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Title: Growing Pangs

Author: Jade-Max

Summary: Jack Bolton reflects on Troy's newly discovered singing talents after his son challenges him with the idea that he can be both a playmaker and a singer.


Growing Pangs

Where had he gone wrong?

Ever since Darbus had informed him that Troy could sing he hadn't believed it. I mean, his son was the basketball guy – totally committed and totally focused on one thing and one thing only. Basketball. He'd never been prouder than when his son had been voted the team Captain – and Troy had taken to the role like the natural leader he was.

And now this.

Troy had not only missed practice, but he was reclusive, avoiding the court at home, coming home late from school well beyond practice time and leaving early morning before normal kids even thought about getting up for school. He'd all but disappeared, or so the team had said, from free period work outs and was vanishing at lunch only to show for his afternoon classes just as the bell was ringing.

"But you're a playmaker - not a singer, right?"

"Did you ever think maybe I could be both?"

The look on Troy's face, the sincerity in his eyes when he'd asked that very question – before walking out on him – had said it all. His son had found another pass time that drew him almost as hard as Basketball; a pastime he hadn't felt inclined to share for some reason. Not only was Troy moving beyond Basketball, something he'd never dreamed would happen, but he was moving into an arena Jack was totally unfamiliar with. An arena Jack would have sworn his son was totally unfamiliar with.

Troy singing - with the Montez girl.

That was another curve ball he hadn't expected; finding Troy swinging the girl about like a play toy and looking as if he was enjoying it. Yes, his son was sixteen - so an interest in girls was to be expected - but he'd never dreamed one would be able to distract his son from something as crucial as the preparations for the Championship game.

His son had good taste - the Montez girl wasn't just cute, but truly beautiful – but she was interfering with a dream he and Troy had shared since Troy had been old enough to hold a ball. Troy playing on a team with a shot – just as he'd had – at the Championship. He hadn't thought anything would have been able to distract Troy from that goal.

Shaking his head, Jack Bolton picked up the ball Troy had dropped and headed for his office, trying to sort through everything he'd seen and heard since the school year had started again. His son had been distracted and gotten himself detention the first day back, missed free period workout and auditioned for Darbus' winter Musicale on the second, missed practice today – and now he suspected it was because of Gabriella that Troy's focus had suddenly disappeared.

No. That wasn't right. Troy was still practicing on his own, often hitting the court before he left for school and whatever he was doing before class and his game wasn't any worse than before. Except he didn't talk about Basketball anymore and his focus had shifted from complete absorption in the sport to something else.


Throwing his clipboard on his desk, Jack collapsed into his chair and stared at the clippings that lined his walls. The Wildcats – led by Troy – through this season with an impressive record. Undefeated, except in their first game against the Knights this year; and that had been the day Troy had been voted Team Captain. Troy had taken the Wildcats to the top of their game, encouraged them to practice at every free moment and pushed them to become what they were now.

A focused, driven, determined team that had a real shot at that Championship title – not because they'd only worked hard for it, but because they trusted each other like brothers.

Except Troy had lost that drive and focus since auditioning for that blasted Musicale.

Jack tilted his chair back to stare at the ceiling, the confrontation with his son and the Montez girl replaying over and over in his mind. The look on Troy's face from the beginning bothered him. First the awareness that he'd been caught, then the seeming excitement and the... the pride as he'd introduced Gabriella – and called him dad, not coach – and then the hurt that had followed.


True, he hadn't reacted well to the introduction; and Troy knew why. Anything and anyone who drew Troy away from Basketball at this key juncture was a threat. Troy's blessing and curse was to be team Captain; which meant everything he said, did or didn't do was scrutinized by the student body. It would affect his team and his reputation – and the way that the students would support them.

Still, Troy had look far more hurt than a simple introduction gone wrong should have caused. Picturing his son's expression, a clenching sensation grabbed him about the middle. Troy hadn't looked hurt - he'd looked let down; betrayed even.

It was the same look he'd worn when he'd proclaimed he could be both playmaker and singer; almost as if Jack had deceived him. And perhaps he had, his own words to his son earlier that week on the home court coming back to haunt him.

"What if you wanna try something really new and it's a total disaster and all your friends laugh at you?"

"Then maybe they're not really your friends."

And wasn't that what Jack had done? Laughed at him, made him feel like he wasn't good enough to go for something other than Basketball? Made his own son feel like he didn't have the right to do anything but hoops? He hoped not. Both he and Troy loved the game and it was something they shared evenly. Sure, being the coach's son couldn't be easy and he knew Troy practiced extra hard because of it, but Troy would have said something if he didn't want to play.

The relationship he had with his son was unique. They had the same interests, the same love of the same game and were closer than most fathers and sons usually were. He trusted that Troy would have said something if he'd… Jack stopped himself there.

Troy had said something, he just hadn't listened to what he was trying to say. He had been so focused on the upcoming Championship game that he'd just naturally assumed Troy would be too. He'd taken it for granted that Troy's discussions would all revolve around Basketball and that his concerns wouldn't stretch beyond that until after the game.

And look what it had brought him.

His son had tried to take a step out of the mold that he'd willingly stepped into when he'd tried out for the Basketball team and all Jack had done was ridicule and ignore him. He'd treated his own son in a fashion he'd sworn never too. Nausea roiled through his stomach and he swallowed to keep the bile down.

How could he fix this?

Troy had made it plain that Gabriella was important to him; she was the first girl he'd even been introduced to despite the fact his son was the team's Superstar. It was something that had never bothered Jack before; while his son was probably the most popular boy in school, he didn't date. Or rather, didn't date and inform him parents.

Jack had heard that Troy had been on a date or two, asked a cheerleader to an after party here or there, but his son had never introduced him to any of the girls. Sure, Jack knew them; they hung around all the time, but Troy had never made a point of introducing one of them to him – not as Troy's father anyway. He was always coach Bolton.

But not today. No, today he'd been introduced to Gabriella as Troy's dad – and reacted instead as both coach and father. Gabriella was a threat, a danger to the dream that Troy and his team had worked so hard for all season. Gabriella was a distraction that Troy couldn't afford, especially when it was her influence which caused him to miss practice.

Shaking his head, he straightened in his chair and flattened his palms on his desk. Troy had made it plain he wasn't just interested in Basketball anymore when he'd left the gym and while he didn't like it, Jack knew he had to accept it. His son was growing up and it was inevitable that he would discover girls; Troy's timing was simply awful.

With a sigh, Jack shook his head. He'd just have to trust his son to do the right thing.