Strawberry Halloween
To the Living World

The one thing Toshiro hated about going to the living world was having to deal with the twelfth division. He found the captain of said division to be creepy, and not in the nice fun way people wanted for Halloween. It was the kind of creepy you got if you were the main character of a horror movie. The fukutaicho of the eleventh though had no problems with running around. The boy found himself rolling his eyes.

He arrived at the room the captains and fukutaicho received their limiters. The paper work for going to the living world was under his arm. Yachiru ran around the tables without stopping. "So why are we going to the living world?"

"Do you want your costume or not?" The boy hopped up onto the counter to wait for the person who would be applying the device and watched as she continued to run around. "I hate this place."

"Well... you're not fond of the captain of this division."

"I don't need you telling me that Hyorinmaru."

"Yes... you don't need me telling me that." Then came another comment. "Just be glad he's not allowed to apply your limiter."

"Yes... whatever. I thought it wasn't that he wasn't allowed but that he had no interest in minor affairs like this."

"So... why does going to the living world mean I get my costume?"

"I know a person who could possibly make the costume for you." Toshiro continued to sit there.

Akon came into the room with Rin. The younger boy spoke up in a nervous manner. "I'm having to do the fukutaicho?"

"Of course." The older member of the twelfth stepped forward and pulled back the small taicho's robes carefully as Rin tried to chase after the small girl. "So... what are you going to he living world for this time. It isn't like you to go on trips without reason."

"Aniki... snowball-chan that is, is going to help me get my costume for this year."

Rin smiled. "I'm glad that we celebrate it despite being a western holiday. Getting candy is fun. I wonder what I should go as this year though. Um... Yachiru..."

The cloth on Toshiro's uniform closed while the boy watched the two other children. He suddenly patted his lap. "Kusajishi."

The girl paused before hurrying over to scurry up into the tenth division captain's lap. The pause caused Rin to reach out for her only to fall of her face. Akon let out a deep sigh. "You just need to know how to deal with little kids Rin."

"Hitsugaya Taicho's lucky. She respects him." Rin sat up nursing a sore jaw while the other member of his division put the limiter on Yachiru. The fukutaicho and captain then hopped down. The other male child suddenly stammered out something. "Hitsugaya Taicho, Kusajishi Taicho... happy Halloween."

Toshiro blinked a couple of times before Yachiru tugged on his sleeve. "The tradition is to say happy Halloween back."

"Oh... happy Halloween."

Clue 6: Orihime's costume is an eastern tea.