Hey guysssss. Final update on this one, and I know a lot of you have wanted me to make it so that Ziva finds the letters, but let me tell you now, it doesn't happen. For these reasons:

-It's got the word 'letters' in the title for a reason :) Most of you will probably know that I prefer character studies rather than 'real life' stuff (with plots and interest, lol). I meant for it to be a letter for each month, and nothing else.

- I always intended for this to be an exploration of Tony's state of mind during that summer - although it was Tiva in that the main ones featured were Tony and Ziva, there is not any Tiva interaction apart from flashbacks, references, etc. I wanted this to be decidedly separate to most of my other fics.

-Season 6 would have developed COMPLETELY differently if Ziva found the letters, and although you can argue that 'it's just a fic, it doesn't have to fit in', for me, it does. It makes it more realistic and believable, and it's easier for us to carry on thinking that this ACTUALLY happened (thereby increasing the Tivalove in the world, which can only be a good thing).

-I think it could all too easily become cutesy and goopy if Ziva found them, and I didn't want that for this Tony-centric piece.

Remember, there's always the possibility that I do an accompanying one from Ziva's point of view.

Also: I wrote this one a particular way because I thought it was best as it is - understated, short, sweet, them. However, for it to make sense, I would suggest re-reading Letter Five (specifically like the last few lines) because if you read it carefully, you'll realise he says something incredibly important and meaningful...which leads on to this...

Anyway! Enjoy, and, if you have time, review. And um...NCIS is so completely and utterly not mine. Disclaimed enough for you? :)

Letter Six

When Abby sent him the picture of the four of them – Gibbs, Ziva, McGee, and herself, smiling and warm and so completely home – he kept it close to his skin and became quiet for a very long time. Now his bunk is empty, his possessions elsewhere. He is forgotten on the ship, was forgotten a little too quickly, and so no-one will ever look under his lonely little bed and see anything scratched into the familiar, flaking paint. No one will check, and no one will ever know.


The other is, I love you.


Least of all her.




I really, REALLY hope this is ok for you all. I KNOW it's so short and perhaps that's (really) annoying but it's more of an epilogue than anything else. Ahhh...I'm sorry if it's irritating. I just thought it was...sweet. Aha. Anyway. Review, and you'll make me very happy!!