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This fic was actually inspired by Bisco Hatori's "Romantic Egoist" that can be found in Ouran High School Host Club, Volume 2.

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Fourteen Days

by luv addict


In Which There Is An Accident

"I want you to want me
I need you to need me
I'd love you to love me
I'm begging you to beg me..."
—Letters to Cleo, "I Want You to Want Me (Cheap Trick cover)"

"So," the twins Macku and Kotu Windsnap said in perfect unison, "you like Thok Booker? Why not make your move? He is alone."

I jumped away from them and the bookshelf that I had been hiding behind. See I kind of had this crush of Thok Booker, this super hot senior that any girl would just die to date. Every day, after school, I would watch him read from behind a bookshelf, hoping to gather the courage I needed to talk to him.

I wanted to snap at the twins for startling me, but then again it was their nature to startle innocent folk like myself. They were odd, even for the odd. They never went anywhere without the other, took the same classes, and got the same scores on their quizzes.

I tended to shy away from them at all possible costs. Bad things were said to happen if they talked to you. And it normally stayed that way. They were usually in their own little world, away from everyone else. Everybody was happy with that.

But there were the few rare— and I mean rare— occasions in which they would talk to someone. Unfortunately, that someone ended up in the hospital because of an... "experiment," as they called it. They never got in trouble for those "experiments." You see, their dad is a rich and powerful man who donates a lot of money to the school. The same thing with their mother, who is said to be locked away in a psychiatric ward somewhere in Sweden.

Now, I have never met either of their parents, but I knew the rumors just as well as anyone in our class, seeing as we had gone to school together since pre-school.

My personal relationship with the twins is a fine line between friends and enemies. In pre-school, I had attempted to befriend them. And, for a while, they accepted me into their little circle.

Then Shasa came.

The twins and Shasa have never liked each other. So one could picture what it was like when Shasa wanted me in her private group of friends, all of whom were the prettiest and most popular group around.

Being the vain, little girl I was, I joined Shasa and left the twins out to dry.

So, you can only imagine my thoughts when I knew it was them behind me in the library, teasing me about the crush I have had since pre-school.

Oh, God, were they going to tell Thok that I like him? Were they going to make me participate in one of their "experiments?" Were they going to blackmail me?

"You have been watching him forever, Loubalu." Macku said, her single ponytail swaying as she shifted her weight to her other foot.

"Unrequited love!" Kotu cried, her twin ponytails twisted into Suzy-Q's, something she had done only recently, bounced as she posed dramatically with a sigh. "Oh, I wish I had feelings for someone like you do."

I blinked. So... they weren't blackmailing me?

"Come with us." the chorused, looping their arms with mine. They tugged me along like that. "We have something that might be of interest to you."

So, they were blackmailing me!

They lead me through the school to on of the Chemistry Labs. It looked like any other Chemistry Lab; high tables with beakers and sinks, chairs that spun all the way around, a couldron over all of the burners... Wait, what?

Oh, God! I was going to participate in one of their experiments!

They lead me over to one of the chairs and gestured for me to sit down, which I did obediently and nervously. They, themselves, moved over to the couldron and plopped something in. The object had looked round and shiny.

"You are so lucky." Kotu said.

"Having someone like Thok Booker to be so fond of." Macku sighed.

"Such a dream."

"Anyway. As we said, we have something that may or may not be of interest to you."

"A potion." Kotu said enthusiastically.

"A love potion." Macku corrected.

"An it is just about done."

Kotu peered over the top of the couldron. Macku took out a small, metal bottle and Kotu carefully ladled the liquid— which was an odd green color— into it.

I had heard the rumors that the twins had recently found out that they were decendents of witches. From their mother's side, of course. But, like anyone else, just thought that that was it, just rumors. Apparently, the twins were indeed decendents of ancient witches and were giving me a love potion. (To fall in more in love with Thok?)

"Make him drink all of this." Macku said, twisting the top on. She handed me the bottle and ushered me out of the door. "You can tell us all about it tomorrow."

The door slammed on my face, bumbing my nose rather harshly, before I could say a word. As I rubbed my nose vigerously to help easy the pain and make sure it was not broken, I eyed the bottle.

It was rather pretty. The base and top were wide and a brassy hue. There were small gems (I am sure they were fake) encrusted quite deliberately through the weaving of the leaf and steam-like metal. The bottle itself that contained the potion was a burgandy color and frosted metal. A opaque pearl-like stone sat at the top of the twist-on cap. The whole thing fit into the palm of my hand.

Surely the twins did not mean for Thok to drink from this pretty bottle?

Frowning, I made my way to the cafeteria and the teacher's lounge. I always thought that it was ironic that the only place teacher's could relax from their chaotic students was ajoined to the most chaotic room in the school.

After school hours, the cafeteria was empty and was being cleaned. The only people in their were the custodians, who hardly spoke any English. With the language barrier standing between me and getting a cup, I had to use various hand gestures to explain what I wanted. Eventually, one of the custodians who spoke a little English asked me what I wanted and I told her. She gave me a simple Dixie cup and shooed me out. I was interrupting their working time and they had a lot of work yet to do.

By the time I returned to the library, Thok was almost done with his book. I quickly poured the liquid (which was a light green color and scentless) in the bottle to the cup. I stood, ready to give him the liquid.

I hesitated and bit my lip.

He already had a drink, a hot chocolate that was probably cold now. He probably wouldn't want this if he wanted something sweet.

"Hey, Loubablu, you going to drink that?" I heard someone say.

The next thing I knew, the cup was out of my hands and the person was drinking it. It was not just anyone drinking it. No, of all people it had to be the school's rebel, the one who always got in trouble. The one person in my class I could not, for the life of me stand for more than thirty seconds.

I opened my mouth to snap at him, but all that came out was a weak croak. My chances with Thok were ruined. And it was all because of Tahu Veres.

My face heated up and I was about to screech at him for doing something so stupid and moronic as drinking the love potion the Windsnap twins made especially for me to give to Thok, but he interrupted with a question that left me stumbling on my words.

"Gali," he said, taking the cup away from his mouth, "do you want to go out with me?"

I felt my mouth open and close. I must have stood there, looking as stupid as I felt because he spoke again.

"Promise me you will think about it?" he asked, his pink eyes so wide and puppy-like I could only nod my head.

"I will." I heard myself say. "I will give you my answer tomorrow. I will think about it tonight."

Dear Lord above, have mercy on me. I sounded stupid.

I turned and walked away, not waiting for him to answer. Right now, my only thought was of reaching Macku and Kotu and getting their help.

The second I was out of the library, I ran. I ran as fast as my non-althletic legs would carry me. Before I knew it, I was opening the Chemistry lab door. I frowned the second I saw it was empty. Macku and Kotu were, along with their couldron.

I cursed quite loudly, startling a custodian who was waiting for me to move out of the way so she could clean this particular room.

I would just have to wait until tomorrow to tell them.

Gali may seem a tad out of character, but then again that is why this is fanfiction and not the actual thing.

Gali strongly dislikes Tahu. She does not hate him, just strongly dislikes. I wonder what happened. Maybe it has to do with them being in two different cliques that, in general, do not get along. I mean, Gali is with the popular girls we all hate and wish we were a part of (somewhere deep inside, that is). And Tahu is an outcast, the group most of us were probably in. Though, some of us may have been in the nuetral group.

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