Any other women would be jealous upon hearing their boyfriend got his scar protecting another girl, but Mai knew better. It was a Zuko thing, he was so obsessed with being heroic he would have protected a daisy from being shot with lightening.

So after Zuko's coronation ceremony, she caught up to the Waterbender just as she was getting ready to leave.


Katara blinked, turned around and gave her a wary glance. Understandable, Mai thought, they'd barely spoken outside battles. She cleared her throat.

"I heard you saved Zuko's life last night," she said. "Thanks."

Katara softened, smiled and took Mai's hand.

"He saved mine," she said, "it was only fair. You've got yourself a good guy, Mai."

"He's pretty okay..." Mai smirked. "When he's got his head on straight, anyway." They both laughed, then Mai motioned for Katara to follow her. "Come on, I want to show you the Turtleduck pond in back."

They sat by the pond for the rest of the afternoon, getting to know each other.