Well this is my third story, and I wanted to a backstory about Phoenixstar and how she became the leader of her clan. Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the warriors belongs to Erin Hunter. I only own Phoenixstar, her family, and her clan.

"She's adorable,isn't she?" A firey colored queen asked her mate, a brown colored tom.

"Yes,she is. What should we name her Firefeather?"

Firefeather didn't speak for a few heartbeats,then said,"Phoenixkit,after the original you think that's a good name,Treetail?" Treetail looked down proudly at his only daughter.

"Yes,I think that's a wonderful name." Just then a brown colored queen started to stir.

"So you named her huh?Well I think she's very adorable."

"Thank you Mouseheart." My kit is destined for something great. She may even become Clan leader someday! StarClan what is my kit destined for? Firefeather thought as Phoenixkit slept soundly againsit her belly fur.

I know it's kinda short but I ran out of ideas for the first did you like it,hate it,or just plain out read and don't feel like reviewing a crappy story like this?