"That almost sounds like a threat…" Warden Pellis said to Captain Ross and Detective Alex Eames. She continued the staring contest with Ross, waiting for him to look down or away first; he didn't. "Ok, you'll need to fil…"

"No, something is wrong. I want to see him," Eames blurted suddenly, looked to Ross, "I want to see him." She looked to Pellis, "now. I want to see him now!" She looked like she was about to pull her gun.

"And you are?" Pellis continued to stall. She desperately wanted to call the guards.


"I think that's irrelevant, Warden. I want to see my detective," Ross spoke up and stood, "immediately." He turned and opened the door of Pellis's office.

The Warden stood and made a tight nod of her head, "fine. This way then," she said leading the way to isolation in the mental observation unit. "I want to remind you both that if we were informed he was an officer we would have called major case right away." They arrived at the door to "heaven". "I think you will be shocked by his appearance. He might not recognize you." Eames inhaled sharply.

The heavy door opened to a bright and excruciatingly warm room. Eames gasped at Bobby's appearance as she sidled up to the table. His hair was messed and unwashed, lips dry and cracked, and eye red-rimmed and staring. The skin of his wrists was red and bleeding. She had never seen him look this terrible; not even at his mother's funeral. Eames seethed in anger, "excuse me Warden Pellis. What did he do to warrant these restraints?" She indicated the heavy, metal restrains adorning his wrists, ankles and waist.

"Uh, the guards informed me he was belligerent, uncontrollable, and…"

Eames ignored the Warden and spoke to him privately, "Bobby…Bobby, we're here. We've come to get you out of here." She smoothed his hair back and tapped his cheek but he did not respond; only stared, unseeing. "When was the last time he ate or had any water?"

"Ma'am, as I was trying to explain, he had been a problem since he arrived. He refused to eat and only made a mess in the cafeteria…"

After discovering that Donnie was in isolation, Bobby wasted no time getting in or making trouble. She wondered if he was able to make contact with Donnie. She also wondered if Donnie had spent time in this room. "And that justifies an inmate being restrained?" Eames was getting furious.

"Warden, these restraints need to be removed now," Ross was already furious. He moved to a corner of the room and called for a bus. A guard appeared with water and removed the restraints from his ankles, waist and wrists but Bobby did not move.

Once the restraints were removed, Eames grabbed the water and touched a few drops to Bobby's lips. She put her hand to the side of his head and nudged it to the side, "c'mon Bobby."

After a few more drops of water, Bobby moved his head slightly and made a soft groan. "Eames?" He said it so softly she could barely hear.

"Hi," she smiled sadly and continued to smooth his hair. He attempted to shift his position. "No, just stay here; help is coming." She gently touched is sore left wrist; the skin was raw and bleeding. He whimpered softly, "I'm sorry, Bobby." She touched a few more drops of water to his lips and he attempted to drink but the water trickled down his chin and across his cheek. He tried to sit up and his head throbbed. She placed her hands to his shoulders; pushing back to lay down, "No, no Bobby; just lay still; help is on the way." He sighed softly and closed his eyes. She kept her left hand on his shoulder as the paramedics rushed into the room.