Red Blood OR Black Blood?

By: Lady Danielle

Note: I do not own BlacK Blood Brother's anime or manga, but I DO own this idea. And for the record, I'm a very slow update because now I am a college student.


Living in the Special Zone with vampires and humans, black bloods and red bloods, it's hard to make you feel safe when you go running or walking alone in the middle of the night. Mimiko has always done it, on a beautiful night of the full moon, and jogging through the park made her stronger and relaxes while two vampires wait at home. She made Jiro promise her to never follow her, but to give her three hours alone while she jogs through the park. The jogging is for two reasons and only one is important: One is to become faster and in shape. The most important one is to let her dream stop. Since she met Cassa and the other Kowloon children who invaded the Special Zone she saw that eight hundred year old vampire, Zelman Clock. His blood red eyes has been hunting her dreams, and making her inner self come out. Mimiko has a side of her no one will ever understand but her trainer she hasn't seen in a years.

She jogs to the middle of the park, out of breath, and standing in front of a fountain. She sits down on the fountain side, looks down at the water, and touches it with her fingernails. She sits in Indian style and closes her eyes to take a deep breath.

"If I had parents all of this would make sense." she holds herself and remembers herself being in a different time with Zelman. She holds her hand out and watches the water she collect on her fingernails start to form in a small water ball in the middle of her hand.

She hears a twig snap and makes the water evaporate into thin air. Her powers are secretive, because no one will understand. Being in the Special Zone with black blood doesn't mean strange things don't happen. If people knew about her power...she won't be an experiment.

"Whose there?" she yells, not afraid.

"It seems I've been found out." a young chuckle came from a near by tree.

It's a female vampire with blood red eyes, hunger eyes, and she looks angry to see her. Mimiko stays where she is and makes the water in the fountain turn into a small whirlpool. She watches as the female vampire approach her then stop ten feet away. Her fingernails became longer and her tongue starts leaking saliva.

"So you're the bitch my Lord is in love with so much. A human no less, because of you..."

"I will warn you once, go away!" Mimiko throws the water at the woman's feet then backs up.

"What are you going? Maybe if you'll try holy water." she laughs, walking forward.

"I'm sorry." Mimiko eyes starts turning aqua, like the water from the fountain.

The water at the vampire's feet starts to rise up and force itself inside the body, through the eyes and mouth. Mimiko makes the wind blow and the vampire starts to freeze from the inside out. She looks like a statue.

"I haven't killed you yet, being only three days old as a vampire." For some reason, she can tell, something by the vampires aura and look she can see the age. "You should learn to buy from blood bank then kill." her eyes turn back to their normal brown.

She walks to the ledge of the fountain, and jumps in the water to only teleport to her bedroom. She falls on the ground with a small amount of water on her. Before Mimiko can get up, Jiro runs in with her blade.

"I'm ok. I fell." Mimiko laughs.

"Mimiko, I didn't even hear you come in."

"I tried my best not to wake you guys." she gets up and picks up her empty cup near her bed. "I'm fine now."

"It's the tenth time this month you fell out of bed. Oh, ok. Night." he closes the door.

"I thought I put it on the floor, silly me." Mimiko places the cup on the desk next to her candle light, plant, and crack open windows, fire, earth, wind, and the cup of water is the element water. These are her portals that lead home.

Mimiko goes to the window and feels a strange, but yet familiar force. She looks out, using her eyes to look beyond the high and low buildings, and to the docks. She can see vampires and coffins coming from a fancy fair boat.

"Mimiko? Mimiko!" she hears Kotaro yelling at her and she snaps out of it.

She turns around and sees Kotaro and Jiro standing in her doorway. "What is it?"

"Can I sleep with you tonight?"

"How old are you, Kotaro?" she grins, placing each hand on either hip. "All right, get in the bed."

"Thanks." He jumps in.

Lady Danielle: This is my first Black Blood Brother's story I had in my head for a long time.