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Strawberry Halloween
I am Ichigo

The air was crisp in both Karakura Town and Soul Society. It really wasn't due to leaves, but the nice chill air, as summer had turned to fall. Unlike most places in Japan, Karakura Town had taken up celebrating Halloween every year.

Of course, one person in Soul Soceity had celebrated the holiday every year, as she liked the idea of candy and sweets, not to mention dressing up in costume. The sad part was, almost no one else went along with it, though a few did give her candy.

Every year she had gone as a cat, with her little cat paws, tail and ears that had been given to her by someone. But this year she wanted to go as something different. Going as the same thing every year could get to be boring.

So, why not go as someone you admired, someone you looked up too? The idea of going as a hero or heroine appealed to her mindset, and so she set about planning her little costume escapade.

Abarai Renji found her staring into the koi pond at Ukitake Taicho's place when he went to deliver a message from his own taicho, that he wished to invite his sister to have lunch with him.

"You aren't dressed up in your Halloween costume yet, Leutenant Kusajishi," the man asked.

"I decided to go as something else this year," she stated, still watching the fish jump out of the pond.

"So… what do you want to go as?" Renji smirked, having always had a soft spot for the little girl.

"I'm going to go as Ichigo!" she turned to him smiling, not to mention giggling like she did when she was really happy.

Renji's jaw dropped, and he began to scratch his head. "Why go as Ichigo?"

"Because Ichigo is cool! Ichigo has good looks! Ichigo kicks bad guy but! Ichigo has a great fashion sence! Ichigo won!"

"Ehh…" Renji suddenly was imagining a mini Ichigo with pink hair. Of the lieutenant making a scowl like a certain substitute soul reaper did. He then thought about that certain persons reaction if they saw this, and he burst out laughing. "You know what, I'll help you!"

"You would?" Yachiru suddenly became excited.

"And I can't wait until Ichigo see's you!" Renji stated.

"Excuse me?" the pink haired girl's expression darkened.

"You know… we'll go to Karakura Town so he can see you!" Renji smirked.

"I don't think you can help me." She gave him a look that meant he wasn't very bright, and disappeared.

Author's Note – Well, I was talking to Chillis and our conversation led to this idea and she helped me brainstorm it some more. There might be slight hints at certain pairings, but no actual romance. Toshiro will appear in later chapters, and Karin and Yuzu will also appear. Can you guys guess what costumes people will be? (And yes, I figured out a way to get him into costume… a rather sneaky way. And some have changed since I talked to Chillis.)

I've put clues at the end of each chapter because certain readers are excited to know what costumes the characters will be wearing. Since I don't want to tell anyone there is a clue at the bottom of each chapter as to what costume each character is going to wear in order to help satiate said excitement and so I don't get questions asking what costume each character will be wearing.

Clue One: Yachiru stated what her costume was and was not in this chapter.

Happy Halloween!