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Well after years of Romance Novel writing, it seems my younger sister has coned me into writing a fanfiction for her. Well... I have been writing this fanfiction for her for a few months now but she just asked me to upload it to about two days ago. Now the first thing that I want to make clear is that I don't trust many people since one of my most important novels I wrote was stolen from me by someone who use to be very close to my heart, and that submitting something I wrote even though it was only fanfiction, was extremely hard for me and I hope that someone out their doesn't prove my fears to be correct by stealing any part of this story for their own use.

Anyway, away from the past. I introduce to you the story for Naruto that I have been writing on request from my little sister. I originally wanted to go off on a complete tangent from the originally manga but my sister requested that I stay fairly close to begin with and have just one big change that impacts everything latter on. After talking with her we came to an agreement that I should have Naruto as a Kitsune Hanyou, and illustrate his life as a half-demon. Which is this story right here, which is currently at 108,268 words I just have to upload the rest of the chapters which I will on weekly updates.

Now most of you will really dislike my writing style as it is heavy on character development, which is a must for classic romance novels. However, after a little research from reading other fanfictions I believe I have significantly changed my writing style enough to what seems like a 'Fanfiction Style'. Anyway, if anyone has any questions about this fiction or my life you are free to enquire as you wish and I will do my best to reply.

Reviews are very welcomed as they will be a good indication on what the public thinks of my works.

Anyway, there was more that I wanted to say but I think I'll just leave it for the coming chapters.

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It came at midnight with little warning. Like a force of nature, it would destroy everything in its path until its anger was satisfied. And like any other force of nature, the Nine Tailed Fox seemed completely out of control as it leveled the landscape around it. Not a single thought was spared on the destruction it was causing. Its chakra was a bright blood and littered with emotions: emotions of hatred, fury and malice. The chakra blasted from the creature in impossible, knocking everything around it as if they were mere specks of dust caught in a hurricane.

Slowly walking towards the village, it began to thrash about even more then before. This caused its nine tails to further demolish the flora around it. Every Konoha ninja available above genin rank gathered at the south gate to defend there home against the invader. Although few that had gathered there were sure they could stall it, let alone defeat it.

Quicker then a blink of the eye, every Anbu and their Captain appeared before the nervous group of shinobi. It was expected that they would be this way, breaking the shinobi code that dictates that a ninja must have no emotions. The most cold-hearted assassins would cower in fear at the killer intent the beast was blasting at the populace. The pressure was so great that a great many ninja were having trouble breathing and a few were even reaching for their weapons preparing to take their own life to end the suffering, to end the pure rage that was beating down upon them.

The Anbu Captain also felt the pressure of the beast's enormous amount of fury. It was like there was an immeasurable amount of weight bearing down on his very soul, crushing it, grinding it into dust. Glancing around, he noticed that many of his fellow shinobi were also suffering heavily. If anyone were to look at the Anbu gathered, many would think that were unaffected by the demon's killer intent, as their masked faces showed nothing. The Captain knew his men well and could tell from the subtle movements of their bodies that they were terrified.

With a long sad sigh the Anbu Captain looked up into the eyes of those gathered before him. He knew many would die before the night was out. They all knew it too. Letting out another sigh he addressed all those in front of him: "Fellow shinobi! We of the Village Hidden in the Leaves have stood for over 100 years and fought many great battles which raged on for many years that have left both sides wounded. But, after every war, who is the first to regain their standings? Who is the first to launch a counter-strike that outsmarts our enemies? Who is the village that has the finest and strongest shinobi and is the greatest of the great five hidden villages?"

The ninja around the Captain looked up as he spoke those words. They weren't completely awe-inspiring, but it reminded some, especially those who had fought in wars, of what they were here for. They were here to defend their country, their village, their home. The Captain was pleased that he had at least gained their. "We are! We are the village that has survived through the toughest challenges and disasters and still lived. This is just one more challenge that we the ninja from the village Hidden in the Leaves must face, and we will face it head-on with courage and without regret! The Fourth Hokage has designed a way to stop the beast, but it will take time. Our mission is to stall the demon as long as possible so that we can give the Fourth enough time to finish his final preparations. We are shinobi and today we fight for our home! We fight for our way of life! We fight with the will of fire itself and for the future of our village so we will win! FOR KONAHA!" As the Anbu Captain yelled, he reached into his weapon pouch and withdrew three kunai in each hand, and ran in the direction of the approaching kitsune. The Anbu and his fellow ninja followed, all with a small look of determination and pride in their eyes.

The Fourth Hokage looked over his village from his office for the last time. All that he treasured, all that he loved, and all that he held precious was within this small part of the world. He was certainly willing to give up his life for it to remain safe. He looked over to the raging beast that his fellow shinobi were trying to keep the beast at bay. But if anything, they just angered it more. He looked at the fallen and falling shinobi and realized that he had better hurry up before it was too late and the village fell. The Fourth knew that he could never defeat the beast, but he could stop it. He could seal it away. Grabbing what he needed and his most precious object in the world he jumped out of the window, landing on the quickly summoned great toad boss, Gamabunta. He continued to observe the fox while Gamabunta placed his webbed hand on his sword.

Slowly pulling back the covers, he glanced down with eyes full of love and traces of sadness and regret at his most precious thing in the world, even more so than his beloved wife: his son. The little blond boy was silently sleeping in his father's arms without a care for or knowledge of the world around him. Silently the Fourth let a tear drop from his eye as he realized of what he was about to do to his son. The Fourth slowly began to perform the sequences of hand-signs needed for his latest and last jutsu. Before his jutsu was finished, however, he felt two very familiar chakra signatures heading towards him. He turned his head slowly and gave a sad smile to another two of the precious people in his life: his predecessor, Sarutobi, and his sensei, Jiraiya.

"Lord Hokage! Please reconsider this and let another do it for you. I would gratefully give up my life to allow you to live with your son. I am old and have already lived a happy life, yours has barely started." Sarutobi pleaded with the man whom he now saw as a grandson.

"Hey old man! What have I told you about calling me 'Lord Hokage?' It makes me sound old. And no, I cannot allow you to do it for me. I am the only one capable of performing this jutsu, and I will not have another be sacrificed instead of me. That's the Hokage's job. It's what I decided. I could never defeat the fox, but by sacrificing my life I can seal it. I will not allow anything to harm those precious to me." Sarutobi looked at his successor and gave a small chuckle.

"You know, Minato, you haven't changed a bit and you haven't allowed the title of Hokage to go to your head either. Regardless, I still should take your place. Think of your son. He will need you." Sarutobi again pleaded with Minato, but it looked like nothing would change his mind.

"You should listen to him, gaki, he's older then you and knows what he's on about. The villagers will not take this lightly and are bound to think of your son as the fox instead of the container. They will need your reassurance and he will need you as well." Jiraiya stepped forward to assist his sensei, as they both knew of the problems that this would cause Minato's son later on in life.

Minato shook his head at his 'father' and 'grandfather' and gave a small sigh before answering them. "You both should have a little more faith in the villagers, they will only see Naruto as a hero and their savior. They could never think so little of the one that protects them all day, every single day. And besides, I need you, Sarutobi, to tell Kushina-chan that I'm sorry, and that I love her with all my heart and soul." At this point both Jiraiya and Sarutobi faced their heads down to the ground and Minato instantly knew something was wrong. "What? What is it?"

Sarutobi slowly lifted his head and looked into his 'grandson's' eyes, almost breaking down into tears. "It's… it's Kushina. She… she died shortly after childbirth. The strain of the fox's charka in the village was just too much for her body. I'm sorry, Minato, she's gone." Sarutobi continued to look at his 'grandson's' eyes and could see a vast array of emotions flowing endlessly.

Minato looked down and his tears began to freefall from his face. Not only had his wife died but Naruto would lose both his mother and his father on his birth-night. Neither of them would get to raise him, teach him morals and the ways of a ninja, or see him grow up and possibly marry. They wouldn't get to see their grandchildren either. A massive roar from the fox quickly ended his thoughts and he turned quickly back to face it. It seemed to have noticed him and Gamabunta and actually looked excited. But Minato wouldn't allow it any satisfaction. Quickly finishing the last two hand-signs he turned to Jiraiya and Sarutobi once more and said:

"So long father, grandfather. I shall see you on the other side when you join my wife and me. Take good care of my son… and make sure he is loved and looked after well like he deserves." Turning to his son, woken thanks to the roar, Minato wiped the tears from his face and gave Naruto a gentle kiss on the forehead. He ruffled his thin, blond locks. Minato smiled at his son's small little chuckle, but that quickly turned to a frown when he felt his jutsu take hold. To him, it felt like his soul was being stabbed from behind. However, judging by the fox's roars, it felt even worse.

The beast's howling intensified as its charka began swirling around with force strong that blew away every ninja around it, as well as many houses and trees. They were like sand in a hurricane. Suddenly, a bright, white light surrounded Minato and spread through the entirety of Konoha and the Nine Tailed Fox. Then, as quickly as it came, it vanished, as did the fox. Cheers erupted from every remaining villager and ninja of Konoha. They didn't know how, but the Forth Hokage had defeated the fox and saved them all. They were all right in a way, but soon they would find out how much it actually cost him. Some turned to look for the Fourth Hokage atop Gamabunta's head, but all they found was a man screaming in pain and coughing up blood as he carefully clutched a small object wrapped in cloth that wailed just as loud as he.

Minato slowly stopped coughing and his pain began to ebb away. His death was near. As he fell on his back, he slowly cradled his son in his arms. By the sounds of it, his son must have endured as much if not more pain then he did. The boy was now unconscious and unmoving. He noticed that the seal he designed had worked and had appeared on his son's stomach. Ruffling his son's hair for the last time, he spoke with a raspy voice as he said his farewell.

"Goodbye my son… I'm sorry… I'm so sorry. I… I love you… my son…" And with his last words said his eyes closed and his rocking stopped. Minato, The Yellow Flash of Konoha, the Fourth Hokage, was dead.

Slowly coming out of the shock of realizing that his surrogate grandson was dead, Sarutobi walked towards the fallen Hokage. Checking Minato's body, his tears once again began to flow, as he found nothing to indicate life. Slowly moving his head over to the small bundle in Minato's arms, he gently lifted Naruto up and cradled him in his own. Jiraiya walked to his sensei and placed a comforting hand on his shoulders.

Without warning Sarutobi felt a great heat emerge from Naruto. It was so great he jumped back from shock and accidentally dropped the little infant. Naruto was stopped in mid air by a swirl of red charka. The hot charka quickly burnt through the cloth to reveal a squirming Naruto under them.

"Jiraiya! What is going on? Is the seal not holding?" Sarutobi yelled to his student. Jumping into action, Jiraiya landed beside Naruto and placed his hand in between the flames of red charka to check the seal on Naruto's stomach.

"He's… he's fine and so is the seal. But his body is violently reacting to the small amounts of the fox's charka that is supposed to leak through the seal. It has happened to many jinchuuriki before but never this severe. I don't know if his body will take it." Jiraiya explained to his sensei, quickly removing his now scorched arm from the flames. Jiraiya and Sarutobi watched in horror as Naruto thrashed violently, his body reacting to the massive quantities of the fox's charka.

"This shouldn't be happening Jiraiya! The seal should only allow a very minuet amount of the fox's charka to leak out! Not this much!" Sarutobi was sure something was wrong, but the look he saw in Jiraiya's eyes confirmed that it wasn't, which confused Sarutobi even more.

"This… this is a very minuet amount of the fox's charka. Think about it, sensei, the creatures charka is nearly limitless. I… I just hope that Naruto is able to survive. He has already lost too much tonight. We can't expect him to lose his own life as well." Jiraiya continued to stare at the thrashing Naruto, while clutching his still very burnt arm.

They both watched as the small infant, barely an hour old, screamed in a pained silence. He was subjected to more pain then most would feel in a lifetime. Then, without warning, the charka slowed almost to a crawl and spread about his body. The charka flowed quickly, then slowly, as it was absorbed back into the little baby's body. As it did, Naruto thrashed even more violently. After about ten minutes of this process, the charka gathered at three specific places: his head, his stomach and his rear. Sarutobi and Jiraiya continued to watch in horror as physical changes began on Naruto's body.

The first was three small whisker-like marks appearing on either side of his check. The second was teeth emerging and beging to sharpen and grow, especially his canines. His hair grew slightly longer and his nails grew and sharpened. Sarutobi and Jiraiya both watched as his ears began to just disappear. Within seconds his ears were completely gone, but what arose in their stead made Jiraiya almost lose his lust for young ladies and Sarutobi almost wish he were filling out paperwork. Two small fox ears grew atop young Naruto's head. They were reddish with light cream white tips. However, this was not the last change. At almost the same time, Naruto began to sprout a foxtail of the same colors. As his appendage finished its growth, the chakra that was flowing around and into him simply dissipated into thin air, leaving the newly-made hanyou, Naruto, to drop back on top of the chief toad's head.

His thrashing had ended and he had fallen unconscious from the pain. Compared to how he was before, he looked peaceful, as all newborns should be. Jiraiya was the first to recover from his shock and slowly walked towards the small boy. He placed his hand on the kid's neck and checked for a pulse. He sighed when he felt it, which was quiet strong too considering what had just transpired. He then proceeded to check Naruto's seal. It was still intact and completely undamaged. He cautiously picked Naruto up, cradling him carefully in his arms. "It seems we have the first hanyou since the tailed demons were first sought after, over 75 years ago." Jiraiya said with sadness.

Sarutobi, who had now also recovered from his shock, stood next to Jiraiya. They both jumped off Gamabunta's head and landed back in the Hokage tower.

"If you need the help of the toads with anything in the little brat's life, just let me know. I owe his father a great many debts and I would hate to see what he loved most, hated and despised by what he holds, and now sadly resembles." And with that said, the great chief toad returned to his home in a great puff of smoke.

Sarutobi now held Naruto and wept. He would hate to imagine what little Naruto's life would be like now. He brought the little hanyou close to his chest and gave him a grandfatherly hug. Naruto seemed to relax from the hug and gave a little babied sigh. "If only I could adopt you Naruto your life would be much better, but the stupid council would never allow it. You may have had a chance before, you may have only been ignored by the villagers and perhaps glared at occasionally… but… but now I would hate to think what your life would be like now." Sarutobi was busy trying to think of ways to help the poor little hanyou when Naruto began to stir.

Jiraiya and Sarutobi looked down at the stirring infant with sad eyes. Naruto slowly looked back at the two men and gave a little giggle when he felt Sarutobi's beard tickle his cheek. Sarutobi smiled at the child in his arms and watched him try to pull on his beard. He jumped quickly back when he felt something touch his stomach before realizing that it was the little hanyou's tail. It was twitching slightly back and forth, obviously showing that the child had little control over it. He reached under the child and lifted his tail up with one hand and rested it on the child's stomach. Naruto became instantly fascinated with the strange appendage and began to slightly tug on it. Sarutobi found himself enjoying the scene before him as it reminded him of his younger days with his own children.

Suddenly Naruto's fox ears twitched to the right quickly followed by his little head. Sarutobi marveled at how quickly the baby had function of his limbs. In just a few hours he could move his own head and hands as well as twitch his tail and ears. Sarutobi followed the direction of Naruto's face and couldn't see anything. Several minutes later he started to see civilians and ninja heading his way. Glancing down at Naruto then back at the crowd slowly gathering he sighed. "They are not going to like this, Jiraiya. They will order his death in revenge of those lost to the fox. They might even accuse Naruto of being the fox because he is a hanyou." Jiraiya looked at his sensei with a still pain in his eyes.

"Will you let them? Naruto never did anything to them, but they won't see him as a savior. They will hate and despise him and so will their children. What will you do?"

"I may not be allowed to adopt him myself, because the council won't allow it. But that doesn't mean I can't create a few laws to prevent him from suffering because of their blindness." Looking back down to the baby that was now almost asleep again in his arms he wished that there was more that he could do. "Lets just hope that you will be able to find happiness in your life, young Naruto. You would have had a much easier time before but not now. I will do what I can to help you, Naruto. I just wish your parents were here to help you were I can't." And with that he left, Jiraiya now holding Naruto, to go and explain to the village what had transpired tonight and of a few laws that he was going to enforce. "Maybe you had a little too much faith in the village, Minato."