Strawberry Halloween
Orihime's Plan~

Quite a few people remained after school to attend a meeting that Orihime had planned. While she had only asked Ichigo, Uryu and Chad to stay, along with Tatsuki, Keigo had invited himself, and thus Mizuiro had decided to stay.

"So, what exactly is the big news, Inoue-san?" Uryu asked, rather irritated that somehow he had ended up next to the substitute soul reaper at the meeting.

"I want to hold a Halloween Party!" Orihime chirped. "Oops… I had planned on waiting until Rukia got back…"

"Ahh… she wasn't in class today," Mizuiro sat on his desk.

"So, you're having a rad bash so that all the popular kids come," Keigo got up and began to swing his hips and pump his fists in and out.

"Disturbing…" Chad muttered.

"Well… I guess the kids at school could come…" Orihime sounded disappointed. "But I really wanted to invite them.

"Ah…" Keigo got all teary eyes. "Of course you can… whoever they are!"

"Isn't it a bit creepy… inviting dead people to a Halloween Party?" Tatsuki sighed, her eyes having a rather shocked look.

"I think it's cool," the bosomed girl chirped.

"You… don't have a big enough apartment," Ichigo muttered.

"Well… there's always your place," Tatsuki smirked. "That or Urahara's."

"Great…" Ichigo muttered.

"Hello everybody!" Everyone looked up to see Rukia waving from the window.

"How'd she do that!" Keigo blinked, then guffawed.

"You'll never likely get it, Asano-san," his small friend muttered.

"Stop it already with the last names," the taller boy cried.

"Hey, Rukia, I'm planning a Halloween party. Well, we'll be holding it at Ichigo's or…" Orihime though found herself interrupted by Rukia bursting into laughter. "What's so funny?"

"You remind me… Yachiru-chan… plans on… going as… Ichigo this… year," the shingami girl wouldn't stop shaking.

"Are you sure she said that…" Kurosaki popped his shoulder suddenly.


"I'm wondering though, about that. I don't think either of my sister's would do that," Ichigo muttered.

"Who complained last school year about Yuzu hemming down his middle school uniform?" Tatsuki narrowed her eyes.

"Yeah…" big guy muttered.

Everyone in the Shingami Woman's Society was talking about it!" Rukia stated.

"Woman's lib movement?" Tatsuki smirked.

"Yeah, and most of our things the captains have no problem with. Except Yachiru fukutaicho's attempt to get Halloween to be an actual holiday in Soul Society."

"Let me guess, Toshiro's one of the ones against it?" Ichigo folded his hands behind his head.

"How did you know?" Rukia gave him a surprised look.

"Because that kid doesn't know how to act like one…" Tatsuki groaned.

"I guess I can expect Toshiro-kun not to be in costume, or even be there," Orihime frowned.

"Blackmail or trickery is the only way likely to work," Rukia sighed.

CLUE FIVE: Karin and Yuzu's costume is a pair, demon and angel to be exact, from some Anime or another.