Reviews for: Something More

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hms fan
2009-08-01 . chapter 1

loved it grate job

2008-12-23 . chapter 1

So wonderful...


2008-11-21 . chapter 1

that was soo cute. they so should have put that into the movie. awesome job!

2008-10-31 . chapter 1

Aw i love this. its so cute!

2008-10-31 . chapter 1

loved it!

2008-10-30 . chapter 1

Aw that's so cute! I loved how you managed to cover everything - Troy asking her out, telling the parents, catching up with the best friends - and you made it all work! Awesome story!

2008-08-31 . chapter 1

Wow. That was beautiful.

Love all ur HSM Missing Moments fics :D MORE soon i hope.

2008-08-31 . chapter 1

that was really beautiful and so not out of character

2008-08-30 . chapter 1

wow, this was great! You are an amazing writer! When I was in the middle of reading this, I had to stop because I had volleyballpractise, and trust me, I've never been more upset with practise, I just wanted to finish this. And I LOVE playng volleyball, so that says a little..

I absolutely loved this story, it was great!!

2008-08-29 . chapter 1

ohh mi godd
that was absolutely amazing :]]
u should soo continue it
a lot of people on fanfiction arent very good but this was great
kudos to you :]]
i loved it!!

Lily Topaz
2008-08-28 . chapter 1

aw sweet vry disney...
luved it!

2008-08-27 . chapter 1

beautiful :)
i never thought of their parents wondering about their sudden interest for singing... but it totally made sense :)
i love your style... you write wonderfully and your descriptions are perfect :)