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Harry snuck out of the castle grounds and down the long path to Hogsmeade, under his invisibility cloak. He had made a promise to Jessie to visit her the day before Christmas, and he never broke a promise. He crept into the Three Broomsticks pub and waited until he was out of view before putting a knut in the box and taking some Floo powder, Flooing to Diagon Alley. When there, he put on a cap to hide his hair and scar and went up to the bar. "Excuse me, my house isn't connected to the Floo, is there a way to get home from here?" He asked in his most childish voice. The bartender, who Harry remembered was called Tom, smiled gently.

"Of course, kid, if you just go into the back Alley and hold out your wand hand, it will call the Knight Bus. You tell Stan, he's the conductor, where you want to go, and he'll take you there." He said. Harry nodded.

"Thank you sir." He said quickly before darting out the back of the shop, flinging his arm out and jumping back in shock as the large purple bus appeared. He rushed Stan through his speech and said

"I need to go to the play park in Little Whinging, Surrey, please." He said in a childish voice that had been perfected through the years. Stan nodded and 5 minutes later, Harry was walking towards the gate to the Park. He walked through the gates, and headed towards the swing set. Before he could reach the metal frame, however, he noticed a group of 4 men, one middle-aged, pudgy and bald, holding a bottle of what appeared to be whisky, which he quickly drained. The man standing next to Fatty, as Harry had labeled the obese man in his head, was tall and lean, with pale skin, glittering eyes the color of a stormy sea. He looked around 37, and had, long, straight white blonde hair flowing down to a little further than his shoulders. Harry recognized him. He was one of the men that occasionally rented him from Uncle Vernon, just for a few hours. His favourite torture was knives and rape. He didn't recognize him, though. Harry always went through the sessions with a black pillowcase over his head. But Harry would sometimes be bad, bad, boy and peek while Uncle Vernon negotiated. He knew he was a bad boy. If nobody wanted him, he had to be a bad boy!

The man, who Harry had christened Gray long ago, leant forward and whispered something into another man's ear. The man on the end of the ear was tall, with long brown hair. He laughed evilly as he listened to Gray. He then started calling out to Harry, along with the last man in the group. When their obscene words received no response, they began to walk determinedly toward Harry. Harry just sped up, hoping Jessie was there. But The men we're not to be discouraged, and the fourth man kept walking towards him. Harry was so frantic that he didn't notice Gray move away from the others, moving behind a tree near the swing set. Then one of the men grabbed him, and pushed him to the ground. On the way down, He hit his head on the side of the sandpit, effectively knocking him unconscious. The world went black.

When he awoke up, all he was aware of was pain. It felt as though he was being split in two from the base of his back, and he could feel blood running down his legs. Then he became aware that something was in his mouth, choking him. A white liquid filled his mouth, and then the thing blocking his mouth was removed, and he could hear a zip going up. He heard laughter, and then,

" There you go, whore. You could never refuse me." It was a arrogant drawl, which Harry knew from experience belonged to Gray. Then the quartet of criminals moved away and left the park. Unfortunately, or fortunately to anyone that wasn't Harry, that was the moment Jessie arrived.

"Harry, oh, god, Harry. Oh, Merlin, I need to get you to St. Mungo's." She said, terrified. Jessie searched through her purse, and pulled out her wand. She quickly summoned the Knight Bus, but not before casting a Glamour Charm on Harry. Who cared about underage magic in an emergency?!

They were on the bus for around 10 minutes before they arrived. Jessie quickly pulled Harry through the entrance and into the Foyer. Once there, she dropped the glamour on his injuries, but hid Harry's scar, eyes and facial features. His eyes were now blue and facial features near identical to Jessie's.

"Hello, how may I help you?" A female voice said coolly. Jessie turned to see a female healer, and tried to explain as best she could.

"Help, I need an help, my half-brother Harry is really injured, I think he was raped! He's got loads of deep cuts, looks like knife wounds, and I'm pretty sure his arm's broken. He's passed out and his pulse is real weak." She said, panicking. The healer immediately perked up, sensing the seriousness of the situation, and began to hurry Harry past the Lobby. She called for more healers, and then yelled back at Jessie, "Stay There!"

Another Healer came over to her, and began to question her.

"Who are you, and how do you know the victim?"

"Jessie Tyler, M'am, I'm his half sister. Will Harry be okay?" She lied nervously as she was ushered into a seat in the corridor.

"We'll do the best we can, kid. Can you tell us what happened?" The woman asked softly. Jessie recounted everything she saw and then what she did, while the woman, who she learned was called Annabel, wrote it down on a clipboard. She then hurried off, leaving Jessie alone in the Corrider, waiting. An hour later, the first Healer opened the door and slipped out quietly, causing Jessie's head to snap up. "Is he okay?" She asked anxiously.

"Physically, he'll be fine. Mentally, he'll get through with some help from his family." She said with a warm smile. "You can come see him if you like." Jessie immediately sped through the door and into the room pointed out to her, to find Harry smiling at him from the bed, looking a little shaken, but okay. She walked forward slowly and sat on the seat next to the bed, clasping one of his hands in her own.

"How you feeling?" She asked softly. Harry fidgeted with one hand and traced circles on Jessie's with his other.

"I'm fine. If it wasn't for you, I'd be dead by now. Thank you."

"Nonsense, Har, I wasn't just going to leave you there. And I know the 'I'm fine' is bullshit; I can see it in your eyes. What's wrong?" asked Jess. Harry blinked, stopping tears, and leant his head on Jess's shoulder.

"The doctors say I might get pregnant, males can get pregnant in this world, and that bastard didn't use any protection, and he apparently cast a pregnancy charm too. I've got nowhere to go, my uncle and aunt wont take me now. Jess, what am I gonna do? I don't want his baby." He sobbed quietly. Jessie brought an arm around his shoulders and held him tightly.

"Har, don't worry. you've got loads of money in a trust fund your parents left you, remember? The Dursleys don't know about it, you can buy a house. As for the baby, I think I may have a few ideas if there is one, I'll have to check something though." She said softly, both of them sitting in silence, drawing comfort from the other.

End Flashback

"Turns out I was pregnant. When I went back to school, in the school library, I found a book on potions. I brewed a paternity potion to switch the other real father's entire DNA with Jessie's. I glamoured myself. 9 months later, Daemon was born. Since then, I spend most of my summer time at a house I bought, while going back to the Dursleys every few days to check in, because otherwise the wards would fall. Jessie helped raise him mostly, she was home schooled in magic. I did my best when I was around, and employed Nannies. When he was old enough, Dae learned all about magic from me, I could tell he's a wizard. I told him stories of school. To the outside world, I was Jessie's half brother helping her raise a baby. Jessie knew that I didn't love her in that way, but I loved her as the older sister I never had. I told them all about Voldemort, the war, and said I wouldn't tell the world who they really were until Voldemort was dead. I told Ron and Hermione because I made them godparents. But, obviously, now Jessie's gone, I've got to bring Dae to the wizarding world, just to find someone to look after him when I'm at school. We're on our own now, aren't we bright eyes?" He said to Daemon, who had made his way back to his father's lap sometime during the story.

"Not 'lone, we gots friends." He said, doing a jerky gesture to the people around them, causing Harry to smile.

"He's right, you know, Har. We'll help look after him, he's family, you both are." Fred said seriously, with agreeing nods from the rest of the family.

"Thanks, guys. Dae, do you think we can live up to being Weasleys?" Harry asked jokingly. Daemon nodded and screwed up his eyes, the next moment, his hair was flaming red. Harry chuckled.

"Well, whadd'ya know, he's a metamorphmagus. Oh Merlin, save me please, if he learns to control it I'll never have peace." He prayed mockingly to the ceiling. A few people laughed and Dumbledore clapped his hands together.

Before anybody could say anything, however, a shocked gasp came from Hermione. "Oh god, Harry. You never told us about Gray. That's why you were terrified in Hagrid's cabin that night in Second Year. And in Flourish and Blotts, too. And why you hated Draco! Oh, Merlin, it all makes sense."

"Figured it out, huh?" But before Hermione could reply or anybody else could ask them what the hell he was talking about, he gave Daemon back to Hermione, asked her to distract him, and then turned to Snape. "So, Snape, now that the nearest whore happened to be your friend, Lucius Malfoy, and that he raped me, and had done so since as long as I can remember, How are you going? Feeling yet?" His eyes were narrowed, and he was staring at the black-robed man, wand hand twitching, attempting not to pull out his wand and blast his potions master into the next century.

But his eyes widened again when the only response he received was a quiet "How did you do it?" and a searching gaze. But as they stared at each other, people where staring at them. When Snape realized this, he stood, and swept panther-like out of the room. Harry came back to his senses, and noticed that Dumbledore was watching him, eyes twinkling almost sadly, and a caring look on his face. The rest of the Order began to speak again, and then the Headmaster became his normal twinkling self once more.

"Well, now that we've got that cleared up, I think it's time to get some well earned sleep. Goodnight." He said cheerily over the noise. People murmured a few goodnights to the others and left, so soon it was only Harry, Daemon, Sirius and Remus left in the kitchen. Sirius approached slowly, looking at the small body in his godson's arms.

"Merlin, this has been an eventful night." Harry muttered to himself, seemingly oblivious of the two men behind him until they each put a comforting hand on his shoulders.

"It'll be okay cub. You've got us, Daemon won't ever be alone." Remus whispered softly. Harry leant back into the touch and Daemon swivelled round to face him.

"Daddy, can I stay wif you tonight?" he asked quietly. Harry nodded.

"Course you can, bud. Siri, Rem, have you got a room for us? I'm really tired, I mean, so much has happened. I just need to sleep." He said wearily. Sirius nodded understandingly and picked Daemon up off Harry's lap.

"Hey little guy, how about we go find a room for you and Harry, huh?" Daemon nodded and giggled as Remus helped Harry up the stairs, and found a room across the hall from Sirius' and Remus' room. The room was still a little dusty, but a wave of Remus' wand fixed that.

"Sorry about the décor, cub. We'll clean it up tomorrow, and then you and Daemon can decorate." But before they could leave, a little voice said,

"G'night Grandpa, g'night Remy!" When they heard that, the last marauders came over to the bed where Daemon was sitting in his fathers lap. Sirius picked him up and both Moony and Padfoot hugged him.

"Goodnight to you too, little Bright Eyes! We'll have to start spoiling you soon."

"Pads! If I know Harry, then he's figured out a way to spoil him already. But we'll definitely help. He's already got us around his little finger." Remus chastened Sirius, but smiling lovingly as he did so and hugging Daemon.

"Too right there, Rem. Maybe I should show you Daemon's room." At they're confused look, he continued, "Come on, you remember, in the trunk."

Comprehension dawned on they're faces, but they shook they're heads. "No, Harry. That's yours and Daemon's Safe haven; I don't think Daemon would appreciate having two people he barely knows in there. And you need to grieve, or you'll end up like Siri here, with mental problems. Maybe tomorrow." Remus laughed and dodged the fist coming towards the back of his head, and began running around the room attempting to avoid Sirius, who was chasing him around the room. Eventually he caught him, pinning him to the floor.

"Got you!"

"You think?" And with that, Remus used his unfair advantage, and flipped them over. Then,

"Got YOU." And he lowered his head, and kissed the raven-haired man below him, lovingly. Neither heard Harry shift Daemon onto his lap, hugging him tight. But what they did notice was Harry whispering into Dae's ear,

"See, Bright Eyes, that's what love looks like. Maybe, if we're lucky, we'll end up with something like your Uncles have." Harry smiled gently when his godfathers looked up at him, before saying,

"Now, Goodnight, before you taint my little son's innocent eyes with something neither of us want to see."

The two older men laughed and went out the door, and Harry could tell that they would be using silencing charms tonight.

Just as he and Dae were settling down for bed, a knock came at his door. He settled Daemon down on the bed, then opened the door. To his shock their stood Draco Malfoy.

"Look, before you hex me, I was going to say that even if I didn't hate my parents before, then I definitely do now. Now feel free to hex me."

"Daddy! Pwease don't hurt him. He was nice, he said he was sowwy." Daemon was in front of Harry, hugging tight onto Draco's legs and looking at Harry beseechingly. Harry kneeled down in front of Daemon and reached out an arm to him, and then said in a soft voice,

"Don't worry, Pup, I'm not going to hurt Draco. I wasn't going to anyway, but even if I was I wouldn't do it if you asked me not to. I love you too much for that."

Draco was staring down at the raven-haired child, wide eyed. But then he kneeled down like Harry so he was eye level with the 3 year old.

" Thank you, Daemon."


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