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The day had arrived; every senior at Ridgeway was excited for this event. However, they were also a bit disappointed. Thanks to the wonderful talents of Mr. Howard and Ms. Briggs, their prom had been scheduled at a convention center (this had been talked up to from having it in their own gymnasium or even not at all, which is what their first preference was). Carly spent a good portion of the day preparing for this. Okay…I've showered, my dress is hanging and wrinkle free! Hmmm…Sam said she'd be over by one, and Griffin said he'd be here by six.

"CARLY!" her brother Spencer shouted. "SAM'S HERE!" Carly sighed in relief.

"I'll be down in a minute!" she shouted back. Spencer, meanwhile, just let Sam into their apartment.

"She'll be down a second," he repeated to Sam quietly. Sam just gave him a small grin.

"Thanks…I wasn't sure," she added sarcastically.

"If you're hungry, I think we might have some soup leftover from dinner-" he began, but Sam walked over to the fridge and withdrew a plate of meatballs. "-last night," Spencer finally finished, watching Sam walk over to the counter, plate in hand.

"No thanks; meatballs," she replied, holding one of the seasoned balls of meat up to Spencer, as if it were some sort of precious jewel. Spencer just sighed and walked into this room. Carly, meanwhile, had come down the stairs. "Hey Carls," she greeted, mouth full of meat.

"Sam! Why are you eating meatballs?" Carly walked over to her blonde-headed friend and just stared at her.

"…I'm hungry," she replied with a shrug. Carly just sighed and shook her head.

"Well, hurry up with that meatball and you can take a shower!" Carly replied. Sam just gave Carly an uninterested look. "…Sam, this is serious! We need to get ready!" Sam didn't say anything; she just continued to stare at Carly. "This night is important for me!" she whined.

"Carls…chillax! Man…way to be high strung," she replied with a chuckle. Sam walked around the counter with a few meatballs cradled in her hand. She plopped herself down on the couch and resumed eating her first meatball before Carly had come downstairs.

"Sam! Griffin is going to be here in a few hours! Do you know when Tim is supposed to be coming?" Sam didn't even bother to look back over at Carly.

"Eh…sometime around five," she replied, and popped the remainder of the meatball into her mouth. "Carly…there's plenty of time still!" she said, spitting pieces of meat out of her mouth as she did. Carly just cringed a bit at Sam's disgusting manners, but still knew that Sam was her best friend.

"All the more reason to get a shower now so we can start getting dressed and everything!" she explained, walking over to Sam. She sat down next to her, clasped her hands together and begged, "Please?" Sam was in the middle of her second meatball when Carly did that. She just rolled her eyes at her brunette haired friend.

"…Fine," she sighed. Carly's face lit up and she clapped her hands excitedly. "Can I finish these meatballs first?" she asked. Carly nodded and stood up.

"Yeah…but that's it! I'm putting the rest back, all right?" Sam just muttered what Carly just said in a mocking tone under her breath. Carly took the plate with the remaining meatballs, walked to the fridge and placed them inside of it. She then walked back over to Sam and sat down next to her. "There's a towel in the bathroom for you when you shower; you can use my shampoo if you need to. Oh, and if there's not enough soap, you can find some-"

"Carly!" Sam shouted, interrupting her friend. "…I get it, all right? Jeez…" Carly just stuck her tongue out at Sam and rolled her eyes. The two friends looked at one another, and then burst out in laughter. Sam just finished her meatballs happily, stood up and went to take her shower.


A few hours later…


Carly and Sam were upstairs, getting dressed, leaving Spencer downstairs to answer the door. He sat on the couch, watching infomercials (much like the one that gave him the wonderful absorbing power of the Shampow!). There was a knock at the door soon enough, and Spencer dutifully answered it. It was Griffin; dressed in his tux and a smile on his face. "Hey Spencer," he said with a smile. Spencer just gave him a smirk.

"Hey Griffin. Carly and Sam are just getting ready. They'll be down in a minute. Well…come on in," he said, stepping to the side and opening the door wider for him. Griffin just walked by Spencer and sat down on the couch, waiting for Carly. In his hand was a corsage, for her obviously. He just glanced around the apartment, a bit nervous it seemed as Spencer came over and sat down in the chair. "So… you're taking Carly to the prom," Spencer began. Griffin just gave Spencer a blank look and a nervous smile.

"Yeah…that's pretty much it," he replied with a chuckle.

"Yeah…let me explain a few things to you," Spencer spoke to him in low, hushed tones.

"…Like what kinds of things?"

"Well, for starters…she's a nice, smart girl. I don't want anything to happen to her," he began. Spencer did his best to give Griffin an intimidating stare. Instead, he was just squinting hard. Griffin didn't know if he should say something or not, deciding it best to just let Spencer finish. "So…I know you're a guy and you have certain…urges…" he shakily added. "So…umm…I want…uh…"

"Spencer? We'll be safe and smart and I promise you that I'll try to have her home by midnight. Does that help?" Griffin interrupted him. Spencer just exhaled deep breath.

"Oh god yes!" he thanked him.

"We're coming down!" they heard Carly call downstairs. The two of them stood up, waiting as Carly slowly descended the stairs. She looked beautiful; her long, crimson dress sparkled a bit in the right light. She had a scarf draped around her arms and hung to the railing as best as she could, for fear of falling while wearing heels. Griffin just stared at Carly in amazement.

"Wow…Carly! You…you look amazing!" he said, taking her hand and guiding her down the rest of the way." She blushed at him and smiled.

"Thank you," she whispered. "You look pretty amazing yourself," she replied to him. He put his arms around her, her back up against his stomach. "Spencer? Do we look presentable?" she asked with a grin.

"Uh…well," came his reply. But before he could go on, Sam had come down the stairs next. Her dress didn't sparkle like Carly's and was royal blue, but she wore a pair or white, formal gloves with her dress. As she came down, Carly just frowned at her.

"Sam! You're supposed to be wearing the heels!" she whined. Sam just shook her head.

"Nothing doing, Carly! I told you, I'll wear the dress, the gloves and the make-up. But I draw the line at the heels!" Carly just rolled her eyes as Sam finished coming down. "Look…I'm taking them with me and I'll put them on when we get there, all right?"

"Fine…thank you, Sam," Carly replied. There was another knock at the door, to which Spencer answered. There stood Tim; dressed in a tux of his own, without a tie. Sam gave him a small smile and he gave one of his own.

"Evening, everyone," he said. "Sorry I'm late…there's this guy downstairs that kept yelling at me…" Sam and Carly laughed at the comment.

"That's Lewbert," Sam replied with a sneer. "He's just some psycho…ignore him."

"O…kay," Tim hesitantly replied. "Anyway…you look great, Sam," he went on to say. Sam just rolled her eyes at him.

"Whatever," she said, trying to stifle a laugh. The door knocked for a third time and Spencer opened it, revealing it to be Freddie.

"Hey everyo-" he began to say. But he stopped, the moment he had seen both Carly and Sam. "…Wow," he whispered. "You guys look great!"

"Thank you, Freddie," Carly replied. Sam just made a gagging face. "Oh be nice, Sam!" Carly scolded. Tim just put an arm around Sam's waist, pulling her close to him.

"I think you look pretty good yourself, baby," Tim whispered to her. But Freddie just stared at Sam. He couldn't stop looking at her. Freddie just clenched his fists as Tim leaned over to give her a kiss. He could feel his anger rising as he watched the scene unfold in front of him.

It would seem, to the trained eye, that Freddie Benson was jealous.

"Oh, knock it off!" he shouted out loud, startling everyone in the room; including himself! He stood there, dumbfounded about what just happened. "Uh…I mean…I'll be downstairs," he quickly added, rushing out of the apartment. Tim just laughed.

"What was that about?" he asked everyone. Carly and Sam just exchanged glances - Carly's harsh and telling, while Sam's was a little confused and…ashamed.

"Hey…we need to get going," Griffin added, breaking the tension of the moment.

"Good idea," Carly replied. "We'll see you later, Spencer!" And with that, the four teens shuffled out of the apartment and headed off to the prom.


At the prom…


The Convention Center was done in the school's colors - streamers, balloons; circular tables with cameras on them for pictures to be taken. Sure, there were no windows…and there was a slight echo to the room, but at least it wasn't held in their school gym. There were a lot of their fellow classmates there; Gibby was dressed for the occasion. Well, he wore a sleeveless dress shirt and a red bowtie…but at least he dressed up!

"Wow…isn't this where they held the Galaxy Wars convention?" Sam asked. Griffin nodded his approval of the decorum, as did Tim. Freddie just escaped to the bathroom the moment they got here (and by sheer luck) got tagged by Principle Franklin to help set up the sound equipment.

"Don't be gone too long Freddie," Carly said to him before he dashed off. "We need to do some recording for iCarly later." She gave him a reassuring smile, one to which he just gave a weak one of his own.

"Yeah…I'll be back, okay?" he replied and hurried off. Carly then turned to Griffin.

"Hey…why don't you two go find a table for us to sit at and we'll be right over?" Griffin smiled and gave Carly a quick kiss.

"You got it, Carly," he said. "Hey Tim, let's go find a table while the girls have a moment to talk." Tim just shrugged in response.

"Sounds good to me," he said. Carly leaned up to Griffin as Tim began to walk away.

"…Keep an eye on him," she whispered to him. "Let me know if he says anything…funny." Griffin just looked at Carly strangely.

"…You mean like as in jokes? Or funny stories?" Carly sighed and shook her head.

"No, as in bad funny. Like…if he talks about what he and Sam might do later." Griffin slowly nodded as it finally dawned on him what Carly was trying to get at. She gave him another kiss and added, "Thank god you're cute," she whispered with a smile. He turned and went to join Tim. Carly then turned her attention towards Sam; she was busy looking at a small table where there was a bowl of punch and cups.

"…What kind of prom is this? Who doesn't have snacks at a prom?" she angrily commented.

"Mr. Howard and Ms. Briggs set this up," Carly replied with a sigh. "But Sam; focus! Did you not see how Freddie was looking at you?" Sam just narrowed her eyes to slits. If looks could kill, then Sam would have been arrested a dozen times over by now.

"Carly…we've been over this already! I'm here with Tim; the nub had his chance and he blew it! He even made up some ridiculous story about Tim trying to do something with me after the prom tonight." Carly shook her head.

"Sam…that story is true! Freddie even heard Tim say it!" Sam just put an arm around Carly and gave her a half hug.

"Carly, Carly, Carly," she began. "The dork would be willing to make up any story to avoid coming here alone! But…as you can see, it didn't work. Now…if you excuse me, I believe I have to get back to my date." Sam then walked over to the table that Tim and Griffin had been sitting at, leaving Carly very frustrated as she joined them all.


Later that night…


Carly had managed to flag down Freddie to get the video camera ready as Principle Franklin began to speak. "Welcome everyone! I want to welcome everyone to this year's prom!" The room erupted in cheers, applause and whistles. "Now, I want to thank Mr. Howard and Ms. Briggs for setting up our festivities…" but received only a clap or two; very sarcastic ones at that. "…In any event, we hope everyone enjoys themselves here and be sure to have a good time!" Once more, there were cheers and applause for him as the DJ played music for the attendees. Carly, Sam and Freddie went off to one side, and began to run through some segments of iCarly.

"Hey iCarly viewers!" Carly shouted over the noise of the dancers and the music. "We're live at the Ridgeway prom!"

"The only place where all the hip people are this time of year!" Sam added. "…Oh…and Freddie, too." Behind the camera, Freddie just rolled his eyes.

"Sam! Be nice!" Carly scolded.

"Oh, chillax Carly!" Sam replied back. "But…that's besides the point! We are here with two lovely dates!"

"Both of whom you'll be meeting later!" Carly added. "But for now…we have some of our local guests here with us!"

"Please welcome Gibby!" Sam shouted into the camera. Gibby stood there; his hands clasped together in front of him.

"So Gibby…where's your jacket?" Carly asked him.

"…Jacket? I don't roll with a jacket, Carly! You know that! I need to be ready to do my thing at a moment's notice," he replied slyly. Sam just shot him a look.

"Gibby…your 'thing' has been to go shirtless at the drop of a hat," she replied to him. Gibby just nodded.

"Yeah…what's your point?" he asked. The two hosts looked at one another and then into the camera.

"Well, let's hear it for Gibby, everyone!" Sam shouted.

"Thanks Gibby! You've been great!" Carly added.

"…Do I go shirtless now?" he asked. Sam let out a sarcastic laugh.

"Only if you want to wind up sedated and in the hospital!" she said back to him. Freddie just grinned.


Later on…


Carly and Griffin had been dancing together to a slow song, while Sam and Tim were over by the punch table. Tim had an arm around Sam's shoulder, who was busy getting something to drink. "Hey," he whispered. "I was thinking…maybe later…you and I could go back to my place?" Sam just looked up at him, arching an eyebrow.

"Did you now?" He nodded at her. She gave him a small grin and shook her head. "Nope, I already told Carly I was crashing at her place," she lied. She really wasn't, but didn't exactly like where Tim was going with this.

"What? Why don't you want to come back to my place? I'm sure we can find something to do…" his voice trailed off. Sam wheeled around sharply to face him, her face going from a smile to a scowl in about three seconds flat.

"Look Tim," she began, poking her finger into his chest, "I'm not interested in doing whatever it is you're suggesting!" Tim just backed up, his hands going up defensively as he did so.

"Whoa here, beautiful!" he began, but Sam cut him off.

"Shut up!" she shouted; everyone stopped what they were doing, with the exception of the DJ, who continued to play the music. "You know…it's creeps like you that give decent guys a bad name!"

"You mean like your friend Freddie?" Tim smirked. "Yeah…he's the one that arranged this date with you in the first place!" Sam had a feeling that was the case. Guys don't just randomly come up to her and ask her to things like this.

"Yeah…that may be…but at least he had the decency to warn me about you! You know what Tim? Do me a favor! Why don't you go track down some girl over on twitter that's going to do something awful to her cat over a stupid celebrity!" She pushed him away from her, feeling very hot from embarrassment at that moment. Tim just stumbled backwards, catching himself on a table to keep from falling onto the floor.

"…Fine with me," he muttered. "Don't know what I ever saw in you in the first place."

"Same to you!" she shouted back.

"Hey everyone!" Gibby shouted from on top of a table. "Let's get this party kicked back up!" He pointed to the DJ who put on a quick paced techno song, to which Gibby went shirtless. Sam then marched over to Carly and Griffin (who by that moment had been joined by Freddie). Sam turned to Freddie and stared at him.

"…You have ten seconds to decide if you wish to be attending this thing with me," she muttered to Freddie.

"What?" he asked astonished.

"Eight seconds."


"Seven seconds."

"Sam, are you all right?"

"Five seconds."

"All right, yes!" he finally shouted. Carly just smiled to herself, while Sam nodded.

"Good; I'm going to go sit back down and if you need me, that's where I'll be." And that's what she had intended to do, until Freddie had stopped her. "What now, nub?"

"…You want to dance?" he asked weakly. The song had changed to something a bit slower, Just Say You're Not Into It by Mayday Parade began to play. Sam bit her lower lip for a moment, thinking it over.

"…Why not?" she muttered and let Freddie take her out onto the dance floor. He held her close, the two of them dancing as if they were the only two on the floor. Sam could smell his cologne and felt how nice it was to be like this with him.

Freddie could smell her hair. He noted that it was probably Carly's…or Spencer's…since Sam normally wasn't one to have nice smelling shampoo. However, he knew that as he was dancing with Sam, he had made a big mistake in trying to pair her up with Tim. They stared at one another for a moment in time. "…Sam?" Freddie began to speak. "I…" Sam just shook her head.

"Freddie…just shut up and enjoy the moment," she replied. She then leaned in and gave him a soft kiss on his lips. When they parted, she rested her head on his shoulder and finished their dance. Freddie sighed contentedly and Carly, who was observing the two of them, saw Sam do the same.

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