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I stopped reading the manga long ago, but I'm aware of this Quincy War that's going on and I'm going to ignore it. I'm also going to ignore the Fullbring stuff that happened post-Aizen, but will be referencing the method the Shinigami used to give Ichigo back his powers.

I also will be: putting last name before first name for characters, using honorifics, putting a * in the event of a translation which will be found at the bottom of the chapter (at this moment in time I'm only planning to translate new Zanpakuto that I think of). And most importantly I'm going to be jumping between Karin's, Kimiko's, and some Toshiro's POV.

Now, as Rick Sanchez likes to say: "And awaaaay we go!"

I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life. –Corazon Aquino

Chapter 1


The unusually warm, spring day was one of a string of such days with the meteorologists calling for some much needed rain in a few days. A small gust of wind blew through the open window providing relief to most of those in the classroom, a group of twenty-six students along with their teacher. Most of the students were dutifully copying the notes the teacher wrote on the board; most, except one.

Karin was bored out of mind. Senioritis had kicked in badly over the past few weeks. The seemingly never ending road of high school was winding down and, unlike her sister, she didn't really have any idea of what she wanted to study in college. She had at least been accepted into Karakura University where her elder brother was currently attending.

So here she was, in class, completely ignoring the lesson being given in favor of thinking about her future. Her interests were few: soccer and the spiritual goings-on that she had been introduced to when she was younger. After the Winter War, her brother had sat her down and explained what went on: he had defeated the traitorous Captain, Aizen, but in doing so, had lost his Shinigami powers. Ichigo had laughed at her face when he also told her about their dad being a former Shinigami Captain, and of Toshiro's division at that. She made a silent promise to herself that night: that she would protect Ichigo, Yuzu, and her dad with everything she had.

Two years went by and, with the help of Urahara Kisuke and Tsukabishi Tessai, the Goteijusantai had banded together and restored Ichigo's powers, making him the Substitute Shinigami of Karakura Town once again. With the frequent addition of Rukia overseeing the town, she wasn't needed anymore. She hated not being useful in some way, but she knew that compared to her brother, she was weak.

It hurt when that realization came. Yuzu had noticed the subtle change in her sister and worried for her. Only thirteen and already walking around like the weight of the world was on her shoulders. Yuzu had confided in her dad about her worries. That set him on the path to dragging Karin out of her slump. After quite a stern talking to about how she had helped immensely over the past two years, he pointed her in the direction of Yoruichi for some light training to help get her mind off things.

The training helped. It was a step up from Tatsuki's training, but then, Tatsuki only had a decade of fighting experience compared to Yoruichi's century, at least. Five years passed and while it helped, she didn't have the same fulfillment that she had when she was helping the Plus souls.

Helping people, huh? Guess that's an idea. Could always follow Ichi-nii's pre-med footsteps, but then, he had better grades than I did so I probably wouldn't make it to medical school, so maybe some other degree where I can help people. Karin thought. Looking at the clock, she was elated to find that it was almost the end of the school day. Just a few minutes more and-

"Kurosaki-san!" The teacher hollered at her in a stern tone, his eyes upon her.

Startled out of her reverie, she met eyes with her teacher and replied, "Yes, Akira-sensei?"

"The answer to the question I just asked you, if you'd please?"

Karin froze like a deer caught in headlights. "Uhhhhh…."

He sighed. "Say no more, Kurosaki-san, but stay after class. I'd like a word with you."

As he turned to call upon someone else to answer, she heard a few of her classmates giggling at her expense to which she rolled her eyes. Immature brats, the lot of them. Crossing her arms and slumping back into her seat, she waited for the bell to ring.

Mercifully, not long after, it did. Despite that she had to stay after and talk with her teacher, she was glad to be done with the day. She wanted to go home and nap. Gathering up her things, she stood and approached Akira-sensei's desk which he had sat down in.

Looking him in the eye, she began, "Akira-sensei, I apologize for my behaviour minutes ago. I admit that I was not paying attention, but believe it or not, I was actually thinking about my future."

Clearly not expecting this from Kurosaki Karin, he questioned, "Your future? Is everything alright, Kurosaki-san?"

Sighing, she explained. "My sister, Yuzu, knows what she wants to do and was accepted into Karakura University. I was accepted as well, but I find myself not knowing what to pursue."

"I see. You know, Karakura University allows students to take classes without having to declare some sort of major, right? So you don't have to know right away. Have you discussed this with your parents at all? Perhaps they could offer you some advice."

Karin mentally laughed. Yeah, because telling Dad that what I really want to do is kill Hollows and help Pluses would go over so well. "I am aware and no, I have not talked to my dad about it as of yet," came her reply.

"It might be prudent for you to do so. I thank you for your honesty with me, Kurosaki-san, about why your attention was elsewhere. However, the fact remains that for several more weeks, you are still in high school. I know the 'senioritis' feeling you must be having, but you must power through so that you pass your remaining classes and actually be able to graduate. Do I make myself clear?"

Nodding, she answered, "Yes, Akira-sensei."

Smiling softly, he nodded back. "Good. You can go. Have a good weekend, Kurosaki-san. I shall see you on Monday!"

"Thank you, sir. You have a good weekend also." And with that she walked out of the classroom, releasing a quiet sigh as she walked down the hallway.

Soft knocking woke her up. "Karin? Are you in there? Can I come in?" A sleepy groan answered him and he took it as an invitation to open the door. "Karin? Time to wake up. Yuzu's got dinner coming together, it shouldn't be too much longer."

Rubbing her eyes for a moment in an effort to help wake herself up, Karin peered up at her Dad's face and muttered, "Dad, can I talk to you about something?"

Isshin kept his silly antics at bay after seeing the seriousness in Karin's eyes. He wheeled over her desk chair and sat facing her. "Certainly. What's up?" Sitting up and bringing her knees to her chest, she explained what had happened earlier in the school and what her teacher had said. Isshin sighed and rubbed his neck. "I wasn't sure how to broach the subject of college with you. Ichigo and Yuzu both came to me when they had made up their minds, but you haven't. You know I'm fine with whatever you want to study, right?"

"I know, I know. But the problem is where my true interest lies."

"Ohhh? And what is your 'true interest'?"

Do I tell him? I could still lie.

A weight dropped in Isshin's stomach. Seeing the hesitance in her face and being met with silence on her part, his guess was becoming more and more concrete in his mind and he spoke his thought. "You want to be a Shinigami, don't you?" He saw her give a small flinch before shyly meeting his eyes and nodding. Sighing, he continued. "I suppose I should have seen this coming. In no way are you to die in order to fulfill this. Your siblings and I would never forgive you," he warned sternly.

"Of course not! I'm not that stupid!" she retaliated. "But after Ichigo lost his powers the first time, Urahara-san had some method for getting them back."

Isshin shivered. "True, but it is an extremely dangerous method, Karin. And I mean that. It's what awakened the Hollow within him and now he'll have to deal with that as long as he's a Shinigami."

"I understand that. He didn't have any training whatsoever. I've had five years of training with Yoruichi-san and it wasn't just hand to hand fighting that I was studying. Ichi-nii had a few weeks worth of training from Rukia when he went through Urahara-san's method. I'm much better prepared. I can do this!" By the time she had finished, she had been yelling and she was standing.

Sighing, Isshin stood, placing a hand on her head. "I said that I was fine with whatever you want to study. If it's what you want to do, then I'll support you, even if I'm hesitant about it. Though I hope you give some thought into continuing your schooling as well; the Goteijusantai will keep you in the living world and you'll have to support yourself. At any rate, I'll contact Urahara after dinner. Not a word of this to Yuzu, do you understand?" Eyes wide, she nodded. "Good. Now, dinner should probably be done now in a few minutes." And with that, he left her room.

Holy shit, he's actually going to let me go through with this? Heart racing, a smile grew on her face.

So, hopefully not bad for a revamp. Probably going to have a Kimiko chapter next; I enjoy writing her more than Karin. Anywho, I'm going to try and stick to a chapter every Friday routine; perhaps more if the mood strikes.

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