Reviews for: Everyday

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hms fan
2009-07-31 . chapter 1

that was so beautiful grate job

2009-07-22 . chapter 1


2009-02-27 . chapter 1

loved it so cute! *tear*

2008-12-23 . chapter 1

Awe! i LOVED THIS... Wish we could of seen it though... GREAT!


2008-11-04 . chapter 1

Aw! That is so sweet! I love Troyella goodness :D Nice job!

2008-08-28 . chapter 1

Aww, so sweet, cute, adorable...just awesome!

2008-08-28 . chapter 1

AWW! that was so cute! I think this peice should have been in the movie!

2008-08-28 . chapter 1

this was such a cute story! loved it, really good job! =)

2008-08-27 . chapter 1

Great job. i did wish thy put this part in the movie. lol

Magical Meerkat
2008-08-27 . chapter 1

That was so brilliant, I think it was really in characters. loved it

2008-08-27 . chapter 1

yay :) i love this one the most, i think :P
because i hated how Gabriella just forgave Troy in the movie without him apologizing -.- it makes Gabriella seem dependant and naive i think :-/
this oneshot should have totally happened after "Everyday" in the movie :)
absolutely amazing! i love your resolution and conclusion to the conflict =)
let's hope that if Troy stuffs up in HSM3 (again-.-^^) he apologizes for real (without singing maybe :P )

2008-08-27 . chapter 1

that was adorable! loved it! really really great "deleted scene" lol