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Nowaki always told Hiroki that he loved him....but Hiroki could never fully reply. He wanted to but there was always something that stopped him from doing so. He hated himself for not being able to say it...it just wasn't fair to Nowaki.


Hiroki walked out of the bedroom tying his tie

"good morning Hiro-san" Nowaki said smiling.

"Good morning" he replied not looking over at him. Nowaki eyed his lover curiously wondering why his expression seemed so distant this morning.

"Are you feeling alright Hiro-san?" he asked

"yeah, of course I am why would you ask something like that" Hiroki replied looking down.

"No reason" Nowaki replied "are you going to have breakfast before you go" he asked.

"No" Hiroki replied walking to the door he felt awkward around Nowaki now knowing that when he was near him he'd be faced with that same problem of 'I love you'. His hand reached for the door knob-

"wait Hiro-san" Nowaki said stopping the brunette walking over.

"W-what" Hiroki asked not turning around Nowaki looked at him....was it just him or did Hiroki sound nervous. He looked at him and turned him around leaning down kissing him, he departed and smiled at him "I love you Hiro-san" he said. Hiroki widened his eyes as the blue haired man said those words.

What should I do now?

He looked into his lovers blue eyes "I...-" he started but then the words disappeared in his throat leaving him to stand there "I gotta go" he said and sped out the door. Nowaki stood there and blinked to clear his confusion he fronwed though and looked down wondering why Hiroki had been acting so strange lately.

Hiroki slowed down half way down the street, he hadn't even realized that he'd started running. He panted /Nowaki/ was all that ran through his head. He was ashamed, how could he not say just three simple words, just three words.

Why was this so hard to do?

/I'm such an idiot ...I can't say I...well, those three words..me the 'Kamijou the devil' is afraid to say just three stupid little words...I'm so pathetic/

Hiroki started walking down the street while thinking of this, he couldn't get it out of his head it was just three words.

Three stupid words.


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