So here is my NEW STORY!! By the name of:

Wind Girl

Ok, so not the best start to a second chance at life. Alice seemed all cheery bout this. I don't think that she knows just what chain of events her announcement has started. Edward sat next to me and pulled me onto his lap. I nuzzled my face into his neck and sighed. I had forgotten to close off my head and he had seen my opinion on this new girl.

"Darling, what's wrong with the new girl?" he asked concerned.

"Isabella Swan" Alice chirped in.

"Isabella?" Edward repeated to me. I nodded in his neck. I guess I can't hide it from them for much longer. The future has a way of getting its way. I didn't like this, not one bit.

"The future is…coming back for us-well me- and it's …complicated." I said into his stone neck. Now was my decision as to whether we stay or go. If we go, then there is no problem, and Bella gets Jacob. However if we stayed, there is a chance nothing would change. I mean, people have seen us together at school and I know about all the rejections that Edward has given out. None! That's right; Jessica Stanley made no move on him when she saw me publically deem him mine. I was very territorial over Edward when I knew there were slags around who wanted him for themselves. He always laughed at my reactions to the girls and told me he wasn't going anywhere. Well, that's what I hoped anyway.

"When is she coming Alice?" I asked tentatively.

"Two weeks 5 days." She said not understanding. I nodded and pulled Edward's hand. I toed him out to the garden and he understood as he threw me onto his back and he sent a small apologetic smile as one of my ribs cracked. I shrugged it off. It was nothing new. Last nights seven hours caused me a fractured wrist, a dislocated knee joint and various finger shaped bruises and scratches. Lucky I haven't ever been 'ripped' as it were. I know, gross but I love him for it, because each bruise shows that even though he loves me, our relationship has no restraint because it needs none. And if Breaking Dawn – Esme Isle- ever happens, he's going to have to show restraint. That's why he's better off with me. I'm perfect for him. We suit each other like ying and yang. We came to the lake now and I was well ready for it. Though I never mentioned it to Edward, the pool was like my contraception. When ever we…well afterwards id always go to the lake, because I was fertile, he was; do the math. So if I ever left it too long, then there was a possibility i would be the one to have Renesemee. Though I wouldn't call my child Renesemee; Maybe as a middle name.

Although I would be jazzed to have a little baby, I'm not sure how my fiancé felt about the matter. And besides, a child, for ever? Hmm, maybe if I one day find my maternal instincts I might.

But back to love. Our love was so amazing and it was the strongest in the household because of our mental connection. Jasper often sort of got entranced by us, because what he felt from us was so much different to what was given off by the rest of the house. When one of us moved, the other moved to almost like we gravitate ourselves around each other. We knew when something would anger of abruptly change the emotion of the other and our moods changed with it. Each love in the house is different. Carlisle and Esme's is quite understanding, and very happy gift wise.

"Esme Darling, I love you. Here's an island."

"Carlisle darling I love you. I'll name the island after myself"

Well it's not quite like that but you get the picture.

Emmett and Rosalie's relationship is very physical.

Alice and Jasper's relationship is emotional.

And mine and Edward's are all three. It's amazing.

Edward jumped into the water with me now in his arms and he tried not to look impressed when he saw all my damage was washed away with the ripples.

"Sydney-eh, never mind" he looked down. I heard his thoughts. I disagreed.

"Honey, this gift is never going to run out. It hasn't for 300 odd years, so why would it start now?" I sighed happily. He was so naïve sometimes. I put my palm to his cheek.

"Love?" he met my eyes. He was teasing me. My narrowed my eyes and splashed him. He swam to land, and I was still in the middle. I waved and went underwater. I saw a white thing swimming around me and I went to the surface. And he popped up behind me and made me jump. One of those rare occasions I would like to mention. I slapped him – breaking my hand, and kissed him.

We were a little late getting back to the house. About 4 hours late. I was starving. On the way back I took his finger and began sucking it. It was my own little lollipop. Back in Alaska I found that this finger in particular was like a sweet and so if I'm ever hungry I suck on it like a chuppa-chup. It always makes him laugh. And of course that sets off a battle with Emmett, which means that Rose slaps him and Edward Gags me. I speak anyway.

"Hey! Look who's got a girl sucking?" he boomed as we walked through the door.

"Hey!, look who hasn't" I said in a sarcastically enthusiastic voice back, he growled and Rose glared at me. I sent an apologizing look back.

"Well then you weren't me last night then" he said smug

"No I wasn't, I was me in cowboy, reverse, doggy, sailor." That was when Edward looked embarrassed and clamped his hand over my mouth. He wasn't so free about our physical relationship. Emmet was thinking hard and finally said. "You win" and he ran outside yelling "JASPER HUNTING".

I laughed and went to the kitchen – Edward still with his hand over my mouth so he was forced to follow. He released me and decided he would make my lunch/dinner. He made me an omlette and it was damn good. Through the door burst Esme and in her hand was four black covered books by the names of:


New Moon


Breaking Dawn

"NO!" I screamed and launched for the books. I got them and ran to the lounge and started ripping pages.

"Rose HELP" I yelled and she took the books and ripped them to shreds. Not even vampires could repair that damage. Esme was alarmed.

I looked fierce and dangerous – I never looked fierce and dangerous.

"Those. Books. Aren't. Allowed. In. The. House." I said low and strong. She nodded and was looking why she did something wrong. I got the dustpan and brush and began to sweep up the pieces of the paper and put them to the rubbish. This was my apology to Esme. In the past, my apologies have usually been more physical acts of sorry than verbal.

So Stephanie Meyer was already starting to influence the characters. Not on my watch.

Not. On. My. Watch.

Sorry for the rubbish opening chapter. Thoughts?