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Hiroki stood there with the 'oh shit' look on his face. He was in school right now, it was an hour before the students got there, this was around the time the teachers arrived.

You may ask why Hiroki had the 'oh shit' look on his face.....it was because he was in a whole shit load of trouble. Because what had he forgotten to do last night....yep you guessed it...lock up.

/OH CRAP I completely forgot, I was in such a rush to get home last night that I forgot to lock up OH FUCK/

So now here he was standing next to a very pissed Miyagi, Miyagi may not look scary and he may seem like the more intimidating of the two...but when he wanted to and especially when he was mad Miyagi was scary as hell. No,really he looked like a demon even more the he did....him compared to an angry Miyagi made him look like a fricken kitten.

Oh he was so in for it now.

"Um....." Hiroki started but found he couldn't finish. He could feel Miyagi's glare on him.

"I thought you said you were going to lock up" he said with his arms crossed.

"Well....u-uh y-yeah I did" he said stuttering he looked the other way.


"And yet here I am and the doors still open" he said a dark aura emitting from him.


Hiroki walked into the room in a vain attempt to escape his fate. Miyagi followed him.

"Kamijou" he growled practically. Hiroki was now very glad he was able to tell Nowaki that he loved him last night, because it looked like he was going to die.

"KAMIJOU!" Miyagi yelled at him.

"AH" Hiroki shouted and ran to the phone his fingers hurriedly dialing the number. He put it to his ear.

/Come on for the love of God Nowaki pick up/

"Hello" Nowaki said on the other line.

"Nowaki" Hiroki said in a panicked voice.

"Ah, Hiro-san" Nowaki replied.

"Hey remember when you said you wanted to protect me" he asked glancing behind him to find he was going to die soon.

"Yeah" he replied. Miyagi grabbed Hiroki by the back of his collar Hiroki's eyes grew wide.

"NOW WOULD BE THE TIME!!!!" he screamed. Miyagi growled pulling the younger man away from the phone "AHHH" Hiroki shouted.

"GET OVER HERE KAMIJOU" Miyagi shouted at him.

[Meanwhile at the hospital]

"Hm" Nowaki asked as the line went dead he took the phone away from his ear.

"What was that about" his sempai asked looking at Nowaki. Nowaki looked at him and shrugged shutting his phone.

"I'm not sure" he said in confusion but then shrugged simply "Oh well" he said. "I'm sure it was nothing" Nowaki said.


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