Disclaimer I don't Own WWE and those on it. This is a HBK & HHH fic don't troll people seriously it shows you don't have a life reviews are welcome if you aren't going to troll (Complain) anyway this part is done in Shawn's P.O.V on with the Fic!

Vince McMahon's goal was to break me, and to tell you the truth he had achieved it when he Destroyed DX he destroyed a part of me, now here I lay after taking a beating from his ass kissing squad. I had earlier experienced a chair practically destroying my knee. I was unable to move or at least walk so I was assisted by the Spirit Squad to Vince's office.

I felt myself being dragged my knee throbbing with pain the Spirit Squad were nothing short of the word gentle they were cheering of how they won echoing through the corridors and through my head which throbbed also. Other wrestlers moved ungracefully to the sides of the corridors wondering what the Heart Break Kids fate was to become. As the corridor widened and my body dragged my eyes reach contact with my other half Triple H. "H you've got to help me!" I wish I had cried instead of starring into his cold uncaring brown eyes starred into my bluish green eyes pleading for help yet he didn't seem to take a single bit of notice. Vince wanted to break us both and he was planning to do it one by one, and I was the first to fall.

I felt myself thrown into Vince's office I gripped my knee in agony yelling in pain. I slowly dragged myself to a black leather sofa so I could sit up. I resting my head against the cool material before I heard the door open and my eyes starred at Vince McMahon. "I gave you the choice Michaels." I just sucked in a deep breath "You have one more chance to bow to me willingly."

"In the words of D Generation X. 'I got to words for ya...SUCK IT!'" I felt a sharp kick to my knee and I felt more pain surge through it.

"D GENTERATION X IS OVER!" He bellowed at me over my cries of pain. "Shawn, I have been patient with you, and I am offering you the chance of a lifetime."

"You are nothing more than a dictators bastard!" I had sharply retorted with earning a glare.

"Shawn, you are something on this show. Don't give it up."

"I will never break Vince!" I shouted before Vince practically smirked.

"Believe me Shawn, I have my methods." He approached me and grabbed me by my ash blonde hair and threw me into the middle of his office as he approached I kicked him away with my good leg, and he hit the sofa with a thud and I had to army crawl across the floor towards the door. Vince grabbed my ankle and dragged me along my bad knee before I turned my face to look at him I felt him slap me across the face before forcing me onto my hands and knees. I noticed Vince was stood in front of me smirk on his face, and I heard an echoing crack, seconds before a pain ripped down my back. I arched in agony, letting out a scream, and felt Vince shudder in pleasure at the sound. The whip sounded again as Shane came out of the darkness, dark eyes glinting, and connected in the exact same place. The flesh on my back was torn to shreds, and it literally fell off in pieces. I could feel my eyes tearing up in the agony.

The next stroke of the whip cut my back again, in a different place, and I tried to get to my feet under the blow. Vince looked at Shane and nodded as the whip hit my bare flesh again a cry escaped my lips.

I staggered again under another blow from Shane, and my eyes squeezed shut with the pain. Thus it was I didn't see Vince move around behind me, and couldn't know that Vince had taken the whip from Shane. With a sharp crack, it snapped across the backs of my knees, collapsing me, and I fell to the ground, putting my hands out to support my fall. I breathed heavily, trying to regain some sense of place. My eyes swam with the pain.

My torso, now, had blood dripping down it, and my trousers hung in tatters from my bleeding legs. Numerous red welts scored my skin, and blood dripped slowly from one, which was especially deep. I tried to summon my strength and courage to stand, but I was too weak.

I was scared.

Suddenly, the dark voice of Shane spoke, cruel and filled with malice. "Take him dad." He felt, rather sure, and Vince nodded.

A firm hand placed itself on my head being grabbed by my hair again. Weakly, I struggled, trying at least to get up from the hands and knees position I was in, but the firm hold of the other forced me still.

"I've wanted this for a long time," Vince hissed, and I had barely a second to ponder what that could mean when he let out an ear-shattering, pain-filled scream. The hard leather whip Vince held shattered onto my back to distract me as he entered me from behind, and Vince let out a laugh through clenched teeth, feeling my muscles tightened from the hits and thrusts.

My head hung down, my shoulders shaking with the pain, as Vince began whipping and thrusting with such force that I thought I would burst. Tears were splashing down my face as I whispered under my breath, between screams and sobs, "No, no, no…" but my tormentor seemed not to hear me. Yet even then, even at that moment, I felt him spill in me and I cried gripping the carpet tight wishing for my torture to be over.

My head swam with the pain I was feeling, the excruciating pain.

Out of the darkness, Shane laughed. He left, the wooden doors banging shut.

I let out a small sob of hopelessness as my body jerked with each of Vince's ever more brutal hits. The man smiled deeply, breaking the skin and drawing blood. I shuddered as I felt my own muscles contract in the force of the whip, and bit my lip, trying to hold it back, trying to hold back the moment of the other's sick satisfaction. The pounding on my back continued relentlessly, and I suddenly felt some of the weight of Vince's arm press upon my back as he leaned down to whisper in my ear.

"Scream for mercy," he said darkly, and suddenly, I felt the whip smash against my flesh again. The whip at my back had slowed slightly and subsided somewhat, but the pain was still there. I tried to defend to stop this. It churned inside of me. But Vince made sure I couldn't stand. I whimpered.

"Scream for mercy," Vince whispered again. "Beg me to finish what I started. Beg to serve me." I shook my head resolutely, but shakily. Vince whipped again, more painful and brutal than anything thus far. "SCREAM FOR MERCY!" he yelled at me, deafening me. I let out a small cry.

"No…" I cried out softly. He whipped harder and harder "HUNTER!" I cried

"Hunter will be next to follow, Shawn unless you join I will spare him, but he will receive worse if you refuse."

"No, please, don't…" I whimpered. "Don't hurt him…please…" Vince smiled in sick satisfaction.

"What did you say?"

"…Please. I'll serve you."

He headed back to me while he tightened his grip around the whip, at the same time that Vince whipped one final time to hear my final cry, I was panting heavily. My eyes felt so heavy, and the pain was all over me, through me, inside of me. Tears continued to splash down my cheeks and onto the floor as Vince ceased. His mouth moved close to my ear, and I winced, unsure and afraid of what was going to happen next, what new torment he would impose. Instead, the sick bastard whispered into my ear.

"I loved this." He stood, releasing his hold on me, and headed towards the door. I collapsed to the floor, crying, my body curling into the fetal position.

"Why couldn't you have just killed me?" I whimpered into the darkness.