Chapter 1

The dark sky that hung overhead showed no trace of light. The dark was common; she became used to it. The forest surrounded her. Most would be scared to step foot into that particular forest, but she showed no fear. Creatures of the otherworlds haunted the woods. Her aura was strong, brave. She took independent steps, unafraid of what may come. The girl did not know what watched her every move, what read her mind. Her every thought was coherent, like a lion stalking it's prey; she was more focused than she had ever been. The wiccan had yet to find out who she was. That night was like no other. Her world would change forever; her life turned upside down.

An icy voice spoke from somewhere between the trees, echoing against the wind. "You were never strong, you never reinged control. Your powers are limeted. Choose your fate wisely." The last four words confused her. What could they mean?

Her reply was cautious; she chose her words carefully. "I was never weak. I stood my own ground when I had to. I am from the Vida line. If I chose, I could knock you off your feet." She gazed around the chesnut trees, searching for her opponent.

"I dare you to try, wiccan." His voice was a mystery, he wasn't trying to be found.

"Ostendo vestri!" She spoke the words that would do her good. By a force too great for him to control, he stepped forward, into the small meadow where she stood.

She had reconized him instantly. "Lucius Voluntas...I should have known."

Lucius had a history with wiccans, partcurally the Vida's. This girl was currently the only Vida living. The Voluntas's have been trying to eliminate the Vida line, for eternity. Her and Lucius have had a rivalry for years.

"You think you are stronger than a Voluntas?" Lucius's comeback was harsh to a Vida.

She would not tolerate such insults. "Taou huogan maqachte milegaing! Tauo freim!" Her spell had no effect.

"You think you can use the power of Myhnegon? Ihr Goetter, ruft Euch an! Verbergt Euch nicht hinter falschen Gesichtern!" He was stronger than her, by much. The magic he cast revealed her true form. Vida's were known to change their forms.

Her shoulder-length brown hair and emerald eyes she used as a disguise transformed into waist-long midnight black hair and amythyst beams of light in the forest of the night.