in his chest cruelly grounded him to reality.

He couldn't breathe, couldn't understand. How could things go so wrong? How could their bond break that easily? For something so stupid!

"Ivan…," China called out hoarsely, wanting at least to taste his name.

Tears were falling from his face freely, wracks of sobs clogging his throat.

"Ivan….," China cried out again a little louder, needing to have something of Russia's fill the emptiness inside him.

He took stumbled forward, his legs weak, his body weary. "Ivan…."


It's not going to end here….

It can't end here….

He won't let it!

"Ivan!" China ran for the door, wrenching it open…and ran right into Russia's chest.

"Aw~ How cute~ You were crying for me," Russia chuckled, encircling China's waist with his hands.

"Wha- How…You…Why…." China could only stare at Russia dumbfounded, remnants of tears still falling from his eyes.

Kissing away the salty liquid from the smaller man's face, Russia nuzzled their noses and laughed, "You're not the only one who's good at acting."

It took a full minute for China's stunned mind to comprehend what Russia said. When he did, he began beating the other nation's chest with his fists, yelling indignantly, "You! How could you do that! Do you know what I was going through! Stupid, Ivan! Stupid! Stupid! I hate you!"

Russia hoisted China up, wrapping the long legs around his waist and pinned the smaller nation none too lightly against the wall.

"Well, I hate you too," Russia whispered, his breath teasing seductively along China's lips, "Now you know how I felt when I found out you were playing me for a fool."

Immediately China's indignation flooded out of him. He didn't have the right to be mad. Eyes full of remorse, China cradled Russia's face in his hands, "I'm sorry."

"That's it?" Russia grounded their hips together, "I went through hell these past 2 months and all I get is a 'sorry'?"

China laughed, placing a quick kiss on the Russian's lips, "That enough?"

"Not even close." Russia crushed their lips together, forcing China's mouth open. He did not silently ask for permission, he demanded it as he plunged his tongue in, invading the other's mouth.

China whimpered slightly from the tiny stinging pain he felt when his head knocked against the wall, but he didn't complain. He submitted to Russia's rough handling since it was only right he do so. He held Russia close, his hands buried into silver-blond hair, his legs wrapping tighter around the other's waist. China sighed, feeling Russia's heat burning him. Yes…this was what was suppose to happen. He reached out to undo Russia's belt, but the larger nation grabbed his hand, stopping him.

"Wait," Russia panted heavily, ending their kiss, "not here."

Blushing from being caught being so wanton, China nodded mutely. He clutched onto Russia's shoulders, resting his head between the crook of the other's neck as Russia carried him off. He was content with letting Russia do as he pleased until he realized, they weren't heading for the bedroom.

"Uh…Ivan…the bedroom's that way?" China felt the need to point out the obvious.

Russia patted his little behind, reassuringly, "I know that, but we're not heading for the bedroom. We're going somewhere else."

Feeling a tad bit alarmed now, China asked, "Where are we going?"

"To Japan's place~"

China sat up in Russia's arms, gazing horrified into amused violet eyes. "Why are we going to Japan's?!"

Russia pinched his nose, giving it a little shake. "You didn't actually think I was going to forgive you that easily did you? Oh no, the fun is just starting~"


"Welcome to Maiden's Café, may I take your order, sir?" China said through gritted teeth.

"No, no, no," Russia lightly admonished, "You're suppose to say, 'Welcome back Master, is there anything you would like?'"

China stomped his feet, the frills of his maid dress bouncing up and down. "This is embarrassing, Ivan! I don't want to do this!"

"Shut up, you bastard!" England called from across the room as he walked out of the kitchen carrying a tray, "You dragged me into this. Alfred was just going to give me some love spanking but no, you have to give him this idea. This is all your fault!"

China turned his head around to glare at England, his twin pig tails whipping around, "If I have to go through this, I'm taking you down with me!"

"You damn gender-bender! Just because you like dressing up in this frill dress and thigh length stocking, doesn't mean I do! It's freezing my balls off!"

"What? I do not like dressing up like a girl! Plus, you're lying! I know you like- what's it called again- S&M! I bet you wear fishnets, dog collars all the time, and gags! It's not much different from a corset."

"It's completely different! You actually feel like a man! Here, I just feel like a transvestite! You actually look like a real girl in high heels. Which is why you could pull off lying to the whole world you were pregnant. Don't group me with you."

"Oh, yeah, who is getting more tips stuffed into their garter-belt? Certainly not me and," China stomped on Japan's face, "stop taking photos, Kiku!"

"I asked him to take them," Russia said sweetly, "to commemorate this beautiful day~"

"Oh, oh, oh," England pointed to China and laughed, "Somebody sure is kinky."

"Oh don't worry, Iggy, I'm having Japan post the pictures of you on the internet," Alfred mumbled through the mouthful of parfait.


Russia tugged on the hem of China's dress, "Yao~ You're suppose to be serving me right now."

China slapped the hand away, "As you can see, Master, the store is busy. You'll have to wait until I get the other orders done first."

Russia grabbed China's wrist and yanked him onto his lap.

"Wha-what are you doing?" China gasped. He would've gotten up, but Russia stuffed his mouth with a strawberry.

"You're my maid. No one else can order you around but me," Russia said with a smile. He snuck a hand beneath China's skirt, kneading the succulent thigh. "Now I command you to feed me, Yao, and maybe I'll forgive~"

China looked nervously around. Luckily the customers were distracted by England pummeling America with a serving tray and paid no heed to him and Russia.

"Wealy?" China mumbled through the fruit, already placing his arms around Russia's shoulders.


China began to slowly descend his head, when in the corner of his eye, he noticed a cow walk through the door.

"Oh, my God, Finland!" England yelled, "What are you doing here dressed up as a cow?"

A/N: I'll end it here. Anymore and the story will just drag on. Soooo am I giving out lollipops to anyone? Anyone guess the ending correctly? I would've given you guys the raep butt raep scene but that was too predictable and boring :/ It happened behind the scene while Ivan was convincing Yao to wear the maid clothes 8D

Brief explanations

1) Russia found out the truth the day of the baby shower. Prior to that morning, he had no idea. The baby shower was already planned ahead of time and so he could not cancel it. He found out because Yao was so guilty, he was mumbling in his sleep. He had planned to demand the truth from him after the baby shower but Belarus sort of ruined it. He just went along with the flow though.

2) Sweden and Finland went to Mt. Fuji because it was believed that was the place with the most UFO sightings. They have been there for over 3 days now with Finland dressed as a cow. He barely managed to escape and when he saw Yao through the glass window, he ran to them for help.

Anyway, I hoped you guys enjoyed the ending. I do read the reviews and so included things that WEREN"T planned from the beginning. I wrote in the kissy-kissy scene because people wanted make-up sex (but this story was never suppose to go beyond K rating) and USUK, and SuFin because people demanded know what happened to them. I hope everyone is happy with this.