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Chapter Sixteen: Reunion


By the time Edward and I managed to get to my bedroom, we were both panting heavily. My t-shirt was completely untucked and was riding up my torso. Edward's shirt was unbuttoned, revealing a thin, white undershirt. We had kicked off our shoes somewhere in the hallway during our progress through the house.

As we approached my bed, Edward peppered my face, neck, and jaw with kisses creating a trail of fire that burned deep inside of my body. He returned to my jaw, nibbling as he went before he buried his face in my neck. His hands roamed across my back and stomach, making my knees week.

"I have missed the way you smell so much, Bella," he murmured, as he breathed in the scent of my hair.

I laughed low in my throat as I slipped his shirt off his shoulders, and it rustled softly as it fell to the floor. I ran my hands across his stomach, enjoying the feel of his taut muscles through his snug undershirt.

"Mmm… all those hard muscles," I said, almost to myself. My body tingled as I imagined what other things could be hard.

"Oh, they are all plenty hard for you, Ms. Swan," Edward teased, seeming to read my thoughts, and ground his hips into me. He chuckled with a gleam in his eye as he stroked the sides of my face with the pads of his thumbs.

I felt heat flood my face from his words as I felt what was hard between his legs grinding into me. This was a side of Edward I hadn't seen before. I never thought I would like dirty talk. I had to admit, I liked it.

"I love seeing you blush," he whispered, kissing my cheeks. "And I love being the reason why you blush."

Edward's hands trailed from my face down to my sides. Slowly he pulled up on the bottom of my shirt, keeping his eyes on mine, making sure I was okay with what he was doing. Every nerve ending felt like it was standing on end. My body burned wherever he touched me.

My response was to lift my arms up to make it easier for him to remove the offending item of clothing.

As I lifted my arms, I wondered if I smelled. Edward liked the smell of my hair but what about the rest of me? I had been working all day and certainly wasn't as fresh as I would have liked for my first time with Edward. All the extra make-up and hair products that Alice had used on me that morning were starting to really weigh me down on top of my work grime. I really did feel dirty, and not the good, fun kind of dirty.


Edward saw the panic in my eyes and immediately stopped pulling my shirt off. It was left hanging around my neck.

"Bella, I'm sorry. I shouldn't…" He took a step back to give me the space he thought I wanted with a confused look on his face.

"Edward. I want this, believe me, but I also want to freshen up." I emphasized my desire to be with him by closing the distance between us and slipping my hand under his undershirt so I could touch his bare skin. I felt his stomach muscles clench.

"It's just that I've been working all day and… well, I feel dirty and grimy. This isn't what I imagined our first time together to be like. I want to be perfect for you or clean at the very least."

Edward's eyes crinkled with mirth.

"You are perfect just the way you are, Bella." He finished removing my shirt and gently kissed the tops of my bare shoulders. "But if you want to get cleaned up first, I understand."

He took a step back and put his hands in his pockets. I smiled at him weakly and walked into the bathroom. After I shut the door, I leaned against it and tried to calm my tumultuous thoughts. I heard the bed creak on the other side of the door; probably from Edward sitting down on it to wait for me. My desire for Edward was true and undeniable; I had imagined before what our first time would be like many times during the past two months. Doing it after working and making up after a huge fight wasn't quite how I imagined it to be.

I didn't have a lot of experience with this kind of thing. 'SexyBella' was not me. But Edward, good Lord, Edward was sex on a plate. I could only imagine how many women he had been with. It actually pained me to even think like that. Edward said he hadn't dated a lot, so maybe he was just as nervous about this as I was.

But you don't have to date to have sex.

I smacked myself in the head mentally.

He wants you. He came here from Holly-freaking-wood to be with you. Put your big girl panties on and stop acting like an insecure little girl!

Or maybe I should be taking them off… The burn he started with his gentle touches was starting to smolder.

Taking a deep breath and willing myself to be brave, I opened the bathroom door and walked back into my bedroom. Edward looked up at me, even more confused. I smiled at him shyly and hoped I wouldn't blush when I spoke.

My hopes were dashed when I felt the familiar heat of a blush creep on my cheeks.

"You know, Mr. Cullen, the shower can comfortably fit two people," I said softly.

Edward's face broke into a huge smile as he got up from the bed, green eyes dancing, and walked towards me.

"Ms. Swan, are you implying that I stink?" he teased.

I shrugged my shoulders as I stood before him in my pants and bra, giggling. The back of his hand caressed my cheek as his other hand snaked around my waist, resting at the small of my back. He chuckled low in his throat as he kissed me softly.

"I was afraid that maybe you changed your mind about this," Edward murmured. His hand on my back idly rubbed circles against my skin.

"I didn't change my mind. I just don't have a lot of experience with all this. I'm not a sexy creature by nature and I don't want you to be disappointed," I admitted softly.

"You could never disappoint me, Bella." Edward tucked a stray hair behind my ear as he spoke. "I have to admit that I don't have much experience either. Despite the whole Hollywood thing, I was never a man-whore. Sex is such a flippant thing in Hollywood now. You know I'm not a virgin, but sex was never anything I took lightly. The women that surrounded me did, to them it was just a means to get ahead. It just encouraged me to date in Hollywood as little as possible."

"If we had done this before, in the summer, it would not have been right. I don't think either one of us were in the right place yet to do this. I already didn't want to leave and this would've kept me here. I doubt you would've been able to handle the separation if I had managed to leave."

I nodded in agreement.

"I never thought I'd be so lucky to have you in my life again after what happened, but now we are stronger. I suppose in one sense, we should be thankful for what we went through the past several days. We trust each other and are free of doubt."

I felt incredibly relieved. As badly as I wanted to be with Edward, I was afraid of how this would affect us.

Edward continued, murmuring softly, "I am thrilled that you would even want to be with me in this way. I have to disagree, though, with one part of your statement. You are a sexy creature. Everything you do entices me."

I blushed again and smiled, my heart melting a little bit more at his words.

We walked hand-in-hand into my bathroom. Edward swatted my butt as I bent over to start the water for our shower. I squeaked in surprise and whipped around as the shower spray began.


"Bella!" he countered.

We laughed again and I wrapped my arms around him happily. Edward leaned his head down and captured my lips in his. It started out light and sweet, a carryover of our conversation from a moment before, but before long, it became deeper and more intense.

I flicked my tongue to gently lick his bottom lip and I felt him shudder in my arms. His hands traveled down my body, resting on my hips where his fingers gripped me tightly. His tongue met mine as we kissed, tasting each other. I pushed up his undershirt and felt his intake of breathe as my hands barely passed over his skin.

Edward had to stop kissing me for a moment to completely remove his shirt but immediately brought his head down to continue. Instead of going back for my lips, he traveled downward, kissing my neck and collarbone. He used his nose to push my bra straps off my shoulders as his hands ground my hips into his, pushing his erection into my stomach.

I couldn't help the low groan that erupted from my throat. I felt like a firecracker had been lit inside my body and the only way it was going to go off was with Edward. My hands crept down from around his waist into the back of his pants to cup his butt. He had one of the finest backsides I had ever seen on a man. I used that leverage to pull him even closer against my body.

Edward growled and nipped at my neck. "Bad girl," he murmured as he undid the clasp of my bra and pulled the offending article of clothing from between us.

The feeling of my bare breasts against his chest was my undoing. My hands whipped around and quickly undid his pants and slid them and his boxers down. Edward stepped out of them quickly and took even less time with my pants and panties. As I stepped out of my pants and kicked them in the corner, I took a moment to ogle the magnificence that was Edward before me.

I had felt a sizable bulge before when Edward was pressed tightly to me, but seeing it bare was something else entirely. Edward was truly gifted in many ways. He was handsome and talented, smart and sweet, and deliciously endowed. My pulse began to race as my imagination ran away with itself imagining what his hardness could do to me… over and over again all night long. I think I blushed from the bottoms of my feet to the crown of my head.

Edward's laughter broke me from my appraisement of his form. The room was starting to steam up from the shower.

"I don't think I've ever seen anyone blush from top to bottom like you do," he commented as he closed the distance between us.

He reached up and gently cupped my breasts in his hands, his thumbs stroking my hardened nipples. I moaned, sagging into his chest. Goosebumps popped up and down my arms and legs as he replaced his hand with his mouth. The smoldering burn within me erupted into flames as his lips and tongue licked and nibbled on my breasts. My hands took on a mind of their own and drifted downward to taunt Edward's erection. My fingers combed through the tight curls surrounding his penis without actually touching what he most wanted me to touch.

"Oh, God, Bella…" he moaned. I felt him twitch, gently slapping my hands. "You are such a tease."

"I'm only a tease if I don't intend to put out."

I had no idea where this boldness was coming from, but Brave Bella was firmly in control at the moment.

"And we better get in the shower before all the hot water runs out. This is definitely not the time for a cold shower."

I slid the shower door to the open as I hopped into the spray. Edward followed right behind me, but instead of reaching for me like I expected him to do, he stood there me with a happy and wondrous look on his face.

"Bella, you are so beautiful," he murmured. "I have dreamed many times about what this would be like with you."

I didn't answer. Instead I reached for him and pulled him roughly against my body. My hands lovingly caressed the strong muscles of his chest and stomach as the water trickled down his shoulders. I ran my fingers through the smattering of bronze-colored chest hair, trickling one finger downward to follow the path his chest hair provided. Once again, I stopped right before I actually got to where he really wanted my hands. Brave Bella was having fun with this.

Edward let out a small groan of frustration.

I smiled wickedly as I reached for my loofah. "May I wash you?" I asked him.

Edward only nodded as he stepped to the side so I could soap up the loofah. His green eyes, darkened now with desire, followed me as I started to wash his body. I began where it was safe, with his arms and shoulders. I enjoyed taking my time, relishing the feel of his long, lean muscles under my fingertips. He had such an amazing body. I felt completely and utterly plain next to him, but I tried not to let that distract me. Memorizing every inch, every freckle and mole, every bend, and every curve, was my mission. I wanted to perform this mission all night long.

My path eventually led downward and I could feel Edward's breath catch as I knelt before him.

"Enjoying the view?" I asked as I rubbed my loofah over his legs.

"You have no idea," he muttered. He reached his hand down and pushed my wet hair out of my face.

I brought my loofah up and finally washed his hard length.

"Sweet mother of God!" Edward exclaimed roughly. His hands flew out to the sides of the shower to steady himself. I was thrilled that I could elicit such a reaction from him.

I was careful not to be too abrasive with the loofah as I washing his most sensitive of parts. I made sure to get everywhere I could, getting a very impressive view of Edward's anatomy. Before I became too enamored with the sight, I stood up and rinsed any remaining body wash from the loofah.

"Do you need to wash your hair?" I asked him.

He looked at me for a moment like I was speaking a different language. His expression finally cleared as his lust-filled thoughts abated.

"No, I washed it this morning."

"Okay, then, time to rinse," I ordered, gently pushing him under the spray to wash all the soap suds off of him.

When it looked like he was fairly soap free, I knelt down before him again with a wicked smile. "I have to make sure I got all the soap off of you," I said innocently.

Edward could only gape at me, realization slowly coming to his eyes.

Kneeling in the tub wasn't the most comfortable position, but he looked just too good and I had to have a taste. I took him gently in my hands, stroking the silky skin of his erection. He was large, but beautiful. My hands felt like they were made to do this. Edward let out a shuddering breath. "Bella," he breathed. "You have no idea how long I have wanted to feel your hands on me."

"Only my hands?" I asked teasingly and grinned up at him again.

Before he could form a response, I leaned over and licked his penis from the base to the tip, lapping up droplets of water as I went. Once I reached the head, I swirled my tongue around the lip before plunging his erection into my mouth. I kept one hand below the base, gently cupping and massaging his balls as my mouth went up and down his shaft.

Edward made some unintelligible noises as he buried his hands in my hair. His hips bucked as my head bobbed up and down. I thought I wouldn't like him directing me with his hands but he wasn't forceful, just guiding gently. Within a few moments, we found an easy rhythm. Occasionally, he would reach down to wipe water from my face.

The feel of him in my mouth was beyond words. I had only done this a few times before, and while I enjoyed it then, now with Edward it was a completely different experience. Yes, he was large, and it took some doing to accommodate him, but it was a quite a pleasurable sensation. I was getting aroused just from feeling his reaction to my touch as I ran my tongue around his smooth skin. Even if I hadn't heard Edward's moaning, I could feel his pleasure at my ministrations as I felt him swell and throb in my mouth.

Edward's hands clenched into fists and pulled my hair almost painfully tight. The shock of the hair-pulling traveled between my legs. I could not stop thinking about what I wanted Edward to do to me. It served to motivate me to work him harder, plus my knees were really starting to ache from the hard surface of the tub floor. His hips bucked faster in response.

"Ugh… Bella…" Edward moaned. "If you… don't stop… I'm gonna…"

I felt Edward shudder and start to pull away. Before he could get very far, I released his balls and grabbed his butt to hold him in place.

"Bella… you don't have to…" he gasped.

I stopped my efforts with my mouth for a moment so I could speak. My hand took over and continued to stroke him while I spoke. "I know, Edward. I want to do this. Let me do this for you," I whispered, huskily.

Before he could answer, I took his head in my mouth again. My hand pumped his shaft while I sucked and gently nipped on his head. I felt him start to throb again so I took him entirely into my mouth, all the way down to his base. I mentally said thanks to whatever gods there were for eliminating my gag reflex at the moment so I could do this. Seconds later, Edward clenched up all over, grunted, and released into my mouth and down the back of my throat. His taste was not necessarily unpleasant, just different. He pumped a few more times before I finally released him. The loss of contact was a little disappointing.

I stood up stiffly and gazed at him with a self-satisfied smirk on my face. A wet Edward was an awe-inspiring sight. Men typically are not considered beautiful, but he was. Water only enhanced his God-given chiseled perfection.

And he was mine.

I gave him one final look over before I looked into his eyes. The expression on his face was of pure adoration. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling our wet bodies together.

"You are the best girlfriend ever," he declared.

"Oh, really?"

"Yes, and now it's your turn."

"My turn?"

"Oh yes. After all, wasn't it your idea to take a shower? Time for you to get cleaned up."

Edward chuckled wickedly as he reached for my shampoo. He angled my body so my hair was properly soaked before he worked in the shampoo. It was heaven. His long fingers easily worked into my scalp, massaging as he went. The fire in my belly was fed by the tingles my scalp was sending.

"Mmmm… I have wanted to do this for so long," he whispered.

"Wash my hair? Why?" I could think of many other things I had wanted to do to Edward besides washing his hair.

"Because I love your hair. It was one of the first things I noticed about you the first time I saw you. I love running my hands through it, feeling how soft it is," his voice deepened, " and, I've thought about how I would pull on it while making love to you."

My very vivid imagination pictured Edward behind me, thrusting deeply into me with one of his hands in my hair pulling hard enough to make my back arch and cry out in pleasure. Oh my God. I think I just had a mini-orgasm. A moan involuntarily escaped my lips.

I couldn't see his face since he was washing my hair, but I swear I could hear him smirk.

One of Edward's hands tilted my chin back so he could rinse the shampoo from my hair. After it was clean, he reached for my conditioner and began rubbing it into my hair.

"You seem to be pretty familiar around women's shampoo and conditioner," I commented. I was surprised that I didn't have to prompt him to put conditioner into my hair or how to properly work it in.

Edward chucked in my ear. "I had long hair when I was younger. Alice taught me the proper way to wash and condition it so it wouldn't get tangled and would stay soft and shiny. I think she liked my hair better when it was longer. She was always talking about it and touching it. It was a little weird."

After he finished massaging the conditioner in, he spun me around so my hair faced away from the shower head. He stroked my face and leaned in for a chaste kiss on my lips. I felt his tongue flick out to catch a droplet of water from my lips. Edward continued to caress and stroke my body as his hands traveled. His head bent towards my chest and I felt him lick up more drops of water that were trickling over my breasts. His tongue continued downward, swirling around my bellybutton. I held my breathe hoping that he would continue south. My knees were about to start knocking together.

With one final kiss to my hip, Edward stood up and reached for my loofah. I let out my breath with a huff in disappointment.

"Patience, love," Edward cooed.

He soaped up my loofah with my favorite body wash and started with my arms like I had with him. Never when I washed myself had my loofah ever felt like this. Every stroke made my nerves stand on end. Edward was adding more and more fuel to the fire that burned inside of me. The image of him behind me came to my mind again. I shuddered and felt my stomach tighten.

Edward continued across my collarbone and over my breasts. He washed one while he cupped the other.

"You have such perfect breasts, Bella," he whispered.

I shrugged. I always thought they were a little on the small side.

"They are natural and the perfect size for me. The color of your nipples is just the right shade of pink. I just want to lick and caress them all night long."

I groaned as his thumb stroked my nipple, bringing it to a peak again.

The loofah made its way downward again, closer and closer to where I yearned for him to touch. I wondered if Edward could feel the heat my body was giving off. To tease me as I did him, he completely bypassed where I ached and washed my legs and feet. I was very happy I had shaved that morning. Edward brought the loofah swiftly back up. I gasped as I felt his fingers instead of my loofah touch me. His long fingers nimbly stroked through my curls making my eyes roll into the back of my head.

"Edward," I breathed.

Far too soon, he removed his fingers and I felt my familiar loofah in its place. Edward gently finished washing me and turned me into the water spray that was thankfully still hot. He carefully rinsed the soap off of my body and the conditioner from my hair. I was very glad I spared no expense when I purchased my water heater.

In a mirror performance of what I did for him earlier, Edward knelt before me and stroked the soft skin of my thighs. He left feather-light kisses on my hip bones as he worked. I felt his fingers graze the close cropped curls between my legs. I thought my knees were going to buckle.

Edward must've felt my body sway because he shot a hand up to my waist to help steady me.

The fingers of his other hand continued to stoke my skin, gently rubbing my swollen flesh. He leaned forward to lick the same spot. I shuddered and moaned loudly.

I felt Edward laugh low in his throat. The vibration was a very pleasant sensation against my body. As he licked me again, a finger entered me.

If Edward wasn't helping to hold me up, I definitely would've collapsed. The feeling of his lips and tongue on me while his finger was in me incredibly intense. The fire raged into an inferno. I wanted all of him inside of me, not just his fingers, but I had waited this long to be with him like this, so I could wait a little bit longer. Just a little bit.

The inferno continued to build as Edward used another finger in me, stroking inside and out, pumping me while he nibbled on my flesh delicately. I felt his fingers brush the inside of my walls, hitting the spot that the few partners I've had in my life hadn't managed to find on their own. In the past, I usually had to take over to show what I needed. While this wasn't necessarily a bad thing to do, Edward seemed to be able to read my body so well that he didn't need any additional direction.

"Jeezus!" I exclaimed as he stroked especially deep. I felt my body start to quiver as Edward began to bring me to my release.

"That's it, baby, let yourself go," Edward urged. He angled his face deeper so he could taste me completely. His hand rolled my swollen and hyper-sensitive bundle while his tongue delved deeply inside of me. I felt his tongue swirl and lap, tasting and touching me in the most intimate of ways.

The inferno burst into an explosion as the fire erupted from deep in my belly to every part of my body. I saw stars in my eyes and I heard someone scream Edward's name. I thought it was my voice, but it didn't sound like me at all. My body felt boneless as the fire abated, leaving warm embers in its wake.

The next sensation I felt was Edward's lips on mine. His arms were the only things holding me up. I licked his lips and tasted myself on him. The salty musky flavor was strangely not unpleasant. It was similar but different to what Edward tasted like, it was the essence of us. Edward's tongue touched mine and our kiss deepened. Our tongues warred with each other, building the up heat between us again.

The moment was broken as I became aware of the now cold water stinging my backside. I pulled away from Edward and turned the water off. As soon as the faucet was closed, he pulled me to him in a tight embrace

"I love you," I whispered.

"I love you too," Edward replied softly.

He reached over and opened the shower door. As he stepped out, he grabbed a towel and waited for me to step out too. Once I was out, he began to buff my body dry. It wasn't sensual, but it was sweet and endearing. I couldn't keep back the smile that was plastered on my face.

I returned the favor once Edward deemed me dry enough. He had the same Cheshire grin on his face that I did. We both looked like a pair of love drunk fools. It was an awesome feeling.

When I was done, Edward took the towel from my hand and dropped it unceremoniously on the floor. He took my hand and led me into my bedroom, his green eyes bright with excitement and anticipation.

"Ready for round two?"


As I led Bella from the bathroom into her bedroom, I couldn't believe how lucky I was. After all that had gone on in the past several days, Bella still wanted to be with me. Granted, there was fault on both sides, but I certainly had not expected anything like this when I flew here this afternoon.

When we were in the shower together, it took every ounce of my restraint to not ravish her right then and there, but I wanted to cherish and worship her properly. That was something I would do in the bedroom, where I could lay her down and show her how much I loved her.

Once I saw Bella in the shower, truly saw her, I was overcome with her beauty. She was perfect. Her long chestnut hair hung in loose curls down her back, full and thick. The tips of her hair had just started to get wet from the shower spray. Her breasts were round and just the right amount of fullness for my taste. They fit into my hands like they had been molded for my hands only. Bella's hips were rounded just enough to show that she was a woman and not a girl. She kept the warm spot, the spot where I wanted to be the most, well maintained. I was glad to see that she didn't do that whole Brazilian wax thing that some women did. A woman who was completely bare made me feel like I was staring at an eight year old girl. I was most certainly NOT into girls like that. Women should look like women.

Everything about Bella was perfect, and she was offering it all to me. When she washed me in the shower, it was such an incredibly erotic experience. I had showered with a few women before, but those times were nothing like how it was with Bella. Nothing was even comparable. I had to keep thinking of other things to keep from losing it right there as she washed me. Her touch did things to me that no other woman ever had. It was electrifying.

And now, she was in the bedroom with me, waiting for me.

I sat Bella down on the bed and couldn't stop staring, causing her to blush. I loved it when she blushed, especially when it was because of me. Her skin held a faint rosy glow from the heat of our shower and her release. Bella's normally chestnut colored hair looked almost black with its dampness, providing a striking contrast to her pale but rosy glow.

"I love you, Bella," I said softly as I tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

Bella looked up at me, her warm chocolate eyes shining brightly with excitement and curiosity. "I love you too, Edward," she whispered.

I sat down next to her and took her hand in mine. She smiled at me softly, waiting to see what I would do next. I reached over with my other hand and cupped her cheek. Bella leaned into my caress and sighed. I continued to the back of her neck where I stroked the nape of her neck with my thumb. Bella shivered. I nudged her head to one side, giving me access to her neck. I leaned over and kissed her where her neck and shoulder met. Her breath hitched and I felt her hardened nipples graze my chest. Goosebumps popped up all over my skin. The simple graze of skin made my body react swiftly. I kissed my way up her neck to the small spot behind her earlobe that she loved so much.

"Edward," she breathed. She squeezed my hand which was still in hers.

I continued my journey over to her jaw, nibbling as I went. Bella worked her free hand into my hair and buried her fingers in the strands, tugging on the ends of my hair as I approached her rosy lips. Her tugging made all my blood flow south. Just as I knew what kissing the spot behind her ear did to Bella, she knew what tugging on my hair did to me. I was surprised I could think coherently.

Overcome, I crushed Bella's lips to mine. I couldn't get close enough to her. Her strawberry scent surrounded me, intoxicating me. I wanted to bury myself in that scent. Slowly, I pushed Bella back until she was lying down on the bed with her legs hanging off the end. I growled low in my throat as I continued kissing her. My tongue was everywhere: flicking, tasting, and savoring. Her tongue played with mine probing and teasing me further. Bella moaned deep in her throat as her teasing caught up with her. That sound turned me on even more, if such a thing was even possible. Everything Bella did turned me on.

I pulled away from her just long enough to take a couple of much needed breaths. Bella's lips were swollen from our enthusiastic kissing and her eyes were dark, glazed with love and desire. I don't think I had ever seen them so dark. As I looked over her body again, I took in our slightly awkward position on the bed. So we could both be more comfortable, I helped Bella wiggle up on the bed so we were both fully on it. The momentary pause cleared my head long enough for me to remember that I wanted to worship her, not ravish her, tonight. Ravishing would eventually come, and I looked forward to it, but not tonight. I wanted our first time together to be something to be treasured for the rest of our lives.

I lay next to her on my side with my head propped up on my elbow. My free hand touched Bella everywhere that I could reach. I couldn't get enough of her soft, silky skin. Bella moaned softly under my touch and squirmed. Goosebumps popped up as my hand traveled over her body.

"Bella, you are simply breathtaking. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen," I whispered.

She blushed slightly as her gaze locked with mine. Her hands reached over and started exploring my body. The soft touches and electrifying caresses were quickly eroding my resolve to worship her. Before she could distract me too far, I gathered up her hands and pushed them back down on the bed on each side of her. When she looked at me confused and a little hurt, I quickly kissed her as I hovered above her.

I smiled crookedly at her. "You deserve to be worshipped, Bella. Let me adore you and show you how much I love and want you."

She nodded slowly, dazed by my declaration.

"Show me, Edward. Love me," she said hoarsely.

"Gladly," I responded, rolling fully on top of her.

I kept my weight on my arms as I nuzzled Bella's neck. She purred in response. So sexy, I thought. I worked my way forward to her lips again and gently sucked on her lower lip. I trailed kisses down the other side of her jaw and across her collarbone. Her skin was warm and still moist from our shower. Her strawberry scent wrapped itself around me.

As I moved down her body, I brought my face to her chest, kissing each breast slowly. She moved underneath me, trying to get me to touch her more. I gave in to her demands and took one hardened nipple in my mouth while I rolled the other between my fingers. I loved the feeling of her firm but soft masses in my hands. I was definitely a breast man. Slowly, I continued to kiss around her breasts and enjoyed watching her nipples darken as her body responded to my touch. My teeth gently grazed her nipple while I licked around it. Bella's hips bucked beneath me in response. I released her nipple and blew across the damp skin and Bella hissed with pleasure. I switched to her other breast and gave it the same arousing treatment.

Bella was becoming more and more vocal as I continued. Her hands clutched the sheets beneath us tightly. I never thought this shy woman would be this loud. It was a very pleasant surprise.

"What do you want, Bella?" I asked softly as I kissed my way down to her stomach. As excruciatingly painful it was for me to draw this out, it was worth it to see Bella writhe and moan.

"You," she croaked.

"You have me," I replied, trying to goad her into telling me exactly what she wanted. I couldn't help but smirk a little.

Bella's eyes flashed as she locked her gaze with mine. "No, I want you inside of me," she corrected.

Fuck me. My attempt at goading her backfired upon hearing those words come from her mouth. I wanted nothing more than to bury myself to the hilt inside her. I wasn't sure how much longer I could actually keep this up without just going completely crazy on her. At this point, I didn't think she would mind.

I took a deep steadying breath before speaking. "Really now… hmmm. I'll have to see what I can do about that," I said lightly, trying not to give away how badly I wanted to give in.

I licked around the edge of her bellybutton and ran my hands across her smooth, flat stomach. As I moved downward, she started squirming even more, her breath hitching. I completely went past her warm and waiting mound making her groan in frustration.

"Patience, love. I'll make it worth the wait," I teased.

"You better," she growled.

Bella growling was incredibly sexy. I made a mental note to tease her in the very near future so I could hear her growl again.

I kissed her hip and worked my way to her thighs. Bella was starting to pant. I could smell how ready for me she was. It was intoxicating. I caressed her thighs with my fingertips, making her moan softly as I went. I kissed my way down her legs and to the tops of her feet. Bella giggled as the scruff on my chin tickled the sensitive skin of her feet.

Taking a chance she might like it, I took one of her toes in my mouth and gently sucked on the tiny digit. Her head popped up from the bed in surprise.

"Edward! What are…?"

I removed her toe from my mouth and grinned at her. "Just trying something I've always wanted to try with you. You have such pretty feet. I just had to taste them."

She laughed softly and lay back down. I wasn't sure if that meant she wanted me to continue until she wiggled her toes at me. I returned my attention to her feet and sucked on her toe again. Bella giggled as my tongue ran up and down her toe, but as I continued working my way around each toe, her soft giggles turned into moans of pleasure. I didn't really have a foot fetish, but she really did have such cute feet. Since she just took a shower, I knew her toes were clean.

"Oh God, Edward, that feels so good!" she gasped. "I didn't expect it to but damn!"

I chuckled to myself and started working my way back up her legs. I kissed up the outside of her legs until I got to her knees, then I traveled up her inner thighs. Bella's breathing increased. I watched her breasts rise and fall rapidly as I approached the juncture of her legs. I took one hand and cupped her. My breath hitched this time as I touched her. She was so wet. I ran my fingers through her short-trimmed hair, feeling my fingers dampen from her wetness. Bella watched me as I brought my hand to my face and licked her from my fingers. Her eyes widened and a blush crept up her cheeks. She tasted sweet and salty and just a bit musky, not too much of any one part. It was perfect.

"Edward," she croaked, "please!"

I smiled as my hand returned to her wetness. A finger slipped between her lips as I rubbed her swollen flesh. Bella's moans got louder and now she was writhing on the bed. The hold on my restraint was slipping away. I wasn't sure how much longer I could hold myself back. There were so many times already where I almost lost it and came right there as I kissed and touched her body, but my friend, Restraint, helped me once again. I wanted to lose myself with Bella, but in Bella, too.

Wanting to torture both of us a little bit more, I dipped my head down where my hand was stroking her. My tongue gently licked her lips before sliding between into her heavenly wetness. My fingers continued their ministrations on Bella's little nerve bundle. I deftly penetrated her with my tongue, tasting her from the source. It was even better than what I tasted on my fingers. Bella's hips began to buck wildly. I used my other hand to help hold her still.

While I had just done this in the shower, it was also right after I had washed her so all of her delicious musky sweetness had been washed away. Now, all I could taste was her. All I wanted was to taste her tonight, tomorrow, and everyday afterwards.

I continued to lap her up, enjoying every moan and twitch her body gave away. My hand that was resting on her belly to help hold her down drifted farther upward to touch her breasts. I stroked the bottom swell of her breasts before moving on to completely palm them. Bella finally couldn't take it anymore and her hands flew into my hair tugging on it painfully. I wasn't the type of person who got off on pain, but Bella puling on my hair increased my passion. I laughed as I buried my face deeper into her. The vibration of my laughter must've done some very pleasant things to Bella because she gasped loudly and shouted my name, her voice taking on a higher pitch than before.

"Edward, please. I want you inside me, now!" Bella demanded as she tugged even harder on my hair.

Deciding that I had tortured us both long enough, I crawled up her body. When my face got close enough, Bella leaned up and captured my lips with hers. As she pulled away, she licked her lips with a speculative look on her face.

"You aren't switching teams on me are you, love?" I asked with a laugh.

Bella snickered. "No, I just never really knew what I tasted like before. It was strangely not unpleasant. I could taste it when you kissed me in the shower, but it is stronger now."

I smiled. "You taste perfect." I kissed her again as I settled myself between her legs. I could feel her heat on my stomach.

Suddenly I realized I didn't have any kind of protection with me. I hadn't expected this to happen so I hadn't bought anything. "Shit!" I jumped slightly as I began to roll away from Bella.

"What? Wait! What is it?" Bella asked confused and slightly panicked. She wrapped her arms around me to keep me from getting any farther away.

"I'm an idiot. I don't have any condoms with me," I sputtered angrily. I was so pissed at myself. How could I have been so stupid? At this rate, she's never going to let me touch her again. I teased her so badly and to leave her hanging… and I am going to have blue balls for a year.

"No worries, Edward," Bella said soothingly. "I'm on the pill and I'm clean."

"Oh, thank God," I exclaimed. I'm clean too." I felt suddenly foolish.

Bella laughed and pulled me back towards her. "Then back to work mister!" she ordered.

"Yes ma'am!"

I was more than happy to give into her demands now.

"Feel what you do to me, love?" I asked softly, as I pressed my erection into her leg. I cupped her face as I brought my face down to kiss her again. I felt her tongue graze my lower lip causing me to moan and open my mouth to deepen the kiss. She tasted as sweet as I remembered her to be from the summer. It felt like home.

I kissed her neck again as my body yearned for release. Soon, I thought to myself. I felt myself twitch as I approached her heated mound. My head, already wet with my arousal, gently brushed the curls protecting hers. We gasped at the same time from the intimate contact.

As I slowly entered her, I cradled her head in my hands. Our gaze never strayed from one another. I gently eased into her, giving her time to adjust to my girth. Bella's breath hitched when I was about halfway inside of her, her eyes wide. She felt amazing. Her body was so tight and wet.

"You okay, love?" I whispered, dragging the tip of my nose across her check.

Bella's eyes rolled back into her head. "Oooooh yeah. Just adjusting."

She arched her back and wiggled her hips slightly, causing me to slip in farther. I had to keep reminding myself that I wanted to worship her and not try to screw her senseless, at least not right at this moment. Later. Definitely later.

I carefully pushed myself into her more. We gasped when I was completely sheathed inside of her. Home.

"Good God, Bella, you feel absolutely incredible," I whispered hoarsely. I opened my eyes to look into hers, only partially aware that I had closed them when I had continued to enter her. Her deep brown pools stared back up at me, full of love and desire. I leaned down and kissed her again. I could not get enough of her soft lips, or really any part of her.

As I pulled away from her face, I started pulling out of her, relishing the feeling of our skin touching in the most personal and intimate of ways. Before I completely left her body, I stopped, leaving only the tip of my penis tucked inside her sweet body.

I looked down and was overcome at the sight. Sure, I had seen this before. No other woman, no video or fantasy, could ever be better than Bella. Bella was It.

It? Wow. My mind blanked out for a moment as a whole lifetime with Bella presented itself before me.

I mentally shook my head to try to return to reality. Worry about the future later. Enjoy this now.

I looked back at Bella, hoping she hadn't noticed that I had disappeared for a moment. She had. She didn't look upset, just curious and a little impatient.

"Where did you go?" she asked softly, tracing my jaw.

"Nowhere," I said. I wasn't ready to reveal those kinds of thoughts yet, and it definitely wasn't the right time. "I was just thinking about how beautiful and how perfect you are… and how much I love being here with you." Okay, not a complete lie.

My answer seemed to satisfy her. She smiled softly at me and stroked my chest. "I'm glad you are here, Edward. Now show me how glad you are…"

This assertive side of Bella was new, but I was thoroughly enjoying it. And I was going to thoroughly enjoy showing my sweet Bella how happy I was.

I moved back into her, her wetness helping glide me in easily. Her hips rose up to meet mine at each thrust. As we developed our rhythm, our breathing became more ragged. The feel of Bella beneath me was simply glorious. She was soft in all the right places. Her breasts bounced as we moved. I reached down with one hand and caressed one eagerly. My other arm held my weight off of Bella.

Bella's skin started to shimmer with a faint sheen of sweat. It looked like she was glowing. I adjusted my position slightly as I continued to thrust into her so I could look at her better. I also needed to modulate my pace so I wouldn't go too soon. It was becoming harder and harder to hold back.

"Edward," Bella moaned loudly and then bit her lip. Her hands gripped my biceps tightly.

For what ever reason, the lip-biting was a turn on too. I think she could be doing laundry and I would consider it a turn on. I groaned as I pumped into her, thinking of her bent over a washing machine as I pounded into her from behind. Bella ran her hands up to wrap around my shoulders as she hooked a leg around my hip. The change in angle was dangerous. She was truly testing my lasting power.

"Sweet Jesus, Bella…" I muttered.

I felt my muscles begin to clench as my release approached. No, not yet! I slowed down slightly so I could keep going. It was important to me that Bella was satisfied first. She started to grumble at my slower pace.

"Edward, make me come!" she ordered in a whisper, her breath like a breeze against my sweat-slick body.

I couldn't deny her so I picked the pace back up, thrusting into her with abandon as I reached a hand in between us to touch her. As soon as I touched her sensitive and hyper-heated skin, her back arched and she shouted in between panting breaths.

"Oh God, yes!"

"Edward, please, oh yes! Just like that!"

"Oh I'm gonna…"

I continued to rub her in tiny circles with my fingers as my thrusts became irregular as I approached my climax.

"Bella, love…" I cried hoarsely. "Oh… gaa…"

"Edward!" Bella yelled at the same time as her body found its release, pulling me over the edge with right behind her.

Speech became beyond my ability as I felt myself explode. It was like time ceased to exist. I looked down at the wondrous creature beneath me in amazement. When I returned to the planet Earth, it took me several seconds before I could speak coherently. I finally remembered what my name was and then I remembered hers.

Bella. My Bella. My Love.

I leaned over her, still connected to her, careful not to crush her with my weight and feathered delicate kisses all over her face.

"Bella… that… that was…" There weren't any words possible to describe what we just shared.

Bella looked up at me and her face was shining. She was glowing despite the sweat-sheen.

"I know… it was unlike anything…"

She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close to her body.

"Bella, I'll crush you…" I warned.

"I'll let you know if your weight becomes too much, sweetheart," she reassured me.

Unconvinced but not wanting to disappoint her, I settled down in her arms. I was still inside her, soft at the moment, but enjoying our connection. I idly brushed some mussed hair out of her face as we gazed at each other in wonder. It wasn't every day that a man had the best sex of his life with the woman of his dreams.

Bella ran her hands up and down my sides. Her touch was relaxing to me now. If she kept that up, I was going to fall asleep. After several minutes of gentle and loving touches, I shifted slightly to the side. I was able to maneuver our bodies so we were lying on our sides facing each other.

I ran my fingers through her long hair slowly. It was still slightly damp. Bella hummed with pleasure. Her breathing began to slow and eventually I realized she fell asleep. I caressed the apple of her cheek with the back of my hand as I gently kissed her lips. Content, I settled down next to her and closed my eyes.

I woke up a few hours later as I felt a small hand gently stroke me. I cracked my eyelids open and spied Bella gazing down to where her hands were stirring my arousal. She was not aware I had awoken.

Deciding to tease her, I flexed a particular set of muscles in my lower torso and caused my penis to jump in her hands. Bella gasped, jumping slightly.

I chuckled in spite of myself, causing Bella to blush and glare at me at the same time.

"That wasn't very nice, Edward," Bella said sternly, except the corners of her mouth were twitching and her eyes were dancing.

I chuckled again. "What can I say, he likes you."

Bella smiled and brought her hands back to my body. "I like him too."

My eyes rolled back as she started stroking me harder. "God, Bella," I groaned.

She didn't respond but continued to work my shaft.

I kept my eyes closed as I got harder and harder. It was amazing how quickly my body responded to her. My stomach started to tighten, surprising me with how soon she was going to get me off. I had a better idea on how to get my release.

I reached over and pulled Bella to me, kissing her roughly. Her breasts crashed into my chest, the warmth of her skin burning into mine. My hand crept down to her juncture and I found her already damp and eager.

"Oh, love," I groaned into her mouth.

Bella's eyes flashed wickedly as she tried stroking me again. "Take me, Edward,"

I grinned and instantly knew what I wanted to do. I flipped Bella over on her stomach and she squealed in surprise.

"Get on your hands and knees Bella," I ordered. She quickly complied, gathering a few pillows to help brace her. I knelt behind her, stroking the skin of her back and butt.

"Good girl, "I purred. "And good girls get rewarded."

Bella's body shivered as my hands ran over her shoulder blades.

"Mmmm," I commented, "A good spot I will have to remember."

I squeezed Bella's butt and dusted her back with kisses. My tongue tasted her skin as I went along. Slowly, my fingers trailed across her hips and up to her chest. Her full breasts hung, just waiting to be held in my hands.

"How badly do you want it, Bella?" I asked softly, my voice rough and low.

"Badly, Edward," she whispered.

"Do you want it hard?" I crooned in her ear.

"Yes, very," she trembled.

"Good," I replied, leaning away so only my hands were in contact with her body. I ached to be inside of her again. Now was my time to ravish her. My hands grazed her soft butt again before they went back to her hips. Most of Bella's face was hidden by her hair as it hung down on both sides.

I gently ran the head of my erection against her, gathering her wetness like a bee harvesting pollen. My hand guided my aching length into her, relishing how incredibly tight she felt in this position. I groaned deep in my throat as I fully sheathed myself in her.

"Edward," Bella breathed.

I reached over to her breasts and stroked them, pinching her hardened nipples. My hands traveled upward to her head, running through her hair. I gathered a handful of her hair, wrapped it around my hand, and tugged gently.

Bella gasped again.

"Do you like that, love?" I whispered in her ear.

Bella shivered and shakily replied with a hoarse yes.

I started pumping into her, holding her hair in one hand while my other rested on her hip to help set our rhythm. She was so tight. I didn't think I would last long like this. Bella started to match my thrusts by pushing back into my hips. I was able to plunge that much deeper into her. The sound of our skin slapping against each other was music to my ears.

"Christ!" I uttered. I tugged on her hair harder as I pounded into her with increasing force.

"Edward!" Bella cried, her back arched with pleasure, making my angle of penetration that much deeper.

Sweet mother of God…

"You like it when I pound your sweet ass, don't you, my Bella?" I panted.

"Yes! Oh God, yes! Harder!"

Who was I to argue? I pulled her hair again and thrust into her with such force I thought I might poke a vital organ. Her screams of pleasure let me know all her organs were still intact. I felt my body begin to shudder as my release approached.

"Bella…," I gasped, "I'm so close….come with me."

She didn't respond with anything that could be considered words, just grunts and moans.

Bella shifted her weight onto one arm as her other arm drifted down to where we were joined. I felt her hands graze me as she touched herself. The moment she did, I felt her body clench. We both moaned at the same time. I thrust into her, pulling her hair, as she stroked her swollen flesh.

"That's right, baby," I crooned to her. "Come with me."

My body continued to tighten as I felt the familiar build increase. We were both panting as my rhythm became irregular. She was working herself furiously with her hand. I let go of her hair, planting both of my hands firmly on her hips. In one final thrust, I felt myself go, filling her. At the same time, her body trembled and clamped down on mine hard as she reached her release. We shouted each others names into the dark early morning then collapsed into a heap on the bed.

"What a great way to wake up," I commented once I was able to catch my breath.

"Definitely," Bella agreed.

We wiggled around on the bed, situating limbs into a more comfortable manner. Once we were finally settled, I was on my back with Bella snuggled into my side. Her head was resting on my shoulder and her arm was draped across my chest.

"I love you, Bella," I said softly, kissing the top of her head.

"I know," Bella replied, snuggling deeper into my shoulder.

I listened to her breathing slow into a regular pattern as she drifted off to sleep. My body was spent but my mind was going a mile a minute. The vision I had earlier was forefront in my mind. I knew I loved Bella and no other woman had ever touched my life like this, but when I made those declarations several months ago, what future did I really envision? Did I even think ahead that far? There was still the logistics of living on opposite ends of the country to deal with. I wanted to make it work; I knew we could make it work. But where did we go from here? Would we endlessly fly between our two homes when we had the spare time? I wanted Bella with me. Not just when I was in between movies or tours, but with me, forever.

My earlier glimpse into the future came back with greater detail. Bella and I traveling the world together. Bella and I standing at an alter exchanging vows. Bella and I moving in together. Bella and I walking hand in hand in a meadow with two small children running ahead of us.

I had never really thought about children before. I had always known I would eventually want to have some, but never really thought about when or with whom. What did Bella think about kids? Did she even want any of her own? Would she want to have mine? None of the women I had ever dated before Bella were ever It. Being in Hollywood, even for the short time I had been there, had jaded me making me wonder if I could ever find something like my parents had. Esme and Carlisle had such a great marriage and raised the three of us so well, and I wanted that too. Maybe now I had found it.

It wasn't the time to talk about this with Bella. We had just gotten things resolved with the whole Tanya mess. I didn't want to scare her by rushing into anything. Despite the fact that she was the only woman I wanted to be with for the rest of my life, I had no idea how we would make it work over the long-term. Other actors had spouses and families that didn't live in LA or even California. Why couldn't we make it work too? The last thing I wanted to do was make either one of us choose between our careers and each other. She loved her bar; I loved my music and acting.

We would make it work provided that she wanted the same things that I did. I didn't even know if she ever wanted kids or to be married to anyone, much less me.

We would have to discuss this eventually, soon, but for right now, I was going to enjoy my time with Bella and getting to know her family and friends. I had only met her father the night she was attacked at the bar. While Chief Swan was grateful for my assistance that night, I wanted him to have more pleasant situations to know me by.

My mind was at ease, at least for a little while. I drifted off to sleep curled up with Bella, dreaming about a future with her.

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