Chapter 4! Finally. Disclaimer: We already know that I own nothing other than PhoenixClan and it's members.

"Phoenixpaw, why are we doing this?" Nightpaw whispered to the orange apprentice. "Simple. I want to leave camp on my own and see the Moonpool for myself." She said. 'I'm far more than determined. I need to see it!' Phoenixpaw thought to herself. "What if we get caught?" Silverpaw asked. "Then we just run." Phoenixpaw bluntly said. "You're joking, right?" Oakpaw asked. "Nope." Phoenixpaw said. They ran towards the lake. They could easily find their way to the Moonpool that way.

Finally, they arrived at the lake. They could see an island there. "Hey, Silverpaw, I dare you to swim to that island." Phoenixpaw said. Silverpaw playfully pushed the orange apprentice. And she fell into the water. "Silverpaw!" Phoenixpaw said. "Sorry!" He quickly said. Phoenixpaw walked over to her group, grabbed Silverpaw by his scruff and dragged him into the water. "There, now we're even." The orange apprentice said.

Both of the soaked apprentices laughed lightly. The other three shooked their heads at the pair. "If you two ever become leader and deputy, PhoenixClan is doomed." Oakpaw joked. Phoenixpaw pushed him down into a small pile of leaves. When they reached a large tree, Applepaw stopped them. "I hear something." She said. They hid behind a bush. They saw a large white cat with black paws walk by them. He didn't seem to notice them.

"Good, he didn't see us." Phoenixpaw said when the cat left. "I think it's safe to keep going." The five silently crawled out of the bush. "Maybe we should try running halfway there for a bit." Oakpaw said. "That way we can probably get there faster." Phoenixpaw smiled. "That's a great idea, Oakpaw!" Applepaw said. So they took off. Their paws beat into the ground, turning up leaves.

Back in camp, however, everyone was panicking. The five apprentices departure had both confused and scaried the clan."Where are they?" Treetail yelled. "Phoenixpaw!" "Silverpaw!" Frostwing called. "Where are you?" Firefeather came running over to the two. "I've caught their scent!" She said to the two. They ran off in the direction of the scents. "We've lost the scent!" Treetail said. "But it leads into the lake." Frostwing backed up from the lake in fear. "Do... do you think they could have...?" Firefeather trailed off.

"No! No they couldn't have!" Frostwing said. But then he thought of something Phoenixpaw once told him when she was a kit. 'The Moonpool!' He realized. "The Moonpool! They went there!" Frostwing cried out. "Now why would they do that?" Treetail asked the deputy. "Phoenixpaw has been fascinated by stories of it and dragged along the other four with her!" The silver tom said. "Are you positive?" Firefeather asked.

"As positive as my fur is grey!" Frostwing said. They ran to Sunstar's den and told him. "Prepare a partol to find them." Sunstar said. Frostwing bowed his head. He ran to find Blacktalon eating a sparrow. "Blacktalon, you must help us find the apprentices!" Frostwing told him. "Why should I? They were annoying as kits and they're even more annoying now." The black tom said. Frostwing growled at him.

"Silverpaw is my son!" The silver and white deputy said. "I will not lose my only kit!" Blacktalon nodded and followed the deputy out of camp. "Where did they go?" He asked Frostwing. "To the Moonpool." He said.

Meanwhile, the apprentices had been traveling for nearly a full day and night. "Phoenixpaw, can we eat soon?" Oakpaw asked the orange she-cat. Phoenixpaw stopped, and nodded. They each caught their own prey. After scarfing it all down, they continued on. Around sunhigh, they were nearly at the Moonpool, as they had ran most of the way after eating. "We're almost there!" Phoenixpaw said happily.

They raced to the Moonpool. "It's beautiful." Applepaw said. Phoenixpaw walked foward. She looked at her reflection in the water. Silverpaw crouched down beside her. They could see themselves clearly. Suddenly, the water rippled. In place of the two apprentices, were the faces of two older cats, both appearing to hold some great responsibility and respect. The cat in place of Phoenixpaw looked like a tom, with the same green eyes. In place of Silverpaw was a she-cat. The two apprentices scrambled back.

"Who were they?" Silverpaw asked. "I'm, I'm not sure!" Phoenixpaw said. "What? Who'd you see?" Applepaw asked them. "I don't know!" Phoenixpaw said. "I think I saw me, but I'm not sure!" Nightpaw soothingly rubbed his head against her flank. "Calm down." He said. "I'm sure it was nothing." The other apprentices nodded. "Let's go home." Nightpaw said. Although, he became curious and looked into the Moonpool and saw a she-cat with his pelt.

"I saw a cat, too!" He exclaimed. "What?" Oakpaw asked. "Okay, let me look." He walked over to the Moonpool and looked in. He saw only his reflection. "I think you guys might be going crazy." Oakpaw said. "B-But we saw-" Silverpaw started. "You saw your reflections. Just calm down." Applepaw said. The three couldn't shake the feeling that they saw some cat other than themselves in the water.

They started off towards camp once more. They heard a movement about half way back to camp. Firefeather, Treetail, Frostwing and Blacktalon walked out of the shadows. "Father!" Phoenixpaw, Oakpaw, and Nightpaw said once they saw their fathers. "Mother!" Phoenixpaw said. They were all very frightened by the fact that the deputy had found them. "What were you five thinking?" Frostwing angrily asked them. The apprentices cringed back in fear. Frostwing was not above the harsh treatment of the five when it came to sneaking out of camp, let alone without any cat's knowing.

"You could have been killed!" Blacktalon said. "Then what we have done?" Firefeather asked them, a little softer than the warriors but just as firm. Phoenixpaw looked towards the ground, the sky her friends, anything but the stares of her parents. "We were very worried." Treetail said. "We're sorry but," Phoenixpaw tried to say but was interrupted by Frostwing. "No excuses!" He said. "Get back to camp, NOW!" The apprentices ran back to camp. They did not sleep in their nests that night, nor for the next few nights. They slept together in a corner in their den.

They were silent to every cat around them. They were afraid that if they spoke, it'd be something wrong. And they would be punished. They were quiet out of fear. Out of anger. Out of an unknown feeling. They had dreamless sleeps every night. The other apprentices said they twitched in their sleep. They didn't care. Their lives meant nothing anymore. None of them even wanted to be warriors anymore.

"I'm so sick and tired of this!" Phoenixpaw finally said after almost a half moon. "I'd rather run away and be a rouge!" Nightpaw shook his head. "No." He said strongly. "We can't. PhoenixClan is our home." Silverpaw growled at the other. "And we can run away from it!" He said angrily. He had begun to pick up on his father's anger streak. "The other apprentices have already been made warriors, and we're still stuck as apprentices!" Oakpaw said. Applepaw looked into Nightpaw's eyes. He was loyal to the clan. They all were. They just believed they were being treated unfairly.

"Nightpaw, listen to me." Applepaw said. "My own fatherlooks at me with anger. I feel betrayed by my clan." Nightpaw scowled at her. "I feel betrayed too. But I cannot abandon my clan." He said. "Then goodbye." Oakpaw said to his brother. "I'm leaving." With that said, Oakpaw left the apprentices den, followed closely by Phoenixpaw, Silverpaw, and Applepaw. Nightpaw stayed behind a little longer. He left the den and watched his friends and brother leave PhoenixClan.

"Now I feel betrayed by my own friends." The dark tigerstriped apprentice said in defeat. He quietly walked back to his nest, alone and cold. The next morning he was woken up by Frostwing. "Where are they?" He yelled at the apprentice. "I don't know." Nightpaw said. "I didn't want to go with them." Frostwing sent him a cold glare, which he returned with full power. "You will help us look for them." The silver deputy said. "No." Nightpaw said. "I don't ever want to see them again. If they want to be loners or rouges or...or even kittypets, then let them. If they don't want to be warriors, fine by me."

Frostwing stood shocked in the entrance to the den. This young tom had been friends with his son since they were nothing more than mewling kits, and now he was saying he didn't care what happened to him or the others. "Some kind of friend you are." Frostwing said coolly. "Some kinds of friends they are." Nightpaw countered. "They thought you were hurting them." Frostwing angrily turned to look at the cat. "They left camp without permission! Twice if you include now! You even did it!" He hissed. Nightpaw stood from his nest and walked away from the den. "And the biggest problem is that they're still loyal to PhoenixClan. The clan that shunned them." Nightpaw said. "That shunned us." He corrected a heartbeat later. "We don't deserve to be loyal, even though we are." Nightpaw sprinted away, out of camp, following the stale scent of PhoenixClan.

Not long after, he found his friends, still on PhoenixClan territory. "We were waiting for you, Nightpaw." Phoenixpaw said. Nightpaw nodded and walked close to his brother. "Where are we going?" He asked. "Anywhere but here." Applepaw said. "I know my father will send patrols looking for us." Silverpaw said, staring at the ground. "And I know he'll be with them." Phoenixpaw looked away from the silver apprentice. "Then let's get going." She said. "Fine, because I never want to see my father again." Silverpaw said with disgust in his voice.

The apprentices ran off. They had no clue where they were heading. They just knew that they were leaving, and going somewhere far away from PhoenixClan. As they bounded up a small hill, Phoenixpaw stopped at the top. She could see cats looking around in PhoenixClan territory. She wailed and they looked up. The other apprentices came back up the hill, looking at the patrol. Silverpaw could easily see his father. He could ever see their leader.

"PhoenixClan has shunned us." Phoenixpaw loudly called to the patrol. "So we're shunning PhoenixClan." Silverpaw said. Sunstar yowled to the orange furred apprentice, "But what about the prophecy?" Phoenixpaw narrowed her eyes. "Forget about the prophecy!" She angirly said. Sunstar and Frostwing came running quickly up to the hill. The apprentices back away slightly, starting angrily at the leader and deputy.

"You know you're apart of it, Phoenixpaw." Sunstar said. "So what?" She spat out. "That means you have to fulfill it!" Frostwing said. "I'm not going to!" Phoenixpaw said. "StarClan has chosen the wrong cat, seeing as how you shunned us enough to drive us away from our home! How can I fulfill the prophecy if I am not cared about? Not payed any mind to?" Frostwing hissed angrily at the apprentice. "Hold your tongue, kit!" He spat. He was ready to lunge at her, before Sunster stopped him. "No, she is right." The yellow furred leader said. "They all are."

"Are you kidding!" Frostwing said. "My own son is a traitor to the clan if he leaves!" Sunstar kept calm. "He is not, and he has every right to leave." Sunstar said. "All I have to say is, I am sorry for the way I treated you, all of you. If you ever wish to return to the clan, I just want you to know, you'll shall be welcomed back warmly." Applepaw, whom had never spoken up to her father, said, "And what about us not being made warriors?" Sunstar was surprised his daughter talked to him like that. "I am sorry." He said.

"You don't deserve to be warriors, the way you're acting!" Frostwing spat. "Mostly you, Silverpaw! I was proud to call you my son, and now I'm disgusted to even know my mate had birthed you!" Silverpaw gaped at his father. "If I don't deserve to be a warrior you don't deserve to be anything to the clan or anything, not even StarClan should allow you to join them when you die!" Frostwing lunged at his son before Sunstar could stop him.

Sunstar managed to pull his deputy off Silverpaw, but not before the large silver-grey warrior could give him large scars over the left half of his face. At the attack, the other apprentices had stood shocked that a father would attack his own son. They ran down the other side of the hill, Applepaw and Phoenixpaw supporting Silverpaw on their shoulders. After they were gong from their sight, Sunstar looked at Frostwing. He was staring at his paws, covered in his son's blood.

"What have you done?" Sunstar asked the deputy. Without waiting for an answer, Sunstar turned around, and headed back to the patrol. Frostwing stood there on his own, the wind blowing his fur.

"I'm sorry, Silverpaw. I couldn't stop myself. I know you meant what you said, and it's true. Who would ever want a disgusting cat like me? I know you don't want me for a father anymore. But, you had the right to say it. StarClan knows what I've done is wrong. I don't even deserve to be leader after Sunstar. My son. May StarClan guide your path, and hopefully one day you can become deputy of PhoenixClan, and be a better one than I am now. Please, forgive me."

... Yes that's a little apology Frostwing is giving his son, even though he can't hear him. He also wants Silverpaw to be a better deputy than he is now, if he ever gets the chance because he feels that StarClan made a mistake when they chose him as deputy. Please review. I feel sad after writing that. I wonder how Silverpaw's going to take being scarred for life, literally.